CSGO Beginner Betting Guide

Become a betting pro with our simple guide for beginners

If you’ve ever wanted to take a bet on CS:GO, then we’re going to show you how you can sign up to a CS:GO gambling website, compare the odds, and even win some money by betting on your favourite esport. Just keep reading our CSGO betting guide for beginners.

We’ll introduce a few simple methods in our CSGO betting guide for beginners that will show you that CSGO betting is a little bit different from taking a bet on a traditional sport like football or horse racing.

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But we will also highlight the best CS:GO tournaments, teams and players who should always be factored into any CSGO betting strategy. So read our CS:GO betting guide to see how you can make some decent profits by betting on this classic first-person shooter.

The basics of our CSGO betting guide

We all know that CS:GO is a team sport, and so just as you might bet on a top football team like Manchester United to win, you should also consider how some of the best CSGO teams like Fnatic can also help you predict a winning outcome.

But obviously, there’s much more to esports betting than just guessing the winner, as all bookies will offer varying odds on the competitors. So whilst backing the favourite might be fun, it’s not going to give you much in the way of winnings as you bet on esports.

Instead, in our CSGO beginner betting guide we’re going to take a look at how betting on outsiders, trying handicap betting, and thoroughly researching all outcome possibilities can help you win a little extra cash.

Simple steps to taking your first CS:GO bets

To make your first CS:GO bets, you’ll need to sign up for a website offering esports bets. Check out our shortlist of the best esports betting sites to make sure you are getting a site offering decent odds and safe and secure service.

Now you’ll need to select the odds that look like they will be profitable. Odds are presented in fractional or decimal terms. Decimal odds are slightly easier to understand, and the higher the number, the more you stand to win.

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Your chosen odds will automatically be added to your betting slip, and from here you just need to choose how much money you are willing to stake and then you can watch the action unfold.

What strategies should you use for your CS:GO bets?

We all know how CSGO matches can throw up all manner of unpredictable results. And whilst betting on top teams like SK Gaming and Fnatic might provide plenty of winnings results, it doesn’t mean that you will walk away with much in terms of winnings.

So this is why it’s always good to do plenty of research and find decent CSGO betting advice on reddit or follow our latest betting predictions so that you get a good working knowledge of how a promising team can deliver a shock result and upset the bookies.

All experienced punters know that managing your betting budget is key to being able to enjoy sustained profits over a long term period. This is why you should always bet within your budget – after all, there’s nothing like making a rash and emotional bet for things to go horribly wrong.

So be sure to check our CSGO beginner betting guide to betting strategies so that you can understand how bankroll management systems like the Martingale strategy can help you make a decent profit, even if you incur a few losses.

And if you want to bet on the favourite in CSGO, new betting sites often allow you to make a handicap bet. This deducts points from a CSGO team to level the playing field so that you can put money on the favourite to win and still walk away with some handy winnings.

Where to find the best CS:GO betting website

For anyone interested in CS:GO, new betting sites offer plenty of ways to make money on this iconic first-person shooter. But how do you know which sites offer the best returns and who gives you a safe way to make your deposits?

Read our handy guide to the best CS:GO betting sites so that you can see who we rank highest in terms of best odds, top customer service and live betting experiences.

As there’s a growing number of esports betting sites, it always pays to shop around to see who provides the most lucrative odds on your CSGO bet. The competitive market has meant that brands like Pinnacle go out of their way to provide more generous odds. So be sure to check back with Esportsbettingtipster.com to see who is currently offer the best odds on your chosen CSGO tournament.

Why every CSGO betting guide should talk about bonuses

Most CS:GO betting sites will provide new customers with welcome bonuses as a way of tempting them to sign up with the brand. These bonus offers are a great way to get a big boost on your first CSGO bets, but be sure to read the small print before signing up.

This is because many bonus offers are advertised as free bets, but they are often accompanied by lots of wagering conditions that can turn into a real headache. So be sure to read our guide to the best esports bonuses so that you can see which brand is giving you an unbeatable offer.

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Top CS:GO Tournaments to bet on

Have you ever asked yourself “is CSGO dying“? Well, you need to know that CSGO is one of the esports with the most tournaments! And of a consequence, it has a high number of possibilities when it comes to betting.

If you’re looking to find the most generous odds for CSGO betting, then the chances are that you won’t find them at minor competitions like the qualifying rounds of the ESEA League.

This is because you will only find the best odds when major CSGO events are taking place as these attract more attention from the public and the bookies.

So keep an eye out for how CSGO betting sites offer odds on premier tournaments like the ESL Pro League and the ELEAGUE Major. This will mean that you can take advantage of when a bookie tries to beat the competition by offering odds that are too good to ignore.

Working out the best teams and players to use your CS:GO bets on

Although the rapidly changing world of esports means that there’s no such thing as a surefire winner, our CSGO betting guide had to include a brief selection of teams and players who always seem to deliver the goods.

So obviously making your CS:GO bets on top-level teams like Fnatic and SK Gaming should always give you some confidence in getting a modest return.

But keep an eye on how new esports organisations like Astralis have repeatedly shocked the bookies with some surprising performances. And whilst it would be a bold move to bet on unpredictable teams like Virtus.pro, you should never underestimate these kinds of teams to help you make a decent profit on your bets.

Although CS:GO is undoubtedly a team sport, you should also keep an eye on the movements of the top players. After all, we recently saw how a star player like Olofmeister managed to help FaZe Clan become a world-beater after transferring from Fnatic, so it never hurts to do some research before laying down your bets on CSGO.

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