Top 5 Teams at LoL Worlds you can bet on Betway Now

Posted on September 30, 2021 - Last Updated on October 15, 2021

LoL Worlds 2021 is here and will get started on October 5th! So, now you have the chance to make some cash out of your fan-power. But, do you know which teams you should bet on during the tournament?

Today we decided to make a list with the best betting opportunities you may get during the LoL Worlds 2021 based on overall performance, LoL Worlds power rankings, and Betway odds.

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1.   MAD Lions

While we Will talk about our outright favourite later, MAD Lion’s performance has been stunningly increasing during the past 2 years. These guys even got a spot in the Groups Stage already, and they have a pretty uncommon playing signature, an aggressive early game.

So, while they may not be even our Group D favourite, they are a great opportunity to try bets such as first blood, first tower, and even first Dragon.

2.   Edward Gaming

Edward Gaming is our pick for the overall tournament winner in LoL Worlds Predictions. Firstly, because they are at the top of the power rankings, and secondly because they are starting in a rather comfortable position. Group Stage B leaves EDG with a gap between them and their adversaries giving them what could be an easy spot to the knockout stage.

The most outstanding players at EDG are the Jungler and the Mid Laner; therefore, you should be attentive to bets including Dragon and first blood in the mid lane.

3.   LNG Esports

This team has a huge chance of going to the group’s stage! Besides, they are farming power in the overall rankings. LNG Esports will have to battle up against Hanwha Life Esports which will be the most balanced match of that group in the play-ins. That being said, LNG is a clear pick and has good 1.60-2.20 odds when matched together at Betway. Meaning a 1.60 safe bet.

4.   Cloud9

The Cloud9 team is not resounding as much as it used to do a few years ago. Nevertheless, they have great odds for their Play-ins group, being menaced only paired with Unicorns Of Love and Beyond Gaming makes their odds somewhat safer bets with somewhat good chances of winning.

For example, Cloud9 has a nice 1.60-2.20 odds against Beyond Gaming, and 1.40-2.75 vs Unicorns of Love. Making them more like a 50/50 bet on this stage, although we don’t expect them to move forward in the tournament.

5 Teams for Lol Worlds at Betway

5.   T1

The group’s stage is harder to bet this year given that few teams are clearly advantaged over the rest. Nevertheless, T1 is almost in the middle of the power ranks making them a rather great option for 50/50 chances bets.

If you are willing to take the risk, T1 has a nice 1.50-2.40 in its favour against 100 Thieves. Besides, their odds against are not as bad when battling Edward Gaming, being 2.40-1.50 at Betway.

The Group’s Stage first spots are easily defined, but you can expect a lot of tension growing towards what happens with the second spots to the knockout stages.

So, keep an eye on teams such as LNG Esports and Cloud9 if they land in Group C or D. As for Those landing in Group’s A and B from the Play-ins, we find it harder for them to keep moving up. Check out our LoL Worlds betting tips to get more intel!

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