Who are the Best CSGO Players of all-time?

If you’ve ever bet on an esport like CSGO, then you’ll know how tricky it can be to predict the outcome. Whilst teams like Astralis can usually be counted on to deliver a winning result, it often just takes one exceptional player to turn your betting plans upside down. So we are going to take a look at the best CSGO players at the moment, and see how they shape up alongside some of the top Counterstrike players of all time.

Whilst this is no substitute for some of the CSGO betting advice that you can find in our CSGO betting strategies section, it should help you to boost your chances of getting a winning bet when the next batch of tempting CSGO betting matches come along.


Why do you need to know who the top Counterstrike players of all time are?

Although the best esports betting sites usually just allow you to make bets on the results of the teams, it’s essential to get a good understanding of who the best players of this iconic-first person shooter are. Whilst there is little doubt the CSGO is a thrilling team sport, it only takes a remarkable performance from an esports star-like Karrigan to throw the bookies odds out the window.

We all know how regularly the best CSGO players can switch teams, and its these rapid movements that can often cause one esports organization to flourish, whilst another team will suddenly fall.

Regardless of whether they are playing for the terrorists or the counter-terrorists, the best CSGO players always seem to be one step ahead of the competition. This is not just because they put in plenty of practice, but it’s because they have that innate ability to anticipate how the other team is operating.

So whilst the best esports betting sites can put plenty of hours into formulating their odds for the best CSGO teams, if you are willing to put some research into finding out who the top CSGO players of the moment are, you can get that all-important edge on your esports betting knowhow.

Knowing the top CounterStrike players will be extremely useful not only for your esports bets but also if you decide to play CSGO Fantasy.

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Our shortlist of the best CSGO players of all time

Whilst CSGO has been around for a long while, there have been a few key players who’ve managed to make this game become a world-beater. So we’ve created a shortlist of the fourteen top CounterStrike players of all-time so that you can see who defined how we play this game.

And although there will be probably lots of outraged betting fans at Reddit who can’t believe that we didn’t include legends like Flusha, electronic, Brollan or Magisk, here’s a selection of CSGO players who prove to be untouchable in the esports realm.

1. S1mple

Arguably the best player in the world, the 22-year-old player from Ukraine has constantly picked up MVP medals and high place finishes for his team, NaVi. S1mple’s explosive playstyle is hard to match and he has helped to carry NaVi to Major playoffs for years.

S1mple’s most recent accomplishments include the 2020 trophy at IEM Katowice as well as 1st place finish at the Blast Premier 2020 Regular Season. He was also instrumental in bringing NaVi to 1st place in the Global Standings earlier this year.


2. Karrigan

Finn “karrigan” Andersen is a legend on the Counter-Strike scene for more than a decade. His over productive career in FaZe Clan and mouseports has earned him almost 1 million in prize funds and a legend status among Counter-Strike elites.

Currently serving as the in-game leader for mousesports, he has brought the veteran organization up from the ashes and into #4th place on the global rankings. This 30-year-old can certainly be considered one of the best CSGO players of all time.


3. dev1ce

There can be little doubt that dev1ce is one of the most exciting players on the CSGO scene at the moment. At just 24 years of age, the Danish esports star has clocked up a staggering $1.7 million in prize winnings thanks to his formidable skills as an AWPer.

After brief tenures with Team Dignitas and Team SoloMid, he settled with Astralis and took the scene by storm. Together with Dupreeh they are the backbone of Astralis and represent what peak Counter-Strike looks like.


4. Niko

Niko is undoubtedly one of the best players on FaZe, which is saying something when you consider their entire roster is filled with star players. When Niko shows up, he dominates the server, often bringing in 3o or 40 bombs in regulation.

Niko’s aim is incredible, and his ability to win clutch rounds with whatever weapons or utility he can get his hands on always impresses us.


5. Olofmeister

This 28-year old Swedish CSGO ace is someone who has set the esports world on fire over the past few years. You only have to look at his incredible performances in big CSGO events to know his one of the greats.

Whether he was playing with H2k, Fnatic or his current team, FaZe, Olofmeister’s always managed to be in the right place at the right team. Not only is he a great player in the rifler position, but he’s also tough to beat if he has an AWP in his hand. Currently inactive as of May 2020, Olof does take short breaks in his career to regain his focus and composure. Whenever he returns he peaks twice as strong as before. Keep an eye out for Olofmeister’s return as he’s destined to bring his team to the top of the CSGO Power Rankings.

best csgo players


6. GuardiaN

This Slovakian CSGO ace is a real wildcard and it’s his adaptability that continues to make him one to watch when placing an esports bet. From his early days with Virtus.pro, NaVi and FaZe, to his current place in the NaVi (again), he’s managed to constantly surprise us with his aggression and skill.

Although GuardiaN is known for his talented handling of the AWP, it’s this player’s ability to adapt to any situation that’s made him one of the most highly rated CSGO stars.


7. FalleN

This Brazilian ace currently plays in the AWPer role for MIBR, and his consistency and dedication to the game have become an example for many younger players. Truly considered one of the best CSGO players of all time he has won competitions in both 1.6, Source and Global Offensive.

MIBR goes through constant roster changes to find their perfect lineup. FalleN however remains a constant in the roster as the backbone of the team.


8. Dupreeh

Playing for Astralis, this Danish player has made a name for himself for being one of the best entry fraggers in the world. Dupreeh also isn’t afraid to take an AWP if his team loses Dev1ce earlier on in the round.

Dupreeh has helped Astralis to climb to the number one position in the world, and their reign doesn’t seem to be ending any time soon.


9. Coldzera

With over $970,000 in winnings, we couldn’t miss Coldzera off our shortlist. The Brazilian ace has managed to build a legacy in mibr. He continues his incredible form as one of the main riflers in FaZe Clan in 2020.

Coldzera first came to our attention with Dexterity Team, but it was his incredible run at Luminosity that truly showed the world what he was capable of. Coldzera’s skill level is considered to be on another level, alongside greats like S1mple. His fragging skill and ability to win out 1Vx situations is unparalleled. If you want a good, reliable opportunity then take a bet on Coldzera and FaZe Clan.


10. rain

Born August 1994, this Norwegian player has made his biggest success as part of the FaZe Clan. rain plays as an entry fragger and his aim and incredible ability to enter onto a site with impact always impresses us.

Since rain’s start in CS:GO, he has made approximately $700,000 in prize winnings. He remains one of the greatest entry fraggers on the scene to this day.


11. KRiMZ

KRiMZ has one of the most accomplished histories in CSGO. With many Major wins under his belt and constant appearances at Majors, KRiMZ will go down in history as one of the best players in the world.

Whilst KRiMz’ current Fnatic roster may not be at the height of their career right now, we know that KRiMZ has what it takes to show up to events and we cannot wait to see how he performs in the future.


12. GeT_RiGhT

Also known as Christopher Alesund, GeT_Right, has been captivating CSGO betting fans ever since he made his first appearance in 2007. Alesund is another Swedish esports ace, but it’s the way that he’s managed to make the lurker position his own that makes him a favorite for many punters.

GeT_Right has appeared at pretty much all of the best CSGO tournaments around. His new posting in Team Dignitas as part of the “grandfathers of CS” roster has him set to school these new kids in the good old ways of Counter-Strike.


13. Shox

Shox has always had a strong presence on the CSGO scene, and the French player is still working wonders with the Vitality roster. Thanks to his remarkable accuracy, he single-handedly lifted the fortunes of previous teams like Epsilon, and whilst he’s known as a lurker, he’s a solid all-rounder in any position.

The French star has been around for many years, but you only have to check out his performance at the recent EPICENTER 2019 or Road to Rio to understand how Shox has plenty more phenomenal games of CSGO in him.


14. f0rest

F0rest is another Swedish CSGO veteran who’s been providing a masterclass in gaming skill. Although he is best known for his Fnatic exploits, he was still playing with formidable style at Ninjas in Pyjamas and is now part of the Dignitas roster we mentioned previously.

Whether he’s in the rifler role, or the AWPer position, f0rest has always proved to be a player to watch. And with over $700,000 in total winnings, he’s got a resume that puts him among the best CSGO players with ease.


15. KennyS

We all know that the sniper role is one of the hardest positions to master, but there’s something about KennyS’ ability to command the sniper role that makes it look easy.

KennyS has hit a bit of a slump in recent months, but we know how he and the rest of the G2 crew can do when they are on their top game. We cannot wait to see KennyS hit his peak again.


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Why even the best CSGO players can let our esports betting strategies down

This list of the best CSGO players is by no means a failsafe piece of CSGO betting advice for your next esports wager. We only have to remember how Natus Vincere stormed IEM Katowice to claim their first major of 2020 and the top spot in the global rankings to boot.

So whilst a team can have formidable players like S1mple and electronic, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have a failsafe bet on your hands. This is why you should always put plenty of research into each esports tournament, and keep an eye on your betting budget by making small and wise bets.

Final thoughts on the top Counter-Strike players of all time

Our shortlist of the best CSGO players is sure to generate plenty of controversy. There are so many great players like Xizt, Golden, Stewie2 or JT who could have easily found their way onto our list. It just shows how dynamic and exciting the current CSGO scene is when you have to leave these strong CSGO stars out of the final selection.

But it’s clear that there are many factors in determining who are the true all-time greats. Whilst it would be easy just to rank these stars according to their career winnings, there’s so much more to CSGO than just being part of a formidable team.

So our shortlist included those players who could be amongst the best regardless of which team they played for. After all, these were the CSGO stars who have the potential to be key players in the next big CSGO betting matches, and so they are definitely worth keeping an eye on the next time that you make a CSGO bet.