Call of Duty Betting Tips

All you need to know before placing your CoD Bets


Call of Duty is one of the most striking FPS in history. The game tends to present every time better titles and esports tournaments are so great in the USA and Europe that CoD Betting tips are turning into a must! So, here we will show you how this game works and what you need to know before placing CoD bets.

Betting tips and predictions for betting on CoD

Being an FPS there are many things that we have to take into account for CoD betting. For example, unlike other games of this style, Call of Duty usually reinvents the game almost completely when launching new titles. In the case of Advanced Warfare and Infinite Warfare, we saw completely new game mechanics.

Therefore the first advice we can give is to know the game for which we are going to bet. This is a general rule in most cases anyway. Learn about the weapons, maps, positions, and strategies. Then you will more likely win your bets based on players’ opportunities and skills.

Know the scene

Knowing the players and teams is of utmost importance in a game of this style. In Call of Duty, there are roles and these determine how each player will develop his playing style. The latter is developed to a greater extent when they are in a team. Each player has his style but in a certain way, each one adapts his way of playing to get the most out of the games.

In this regard, following the tops teams, such as Atlanta FaZe and Dallas Empire, could be a good idea, but keep their players’ solo performance as a higher reference.

The maps are also very important because each player has his way to deal with them. One way to get even more knowledge and tips from this is on websites like Reddit or esports blogs where this is a constant topic of conversation.

GameDate & Tournament
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American Odds Format:
23/06/2024 19:00
Call of Duty League 2024: Stage 4 Major
Atlanta FaZe
Toronto Ultra
23/06/2024 19:00
Call of Duty League 2024: Stage 4 Major
Atlanta FaZe
Toronto Ultra

Why try to bet on CoD?

CoD is one of the games that is being played, watched, and talked about around the world. Besides, its constant deliveries allow the bets to be kept alive and changing. Being a famous game, trying to bet on CoD is not at all crazy. We have a consolidated market, constant events, and teams that keep the flame of competitiveness alive.

Just look at the numbers! Over 100.000 people watch CoD events every day, there are over 1000 Twitch channels dedicated to CoD gambling, CoD betting tips, and esports content in general, and most events are just flashy!

Besides this, we have that it is a pretty simple game to understand so there would be no problem to know how to place CoD mobile wagers. The game is focused on kill or be killed while trying to attempt simple missions.

CoD vs. Other FPS

Having about 75 million active players, the tournaments and individual matches are available at all times. Besides, as we mentioned earlier, the game changes a bit every time, so there are several game modes for you to apply your CoD betting tips –including the traditional Bomb Mission and a Battle Royale with 150 players per match.

CoD mobile betting, for example, is different from betting on the main titles for Console and PC. On the other hand, Call of Duty differs from other FPS by changing the scenarios all the time, being Apex Legends the closest game when it comes to design and playability.

Moving on, games like CSGO, Battlefield, among others, have differences mainly in gameplay. From the beginning it has been seen how CoD has greater fluidity when playing, being one of the main differences between all the games.

Where to bet for CoD?

Having great CoD betting tips is useless if you can’t bet anywhere; so, when looking for esports betting sites make sure to check all the basics. Is the site safe? Does it give you a juicy bonus? What conditions apply for betting, and for using your bonus? How can you move your money in and out? Are the odds favorable?

Search for the answer to those questions before placing your bet, and then you will surely have a better experience. Anyway, checking call of duty betting Reddit blogs is an option. But we will always recommend going for experienced and 100% legal CoD betting sites such as Unikrn, Betway, GGbet, and Bet365.

Furthermore, pay special attention to Unikrn, since the Umode will allow you to place bets on your performance, which is a great incentive if you want to improve your skills while placing CoD bets.

CoD Fantasy

Esports betting is not legal everywhere in the US, and so fantasy esports come to save the day. Nowadays we can find a variety of esports that are presented with Fantasy betting options and Call of Duty is one of them.

In Fantasy CoD you assemble your dream team of pro players and submit them to any tournament available, this way, the performance of the players in real life will be used to calculate the performance of your fantasy team, and so you may win your bets or fail based on what the real players are doing.

If you look for CoD fantasy betting as an alternative, then Draftkings is the best site to look at, for security, odds, and payment options.

Available betting markets

When looking for CoD betting tips, you will run into several betting markets, but these are the most common ones, and usually the ones with better odds.

  • Number of headshots in a game.
  • Winner of the tournament.
  • Winner of the game.
  • Player with most kills.
  • Player with the biggest kill-streak
  • Player with more points in the team.
  • Weapons that are going to be used in the game.

 Mobile CoD

The arrival of Call of Duty to phones has been a new introduction to esports within the cell phone industry. CoD Mobile expands the game to casual players making it easier to find a match anytime. Also, the addition of a Battle Royale makes it even more special.

This adds more betting options and more players and teams in a tough competition that remains active throughout the year.

call of duty betting tips

Top CoD tournaments

As the esports scene keeps showcasing amazing events, Call of Duty has several tournaments that may catch your eye throughout the year. These are the most relevant ones:

Call of Duty World Championship

This is the main event when it comes to CoD betting and the cherry on the pie of the CoD league. Even when the CoD world championship went online due to Covid-19 the numbers didn’t fall! The 2020 event had a prize pool of $4.6 million and had a watching peak of almost half a million viewers. This event featured, as usual, the top 12 teams from around the world, and Dallas Empire took the crown.

Other tournaments

The CoD series of tournaments features several game modes, including the so expected duel mode for the mobile version of the game, where CoD pros could go 1V1 in the mobile talent 1v1 tournament. Furthermore, several tournaments are presented for both the console and mobile versions of the game. Here we name a few:

  • CoD challenger
  • Black Ops 4 Throwback
  • Garena invitational
  • CoD Mobile India Cup
  • Tencent Global esports Invitational
  • CoD Mobile World Championship