Esports Betting Bonuses | CSGO Bonus, CSGO betting promo codes and more!

All esports betting fans know that there’s nothing like a bonus to seriously boost your profits. Whether it’s a CSGO bonus in the form of a sign-up offer, or even a CSGO betting bonus for existing customers, it seems that there’s a bigger selection of esports bonuses than ever.

Finding the best CS:GO bonus offers

Whilst all of these bonuses sound like the bookies are giving away free bets, it’s not always so simple. As well as CSGO betting sites with codes that limit who can access these bonuses, there are also plenty of wagering conditions that can turn a great-looking CSGO bonus into a real headache.

So we are going to tell you everything you need to know about every kind of CSGO betting bonus. And with some links to a selection of our CSGO bonus reviews, you should have everything you need to take advantage of these great special offers.

What kinds of Counter-Strike betting bonuses are there?

From free bet deals, to matched deposit bonuses, and even losing bet refunds, there are plenty of different kinds of esports bets out there from the best CSGO bookmakers. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the most common CSGO bonuses that can help you boost your winnings.

Free CSGO bets and extra bets

We will have all seen bookies advertising-free bet deals, but the majority of these offers require you to make a deposit first.

So it’s usually better to think of these CSGO bonuses as being little more than extra bet deals.

Matched deposit CSGO offers

There are also plenty of CSGO betting sites that claim to offer you hundreds of pounds in extra funds for signing up for their services. These are usually matched deposit bonuses that will aim to match between 50% and 100% of your initial deposit.

Losing CSGO bet refunds

Some CSGO betting sites even provide you with a bonus that can refund you for losing your first esports bet. This aims to encourage newcomers to esports betting feel a little more comfortable in making their first CSGO bets, and customers will often have their refunds paid back in the form of extra bets.

Examples of some Counter-Strike GO promotions

If all of that sounds a little confusing, here is a quick look at some of the best CSGO bonuses currently out there.

Check out the Betway bonus

Betway are a famous online bookmaker who excel at providing punters with some great esports betting opportunities. The brand promise new customers £30 of free bets, but on closer inspection, the terms and conditions show that it’s actually a 100% match on your first deposit up to £30. Still confused? Then check our full Betway bonus review here.

Examining the bonus offer are a dedicated esports gambling brand. They are encouraging punters to sign up to their site through their €5 free bet deal as well as a 100% matched deposit bonus of up to €30. Read our review to see how this could boost your winnings.

Looking at the Arcanebet promotion

Arcanebet are a bookie who specialise in esports betting and they even allow you to make Bitcoin deposits. Whilst it might look a little different from most sportsbooks, they’ve put on a familiar welcome bonus that looks to give you a 100% bonus on your first deposit up to a limit of €200. Here’s a full review of the Arcanebet bonus that explains more about this welcome offer.

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Does your CSGO betting bonus have wagering conditions?

All CS:GO bonuses tend to be accompanied by plenty of wagering conditions that determine how you use these welcome offers. This is why it’s essential to read the small print before signing up to any CS:GO betting website. Here is a selection of some of the things that you find in the most common CSGO promotions.

What are rollover requirements?

Rollover requirements mean that you have to turn over your deposit and bonus a certain amount of times before you can claim your bonus.

This can vary from as little as one, to up to 45 times, so be sure to check this figure otherwise you may have some real work to do to ever claim your CSGO bonus.

Can restrictive odds limit your CS:GO bonus?

Most CSGO bonuses also restrict the odds that you can bet on when using your bonus funds. It’s common to find odds restrictions that range anywhere between 1.5 and 2.0. Obviously, this can seriously affect how profitable your esports bets can be, so be sure to shop around to see which bookie offers the most freedom in odds in conjunction with their CSGO bonuses.

What kind of time limits are applied to Counter Strike betting bonuses?

Nearly all CSGO bonuses have specific time limits that govern how long the extra bets last, and how long you have to meet the wagering conditions. It’s common to find that your extra bets will be declared void in just seven days. And whilst some bookies allow you up to 60 days to meet your wagering conditions, for some CSGO betting sites, the bonus time limit is much less generous.

Other limitations on your CSGO bonus

Some bonuses aren’t available for residents in certain countries, and bookies also reserve the right to adjust their wagering conditions depending on various territories.

In addition to this, many welcome bonuses won’t be available for punters using e-wallets like Neteller and Skrill, so be sure to read the small print first.

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Do you always need a CSGO bonus code?

There are plenty of CSGO gambling sites with codes out there, but does this mean that you always need to have a promo code in order to activate your welcome bonus?

Thankfully, it seems that not all bookies require you to have a bonus code. Whilst sites as far-ranging as Arcanebet and William Hill make customers enter a special promo code upon signing up, this isn’t always the case.

It’s fairly common for some gambling sites to allow you to activate your esports bonus just by signing up, verifying your account, and making your first qualifying deposit.

Whereas some esports betting websites will require you to contact their customer support team to have the bonus offer applied to your account.

But regardless of whether you need a promo code, a qualifying deposit, or a customer service rep to activate your CSGO bonus, be sure to check the wagering requirements carefully before signing up.

Are there any CSGO betting sites with a free bonus?

Everybody would like to get something for free. And whilst there are plenty of CSGO betting websites that claim to provide new customers with free bets, upon closer inspection, most of these special offers are accompanied by wagering conditions that are anything but free.

This isn’t saying that you won’t get the occasional free bonus, but the majority of CSGO betting offers will require you to make some deposits in order to get anything in the way of extra bets.

However, it’s worth mentioning that some esports betting sites have loyalty schemes that can reward their VIP customers with the occasional free bet deal. So be sure to keep checking back with to see when one of these generous bonus offers comes up.

Resources for finding the best kind of CSGO betting bonus

If you type in a quick Google search for the best CSGO betting bonus, then you are sure to get showered with a huge range of offers that all aim to outdo each other with free bets and matched deposit bonuses.

But rather than wasting your time sifting through all of the complicated terms and conditions, it’s much better to let us do the hard work. So be sure to keep bookmarked so that you can quickly compare the current selection of welcome bonuses and see which bookie is being the most generous.

In addition to this, it can also be a good idea to check Reddit for CSGO betting offers. Whilst some of the opinions on this site can be a little misleading, it’s a valuable resource that should be packed with esports fans who are happy to share the latest exciting CSGO betting offers with you.

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Do you even need a CSGO betting bonus?

As most CSGO betting bonuses tend to be accompanied by plenty of restrictive wagering conditions, it’s led many punters to wonder whether it’s even worth getting a betting bonus.

This is certainly an approach that’s helped CSGO betting sites like Pinnacle become a big hit amongst esports fans. Instead of providing new customers with anything in the way of CSGO bonuses, the popular betting site instead have a famously low betting margin which means that they are able to provide better odds for esports events.

It’s up for debate whether this approach is a good deal for esports betting fans, but there’s no denying that this has helped many punters get a better return on their CSGO bets. So if there aren’t any decent CSGO betting bonuses around at the moment, then think about skipping these special offers and instead concentrate on finding the CSGO betting site with the best odds.

Final thoughts on using your CSGO bonus

It’s clear that CSGO bonuses are here to stay. These special offers continue to be CSGO betting sites’ best ways to attract new customers, and these bonuses have helped many of us get a nice boost on our first CSGO bets.

However, it’s important to remember that no bookmaker is going to give away anything for free. Whilst lots of CSGO betting sites advertise that they are giving away free bets to new customers, upon closer inspection we can find that these offers require you to make deposits and suffer some pretty restrictive wagering conditions too.

This is why you should always read the terms and conditions of any CSGO bonus very carefully before you think about signing up to a new betting website. And if the small print is proving to be a little too complicated, then be sure to check in at where we will explain these bonus offers in simple terms that anybody can easily understand.

Choose your Bookmaker:

Don’t forget that you can also just bypass any welcome offer that looks a little too restrictive and go straight into hunting down the CSGO bookie who offers the best odds. But on the whole, we can look forward to comparing the best CSGO bonuses to enjoy a significant boost on our first CSGO bets. Find out where you can to take advantage of the best bonus offers on the market by following our CSGO betting predictions.