BLAST Pro Series Istanbul 2018 Betting Predictions

Posted on August 21, 2018 - Last Updated on August 27, 2020

We’ve published our BLAST Pro Series Istanbul 2018 betting predictions here so that you can prepare your bets for the upcoming tournament. For those unfamiliar with the event, BLAST Pro Series Istanbul has pulled 5 of the best teams from all corners of the world, alongside one Turkish team, to compete for a $250,000 prize pool.

The event won’t be quite as big as tournaments from providers like ELEAGUE or DreamHack, but names like Astralis, Cloud9, and NiP make it an interesting betting opportunity.

We’ll be sharing details on the tournament overview and schedule first. After that, we’ll give you our betting predictions for the event.

Below we have provided an overview of the BLAST Pro Series Istanbul 2018 event schedule, the group format, and participating teams.

The tournament will be a 2 day event from September 28 to September 29.

  • On day one, a single Round-Robin group stage will play out.
  • All matches will be best of one.
  • The group stage may continue on day two.
  • The top two teams will advance to the best of three Grand Final on day two.
  • There will be no playoffs stage.

Here is an overview of the teams attending the BLAST Pro Series Istanbul 2018 tournament:

  • Astralis
  • Cloud9
  • MIBR
  • NiP
  • Space Soldiers
  • Virtus.Pro

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Expert BLAST Pro Series Istanbul 2018 Betting Tips


Now that we’ve taken a look at the tournament overview, it’s time to share our betting tips. Right off of the bat, it’s safe to say that this tournament will be a pretty stacked event for two teams in particular.

First, let’s talk about the teams in this tournament that have been suffering recently. I’m of course talking about Cloud9, MIBR, and Virtus.Pro.

It’d be a safe choice to bet against all three of these teams, especially if Astralis is playing against them.

I’d be a little more cautious with match ups where Cloud9 or MIBR go up against NiP or Space Soldiers. Both of the former teams have struggled recently, but we don’t know how far they’ve come in terms of practice and training in the past few weeks.

Next, let’s talk about the potential winners. I think any bet on Astralis would be a safe choice here. They have remained in the top 1 team spot for some time and there’s no teams here that really stand a chance. I’d say you could bet on Astralis all of the way through to the grand final here.

Next up is NiP. This is a team that has shown up far more often in recent events. I think there’s the chance for upsets here and there because the group stage only has best of one matches, but bets on NiP against Virtus.Pro, Cloud9, and MIBR are reasonably safe.

All other bets should be avoided.

Here is a summary for our betting tips.

  • Low risk bet opportunities on all matches with Astralis as the winner.
  • Medium risk bet opportunities on NiP versus Virtus.Pro, Cloud9, and MIBR
  • Low risk bets against Virtus.Pro
  • Avoid all other bets

Hopefully these betting tips have been useful. What bets will you be making on September 28 & 29? And more importantly, where will you be betting?


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