Astralis vs MIBR – Match Analysis for BLAST Pro Series São Paulo 2019

Posted on March 21, 2019 - Last Updated on September 18, 2020

In the third round of BLAST Pro Series São Paulo 2019, Astralis is going to play against MIBR. Both of these teams will definitely be on point, especially MIBR since they want to prove something in front of their home crowd. On the other hand, Astralis is a tough opponent to beat, so we are definitely in for a treat.

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Astralis vs MIBR


Both of these teams stayed active after the IEM Katowice 2019 Major. However, MIBR put up mixed results, while Astralis extended their winning streak. You can find everything about their last five matches down below.

  • Astralis

In their last 5 matches, Astralis did not drop a single map, which says a lot about this team. All of their matches were played in a best-of-3 series. Firstly, Danes were able to edge out MIBR in a very close game. From my perspective, Astralis was on a verge of dropping a map against Brazilians, but they pulled through on Overpass. After a comeback victory, MIBR had nothing left on Inferno.

Secondly, in the grand finals of the Major, Astralis dominated ENCE over the course of 2 maps. Finnish roster was kinda competitive on the first map, but they were destroyed on the second map. Astralis was relentless on both Inferno and Train.

After winning IEM Katowice 2019, Astralis had to compete in the ECS Season 7 Europe Week 1. In their first match, Astralis smashed LDLC. To be honest, all of us were expecting this kind of a result. Astralis left French roster with 7 rounds to their name on Dust 2, and with only 4 rounds on Nuke.

In the semi-finals of ECS Season 7 Europe Week 1, Astralis was matched against AVANGAR. Astralis was on a verge of losing both maps, but once again they pulled through. Once again things got heated on Overpass. Yet again Astralis was able to mount a comeback and close the map with a 16-14 scoreline. Inferno was very close as well. This time around, Astralis closed it with a 16-13 scoreline.

With a victory against NiP, Astralis secured their spot for the ECS Season 7 Europe Finals. Once again they had an easy job against the Swedes. Astralis came close to beating NiP 16-0 on Inferno, but somehow f0rest and co. were able to secure one round. Train had the same outcome. NiP barely had any chance in this best-of-3 series.


  • MIBR

In their last 5 matches, MIBR is sitting on 3 victories and 2 defeats. Firstly, they dominated Renegades over the course of 2 maps. Dust 2 and Train proved to be two very solid maps for the Brazilians in this one.

As mentioned above, MIBR came close to winning a map against Astralis, but they fell short in the late game. After the first map, Brazilians had nothing to fight with.

In the opening match of WESG 2018 World Finals, MIBR stomped AGO over the course of 2 maps. Polish roster stood no chance on neither Nuke nor Train.

Match against Viva Algeria was basically training for MIBR. They left Algerian roster with only 6 rounds in two maps, which says plenty about them.

However, in the quarter-finals of WESG 2018 World Finals, MIBR was stunned by Windigo. They suffered a heavy defeat in a decider. Even though MIBR came close to a comeback, they fell short in the last couple of rounds.


These two teams competed on a total of 51 maps. Astralis got the better of MIBR 30 times, while MIBR was victorious in 21 bouts. Another thing to notice is that we have seen 8 ties between these two teams, which says a lot about the level of competition Astralis and MIBR bring to the table.

Astralis and MIBR were mostly competing on either Overpass or Inferno.

Map Pool

Since this is a best-of-1 match, predicting a correct map is going to be a long shot, but we will try our best.

Let’s start with something we all know. Neither of these teams plays Cache, and someone is banning this definitely. All of the other maps are quite solid for Astralis. However, I would not be sure about Overpass. Danes struggled a lot on this map, and they probably want it out of the map pool as soon as possible. Train was not such a good map for Astralis either, but they have a serious of good results here.

MIBR, on the other hand, is not so good on Overpass, but they can definitely play this map. Furthermore, Brazilians definitely want to avoid Nuke against Astralis. As for the other maps, both Train, Inferno and Mirage were always solid picks for MIBR.

To conclude, I believe that these two teams will face off either on Inferno or on Mirage.

Astralis vs MIBR Summary

I will be straight forward. I fancy MIBR in this one. There are a couple of reasons for this. Firstly, they are playing in front of their home crowd in Brazil. Secondly, they have incredible individuals that are capable of winning games themselves. Thirdly, MIBR is finally back with their full Brazilian roster and a coach.

Even though Astralis definitely has an edge over MIBR in this one, especially when it comes to match preparation, I still believe betting on MIBR is a real value bet, especially with such high odds.

Betting prediction: MIBR to win
Odds: 3.20
Bookmaker: Betway
Date: March 23rd, 17:00 CEST

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