Best LoL Players 2021 | Who is the top player in the world?

Getting to know the best LoL players is a must for both betting and drafting fantasy LoL teams. League of Legends is a game that keeps growing year after year. They know how to keep professional players playing the game for over a year and some of them are considered to be the best players in history. Faker is long gone, and the new generation is ready to be known.

Best LoL Players

1. Jang “Nuguri” Ha-gwon

The toplaner of FunPlus Phoenix is taking over the scene once again. Even though Nuguri is an old player, he’s showing the world what he has and what he’s capable of. He has been playing in the last few months with Jayce and Kennen and he has been showing how to be a beast in the top lane.

Nuguri is also known for being in the Worlds and winning the tournament with Damwon Gaming last year against Suning . Since then, he has been showing the world how powerful he is.

2. Zhou “Bo” Yang-Bo

FunPlus Phoenix is one of the most promising teams in the LPL 2021 . They have a really incredible team that has been showing other players how to do it.

Bo is the jungler of FunPlus and he has been showing us his incredible skills in the last matches of the LPL . Right now, they are close to the first position and they will try their best to get it. The best LoL players might be in this team, so we might see how Nuguri and Bo deliver some incredible matches for people.

3. Emil “Larssen” Larsson

Have you seen people trying to use Corki in midlane? Is probably because they have seen some of the most incredible Larssen matches while playing LoL . If you are looking for betting on LoL then you might keep an eye on what Larssen has for us.

Actually playing for Rogue in Europe , he is one of the most talented players out there. Even though players from Asia have taken some of the prior positions, he is capable of staying in the top 10 of the best LoL players in 2021 due to his skills.

4. Martin “Rekkles” Larsson

After spending over 5 years with Fnatic , Rekkles is taking the bot lane in his hands due to his incredible skills as an ADC. We knew him for long ago thanks to his appearances with the Fnatic roaster, but that’s long gone.

He’s now playing for G2 , one of the most promising teams from Europe . In fact, they have made it to the next stage in the LEC 2021 and is now facing the Schalke 04 esport team . We must say, without any doubt, that Rekkles is one of the best LoL players who was gotten better over the years.

5. Mihael “Mikyx” Mehle

One of the most complete supports out there is Mikyx. He has been playing some of the most powerful, yet underrated champions in League of Legends . He’s famous for playing Gragas a lot as a support, but also for his appearances as Rakan and Bardo.

Currently playing with G2 , and playing alongside Rekkles , they have shown the world they have managed to create one of the most powerful botlanes in 2021.

Chances are that we are going to hear more about Mikyx for a while due to his increasing level in LoL Worlds.

Best LoL Players

6. Tian “Meiko” Ye

Meiko might be unknown for most of the people who have been following League of Legends in the past months. He has been around the scene for more than 6 years but he has changed his name a few times.

Known before as Azure and Mad , Meiko has shown the world what world-class support looks like. He was the first support to reach 5.000 assistances in the LPL.

He’s currentñy playing with EDward Gaming , the team where he has played for over 6 years, and is known for taking the captain role several times.

7. Yu “JackeyLove” Wen-Bo

JackeyLove is one of those impressive players that you can watch play for hours and hours without getting bored. He is one of the most incredible ADC in China and he’s currently playing with Top Esports.

JackeyLove has shown us what he’s capable of with several champions, he has managed to use almost in a perfect scale three different champions: Xayah, Draven, and Kai’ Sa.

We have to say that after playing in Top Esports and Invictus Gaming he is one of the most promising best LoL players in the near future.

8. Jeong “Chovy” Ji-hoon

Chovy is a rising star in the League of Legend context. He has played for a while now but we must say that he’s far from actually achieving his complete potential as a professional player in the actual scene.

He’s currently playing for Hanwha Life Esports and showing to be one of the most promising mid laners for 2021 in the LPK. He also has been rewarded for his appearances in past tournaments. For example, he was the MVP for 2019 LCK Spring.

Chovy is still young, so we have to say that he has a long road ahead.

9. Robert “Blaber” Huang

Blaber is one of the oldest players in Cloud9 . We are not talking about age, we are actually talking about how long he has been on the team.

His first appearance with Cloud9 was in December 2017 while he was playing with the Cloud9 Academy, and now he is the main jungler in the first team.

He has shown the world what he is capable of and we have seen him winning two of the biggest awards in the LCS , the MVP in 2020 Spring and Best Rookie in LCS 2018.

10. Barney “Alphari” Morris

He is one of the newest members of Team Liquid but also, he is one of the most promising players we can find in the LCS.

Alphari is the toplaner by excellence in Team Liquid and we have to say that is not quite likely someone will take his spot on the team, at least for now.

Morris is actually playing at an incredibly high level in the actual LCS Spring competition and the best to him is yet to come, we must say. So, you should consider him as a nice resource for your Draftkings esports team.