Best CSGO Streamers on Twitch and YouTube

We all know that and YouTube are filed with CS GO streamers. This is why we want to present you with a list of the best Counterstrike streamers which will be based on a couple of important things such as quality of the stream, ability to share their knowledge, etc.

It is also important to mention that this piece will include the best CSGO Twitch.Tv streamers and the best streamers who broadcast on YouTube. We will also include CSGO girl streamers who are producing high-quality content.


Best CS GO Streamers on Twitch

1. Shroud

Let’s start things off with the best CS GO streamer, shroud. This former CounterStrike professional player decided to part ways with Cloud9 in order to prove himself as a streamer. Alongside CS GO, shroud also tends to stream other popular games such as PUBG, Apex Legends, and Call of Duty.

What makes shroud one of the best Counterstrike streamers? He provides you with the full package. Trust me when I say it, you will learn a lot just by watching shroud play CS:GO.

It is also important to mention that shroud is one of the most talented streamers. Once you see his aim, you will definitely subscribe to his channel and become a fan of shroud. You can watch shroud here.

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2. Summit1g

Most of you probably heard about summi1g and his well-known fail on the professional CS GO tournament (read also our Best CS:GO tournaments page) . After such a horrendous mistake, summit1g decided to part ways with the team and he decided to become one of the best CS GO streamers.

Just like shroud, summit1g is an incredibly gifted player. If you enjoy watching other games being played as well, then I would definitely recommend you give summit1g a try. Alongside CS GO, you will see him play Apex Legends, Grand Theft Auto V, Escape From Tarkov, and other popular games.

If you are looking for entertaining content without that much of skill included, I believe that this would be the best CS GO twitch streamer for you. Lastly, you can watch summit1g stream here.

3. Miss Rage

Alongside all of the male streamers, we decided to provide you with one of the best CSGO girl streamers. Miss Rage has been around for a while now and if you are looking for your new favorite streamer, she might be the perfect choice for you.

I have only seen this girl play CSGO and it seems like she is really passionate about the game. When it comes to skill, Miss Rage is mostly focused on Faceit, but she is also ranked highly in the matchmaking ranks. She acquired the Global Elite status not so long ago.
You will learn a lot from Miss Rage. What makes her one of the best CS GO streamers is that she is constantly running giveaways. In most scenarios, those giveaways are based on CSGO skins, and we all like freebies. You can watch Miss Rage stream right here.


Best CS GO Streamers on YouTube


This is probably one of the most popular CIS based CounterStrike streamers. Even though you maybe did not hear about DEEP, I am positive that you have seen a picture of a dog with headphones on.

We have never seen DEEP’s real face, but it seems like the CIS region really enjoys watching him play. From my personal experience, he is not the most talented player regarding CS GO, but he is definitely one of the best CS GO streamers on YouTube.

You will not see insane individual plays or something that will make you lose your mind. However, watching DEEP play is definitely entertaining, and this is what it’s all about, right? You can watch DEEP play CSGO right here.


This is another primarily content focused CSGO YouTuber. Even though he is not a full-time streamer, we can enjoy watching him play matchmaking from time to time. The best thing about YouTube streaming is that gambling is not forbidden there, so if you are into any form of CSGO gambling, I would heavily recommend you give GETLIGHT a chance.

All in all, if you want to see GETLIGHT in action, you can find his YouTube channel here.

Advantages of Following the Best CS GO Streamers

There are quite a few benefits of following the best CS GO streamers out there. Some of the Counterstrike streamers we mentioned in this article will provide you with a ton of information regarding movement, crosshair placement, aim, practice, etc.

Furthermore, just by watching someone play, you can implement similar tactics to your game and overall, I assure you that you will play so much better. It is also important to mention that your game sense will improve dramatically.

Even though everyone will tell you that your game sense will improve over time and as you gain more experience, but I would disagree with that. If you can watch someone positioning and his awareness regarding certain positions on the map, you will be able to apply that to your own game. As simple as that.


This list of the best CS GO streamers will provide you with everything you need. Highly skilled players, gamblers, entertaining content. Not much more you can ask for.

For some people, watching others play CSGO is entertaining, and they are just looking to chill and laugh. On the other hand, some players want to watch other former professional players such as shroud and summit1g. They want to learn from them and improve their game.

Lastly, I would also recommend you to watch professional CSGO tournaments and leagues. There are quite a few events throughout the year, and I assure you that you will learn so much just by watching professional events such as ESL One tournament, DreamHack events, StarLadder, BLAST Pro Series, and others.

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