Bet365 LoL Worlds Betting: Top 5 Tips and Best Markets

Posted on September 20, 2022 - Last Updated on September 22, 2022

Welcome to our guide to the Bet365 LoL Worlds betting platform. When we see the esports scene’s biggest tournament approaching, looking for a place to bet on our favourite teams is quite a task, and most esports betting sites are currently taking it seriously to lure as many players as they can.

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So, today we are going to talk about the LoL Worlds betting markets that Bet365 opened just right before the tournament to make gambling more exciting, especially if you go for live betting. We will also give you some extra advice so that you can make the most out of your live betting at the great Bet 365 LoL Worlds. So keep reading to see what Bet365 LoL Worlds betting is all about!

Tips and markets on LoL Worlds at Bet365

1. Don’t neglect outright markets when enjoying Bet365 LoL Worlds betting

bet365 lol worlds

This is the most traditional, and by far the most important betting market landed in any bookmaker for a tournament, yet it lines up in several forms based on the tournament’s format. In this case, “LoL Worlds 2022” consists of several stages that present outright winners of their own.

In Bet365, you can find outright winner markets for:

  • Each match
  • Overall tournament winner
  • Play-in stage winner of each group
  • Group Stage winner for each group

These markets are the first ones you see when you open a bet365 account and are the only ones where odds can actually help you choose right. So, make sure you give them a go before going on more specific bets. Keep things balanced.

2. Deepen down your intel when you start Bet365 LoL Worlds betting

While Bet365 LoL Worlds statistics and odds are quite good, they only tell you the chances a team has to win over the other. Knowing the team’s performance and play style could mean a great advantage when placing specialized bets.

For example, outright aggressive teams such as MAD Lions have more chances to take down the first tower or go for first blood than teams specializing in the end game.

3. Focus on key players when using the Bet365 LoL Worlds betting platform

LoL Worlds power rankings are not to be taken for granted, yet they represent a nice backup intel before placing a bet. If you go for live betting, several new markets pop up, and having a small list of key players to follow makes betting much easier.

But where do you get this info? You can do your own research on each team and each player, yet when the League of Legends World Championship is so close, several sites offer LoL Worlds betting tips just for the tournament.

4. Don’t go all-in when carrying out some Bet365 LoL Worlds betting

This is a much more general recommendation, when placing bets try to keep things in balance, maybe small markets such as first blood could help you recover from a major loss in bigger markets, or you could even get better profit from several bets instead of one. Diversification reduces risk while adding fun and expectations.

5. Enjoy Bet365 LoL Worlds betting live

You will still watch the tournament, and live betting is a great chance to place bets under better circumstances. So, as things go down, make use of Bet365 LoL Worlds live betting option to get the trickiest bets out, such as the first team to kill Dragon or Baron, or the first team to reach 10 kills.

lol worlds 2020 bet at bet365

How to bet on Bet365

Bet365 LoL Worlds platform is great, and you can get to it by just creating an account on the site and making your first deposit.

How to open a Bet365 account? Follow this link which will show you the current offer for new customers. Click on “Bet Now” and then on “Join”. Now you just have to fill in the form with your data (you will then be asked to verify the data), and now you can enjoy your bonus and start betting!

Once you are inside, the user interface is really intuitive, and due to the heat of the moment, the LoL Worlds matches are lying there at the top of your betting options.

Furthermore, you can take a look at our Bet365 review and find out all the details about this platform. All you need to enjoy is some superior Bet365 LoL Worlds betting!

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