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Welcome to, the place where you can find detailed match previews, winning esports betting tips, and accurate odds and bonus comparisons. We are a small team of esports betting enthusiasts with tremendous experience in this line of work and a commitment to help you succeed. Our goal is to see you thrive in this highly competitive environment and help you become an esports betting tipster yourself one day.

What to Expect from an Esports Betting Tipster?

Esports betting is a fascinating activity, as it enables video game fans to fully enjoy professional matches while making a profit. An esports betting tipster can provide you with insight and suggest the winning markets, but also teach you how to make the right choices in the long run. In addition to providing accurate predictions of upcoming matches and tournaments, we can also help with research and analysis of esports betting sites, odds, bonuses, and promotions.

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These are the three main operational steps that our esports betting tipster program can help you with.

Research & Analysis

CS:GO, LoL, Overwatch, Dota, Call of Duty and more

In order to provide you with accurate esports betting tips, we monitor the main esports leagues throughout the season. Our experts keep track of individual performance of key players, the role they play in the team and how they match up against their peers. We analyze the way new players integrate in their new teams and how the favorites perform throughout the key stages of the regular season. The esports betting tipster factors in all these details, to come up with the best League of Legends, Dota 2 and CSGO betting tips.

Match Previews

Everything from ESL events to LCS & Dreamhack

The first thing that comes to mind when you think about the job of an esports betting tipster is making predictions about upcoming matches and tournaments. Our experts also analyze the quality of the teams involved, the synergy between players, as well as the individual prowess of pro-gamers. They look at the head to head results, the recent form and their short-term objectives to come up with the best forecast. The matchup previews go beyond picking outright winners and include esports betting tips on special markets.

Odds & Bonus comparisons

Top Esports Bookies 2020, Unikrn, LuckBox

An esports betting tipster gives you a fighting chance against bookies, by providing the information needed to make the right choice. In the long term, you will also need to constantly bet on the highest odds available to beat the proverbial house edge. We monitor League of Legends, Dota 2 and CSGO odds to see which sports books have the highest odds on your chosen games and markets. We also provide up-to-date information about the latest bonuses and offers that can boost your bankroll each time you deposit.

Top 5 Esports Betting Tips and Suggestions by Pro Bettors

Betting on video game competitions can be quite fun, especially when you know precisely what you’re doing. No matter of expertise and intuition, Esports betting tips will come in handy, to improve your winning rate. Making the right Esports betting prediction every time you bet isn’t possible, but in the long run, these five tips and suggestions will make the difference.

Totals Bets on Dota 2

Betting on the outright winner of the match or series is one way of tackling the challenge of placing a winning back on Dota 2. Sometimes the teams are so evenly matched that the winner is difficult to call, while on other occasions, the discrepancy is so high that the odds are not worth the effort. The good news is that regardless of match and competition, you will always be able to use total bets successfully.

There are two distinct ways to bet on totals, with one focusing on in-game events and the other on the outcome of the series. The latter is more straightforward, as you simply need to bet on under or over 2.5 in best-of-three series and 3.5 in best-of-five. Personally, we prefer straight bets on the better team to cover the spread or Asian handicaps on the underdog.

Betting on the total number of kills scored in the game is far more exciting and gives you a lot of room to maneuver. Placing a bet on the Over is more satisfying because you hope for nonstop action and are still in the race until the base is destroyed. One of the best Esports betting tips for Dota 2 players is to focus on those games involving two aggressive teams and bet on a high number of kills to be scored.

League of Legends Dragons

Similar to Dota 2, League of Legends is perfect for betting on in-game objectives. When you find it difficult to make a traditional Esports betting prediction, you should consider betting on the weaker team to kill the first dragon. To be more successful in your quest, try to find the top teams that give priority to the Herald, as they aim to destroy the first tower. This means that they will often sacrifice the Dragon for this more important objective, which leads the underdog to take it uncontested.

The upside of always betting on the underdog on this market is that you get high odds that often exceed the risks. Another thing to consider when betting on the first dragon is the kind of jungler chosen by the weaker side. This is one of the most valuable Esports betting tips, as the jungling player is the one that takes this objective. You must focus on power farmers such as Olaf or Karthus who can burst the Dragon.

League of Legends Inhibitors Bets

Our favorite special bet for the upcoming League of Legends Worlds is actually a special one that is rarely used by mainstream punters. It is a bet on the total number of inhibitors destroyed and it is something that frequently benefits from good odds. The decision is to bet on the under/over 1.5 inhibitors to be destroyed and the odds are generally even on this special market.

The rule of thumb states that when a team is vastly superior to his opponent, it doesn’t need to destroy two or more inhibitors to finish the game. By the time they reach the base, they are so far ahead that they can simply steamroll past their opponents. Conversely, when the match is even, teams prefer to take it slow and chip away at the enemy base. Let’s share a little secret with you now:

South Korean teams tend to be overly cautious and that’s why they almost always go for two inhibitors or more. Among the ones that have qualified for worlds, Gen.G and Damwon fit the profile, while DragonX focus more on finishing the game soon. Chinese teams will also go for a single inhibitor, while European teams are somewhere in between. NA teams also have the tendency of prolonging the push and destroy two or more inner towers, plus the inhibitors.

CS:GO Pistol Rounds

The importance of the pistol round in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is vastly underestimated. The winner will get an important advantage economically, as well as psychologically, so this round definitely matters. The odds are almost always identical, but some teams are clearly better than others when it comes to wielding pistols. You don’t have to dig deep for such Esports betting tips, as the statistics are readily available online, so you only need to focus on the teams that have a high pistol round win ratio.

Overwatch Prop Bets: Player Kills

Overwatch punters can bet on the League matches throughout the year, but the playoffs and finals are the most exciting. It is when the best teams face each other and the best players in the world are showcasing their skills. During this time of the year, they are more likely to go for flamboyant plays and take unnecessary risks. Betting on the total number of kills scored by individual players can be lucrative, especially if you can identify the aggressive ones. There’s enough information online to single out the mechanically skilled players, who are likely to score plenty of kills regardless of how their team fares.

Esports Betting Tips

Other general Esports betting tips to keep in mind?

  • First of all, focus on a game: the more you follow that title (be it League of Legends, CS:GO or Dota 2, etc.) the easier it will be for you to recognize potential red flags and winning opportunities ahead of the events. Try to follow that particular game not only on standard social platforms such as Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, but also on Reddit, where incredible insights and betting advice can be acquired.
  • Even if you are an avid Faker fan, or Los Angeles Gladiators are your home team, it is very important to separate your feelings towards a team or a player from the real winning opportunities that the team has against another team. Check the history of the winnings, the team performance, the outcome of a first match against the same team (and how much they can be passionate for a rematch!). Above all, in case you are unable to detach yourself and be neutral, do not bet on your favorite team. Move on!
  • Check out the live streams of players. Many of the players, when not in the tournament, stream freely (Facebook Gaming, YouTube, Twitch). From there you can see their most recent performances, their form, you can leave comments on how they feel in the pre-game – you can also interact in the chat and ask the player directly “hey Bugha, how do you feel having to face Tfue at next Fortnite World Cup?

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Esports Betting vs Fantasy Esports

Our main area of expertise is esports betting, but we can put our experience to good use to help our fantasy esports enthusiasts. The same knowledge can be used to thrive in the fantasy arena, by assembling the most competitive teams. You can read our DraftKings and GGbet review to see how classic esports differs from fantasy and also learn about the similarities between them.

Esports Betting vs Virtual Sports Betting

Virtual sports betting events have gained a lot of traction in recent years and here at, we give it the attention it deserves. Whenever big events are scheduled at leading bookmakers, we will supply esports betting tips on these games and markets. Instead of involving real players, the outcome of virtual sports matches are decided by algorithms but we have the know-how to help you thrive.

The Esports Betting Industry

Our esports betting tips are aimed at helping our readers succeed even if they have limited experience with the esports betting industry. In the long run, our goal is to turn casual punters into seasoned veterans who can make the right choice every time. We analyze esports bookmakers, compare their offers and odds and teach readers how to choose the ones that are better suited at addressing their needs.

Esports Betting Tips 2020

CS:GO, Dota, LoL, Call of Duty Betting Predictions

We cover all the major video games and esports competitions, but these four games are at the cornerstone of our esports betting tips. You can find the latest and most accurate CS:GO, Dota, LoL, Call of Duty tips for upcoming matches and tournaments. We publish our predictions in advance so you have the time to place a bet and update our betting tips to keep you up-to-date with any relevant changes that might occur.

Betting on Streamers

The esports betting industry is constantly evolving and we strive to keep you in the loop with everything new and exciting. Betting on streamers is a shining example of a new type of betting that has gained a lot of traction in recent months. It is a brand-new way of wagering on video games, with different betting markets and a propensity for live betting. We’ve mastered this novel way of wagering on esports and can help you be just as successful.