BLAST Premier Global Final 2020 Countdown – 19th to 24th January

Posted on January 19, 2021

BLAST Premier Global Final 2020 is on a countdown to the last event of the season and finishing the 2020 circuit.

Competing for their wedge of the $1 million prize pool, a set of 8 top-quality teams will compete between January 19th-24th to break it down.

The tournament format is Double Elimination Bracket, and all the matches are BO3.

blast premier global final

Previously BLAST Premier wasn’t a league but a 2-days tournament called BLAST Pro Series, created in 2017, and had Astralis as the most winning team with 4 titles.

By 2020, the organization decided to do a twist and created a professional CS:GO league called BLAST Premier.

The next evolution of our tournament series is going to blow people away. We have spent months developing the right format. A format that will create the greatest entertainment product for fans at events and viewers watching across the world.” – Robbie Douek, BLAST CEO

The league is divided into two regions: Europe and North America.

The series is then separated into two seasons: Spring season and Fall season, with a duration of 4 months each, and now the global finals.

The principal goal is to bring all the best teams together and provide the fans with the most enjoyable entertainment.

Teams and Matches

The kick-off match counts with the number 1 team in the world against a North American evil:

  • (#1) Astralis vs (#18) Evil Geniuses

One of the most loved AWPers Kenny “kennyS” Schrub, is facing the Brazilian rage:

  • (#8) G2 vs (#6) FURIA

The French organization and currently number 2 in the world, is fighting against one of the oldest Esports organization:

  • (#2) Vitality vs (#12) Complexity

All eyes are on Liquid’s new Brazilian star player Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo. This is the team’s first major test against arguably the world’s best player, Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev:

  • (#3) Natus Vincere vs (#9) Liquid


Millionaire Prize Pool

This event has $1 million to split and reward the bests. Each team will get its part of the prize pool. However, there is a huge difference between being 1st or 8th:

  • 1st – $600,000
  • 2nd – $400,000
  • 3rd – $80,000
  • 4th – $40,000
  • 5-6th – $20,000
  • 7-8th – $15,000

Broadcast Talent

A group of 8 well-known talented members will cover all the action and bring a lot of emotion to your screen.

This marvelous team for the event is composed of:

  • Desk Host – James “⁠BanKs⁠” Banks
  • Analyst – Mathieu “⁠Maniac⁠” Quiquerez
  • Analyst – Jacob “⁠Pimp⁠” Winneche
  • Interviewer – Freya Spiers
  • Commentator – Conner “⁠Scrawny⁠” Girvan
  • Commentator – Mohan “⁠launders⁠” Govindasamy
  • Commentator – Anders “⁠Anders⁠” Blume
  • Commentator – Auguste “⁠Semmler⁠” Massonnat

The pairs casting all the action are the Canadian duo, Conner “⁠Scrawny⁠” Girvan and Mohan “⁠launders⁠” Govindasamy, and of course, the second pair is Anders “⁠Anders⁠” Blume with Auguste “⁠Semmler⁠” Massonnat.

We are all expecting an exciting tournament and intense matches.

Which team do you think will take the crown and be the first BLAST Premier Champion?

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