The Rise of CSGO Casino Sites: our full overview

Whilst most of us are fairly happy enjoying some standard CSGO gambling on the exploits of our favourite CS:GO teams and players, it seems that many gaming fans are switching to using a CSGO casino instead. By visiting sites like CSGO Empire and CSGO Roll, gamers are able to trade skins by betting on games like roulette and dice. But is this CSGO casino phenomenon safe and fair?

We are going to take a detailed look at a few CSGO casino sites to see why they are becoming so popular, and we will examine what other alternatives there are for you to enjoy gambling on your favourite video games. So be sure to read our guide to CSGO gambling at these casino sites to see whether they offer you a fair, safe and fun way to make a bet.

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What is a CSGO casino site?

Ultimately these so-called CSGO casino sites are much like any other online casino sites. But rather than using your real money to bet on the casino games, you will get the chance to deposit skins and receive skins as a reward for winning each particular game.

csgo gambling online

Check out our handy guide to skin gambling to learn more about this phenomenon, but it basically means that you can use the skins gained in a standard game of CSGO as currency to make bets on casino games.

Whilst a standard online casino gaming site is geared towards a wide range of users. These CSGO casino sites definitely have gamers in mind. Not only will you get to deposit your CSGO skins to pick up some decent profits, but you can enjoy being in a community of likeminded gaming fans who have helped CSGO casino sites become one of the more surprising examples of how Counter-Strike is taking over the world.

Examples of popular CSGO casino sites

If you type CSGO jackpot into your browser, then you will probably find a vast range of gaming sites that will accept your skins as a way of making bets on their casino games. But just to give you an idea of who the trailblazers are, here is a small selection of CSGO casino sites that have proven to be remarkably popular amongst gaming fans.

CSGO Empire

CSGO Empire are undoubtedly one of the biggest names in the CSGO casino realm. Whilst players from the UK aren’t able to access the CSGO Empire site, there are still regularly well over 2,000 gamers who are trading skins and making G2A Pay deposits to bet on the site’s games. So what kinds of games does this site have?

empire csgo casino sites

At the moment, it’s the CSGO roulette and slots games that are getting the greatest amount of interest. But with regularly updated promotions like the Horizon Case giveaway and the CSGO Empire codes offers, it’s clear that this site are here to stay.


Whilst CSGO Roll isn’t quite as popular as CSGO Empire, the site has managed to cause shockwaves in the CSGO casino realm by featuring a much greater choice of games to bet on. This means that you can pick and choice from betting on anything from casino classics like roulette and slots, to simple dice and coin-flip games, plus there’s also the endlessly fun CSGO crash to keep you entertained. And with the ability to cash in your VGO skins here, it seems that CSGO Roll have made an impressive start to their casino gaming ambitions.


Like many other CSGO betting sites, Gamdom requires you to login to your Steam account to trade skins and enjoy betting on their games. The games included at Gamdom include classic roulette games, as well as their unique Hilo game and their ever popular progressive crash jackpot. And with an apparently ‘provably fair system’ that ensures you get a trustworthy and transparent way to bet, it seems that Gamdom are aiming to counter some of the negative opinions associated with CSGO skin gambling.

Some top CSGO casino games

Although many CSGO casino games are advertised as classic table games, it’s important to remember that they have a few very noticeable differences from the games of roulette that you find at many online casino sites. Here is just a small selection of the kinds of games that you could wager your CSGO gambling skins on.

csgo casino online

CSGO crash

This is definitely one of the most popular CSGO casino games. Whilst it doesn’t look pretty, it has managed to become a real hit as you just have to bet a certain amount of skins on whether the random number generated will be higher than the number you have set your stake at. So you get to see the number gradually rising and if it crashes below the number that you wagered, you would lose your bet.

But if it kept rising above your bet, then you could look forward to getting a decent profit depending on how much you wagered. Whilst it’s incredibly simple, it’s still managed to prove endlessly fascinating for many CSGO gambling fans.

CSGO slots

Slots gaming is one of the most popular ways to wager on a standard online casino site, and it’s easy to see why it has also become a hit in the CSGO gambling realm. Sites like CSGO Roll allow you to deposit your coins to spin a variety of wheels and if you manage to get the symbols to line up in your favour, then you could be in line for walking away with a decent profit. But whilst it’s easy to play these slots games, they can be virtually impossible to predict.

CSGO roulette

Loading up a game of roulette on a CSGO gambling site might look a little different to a game that you’d find on an online casino site. Rather than seeing a real-life dealer guiding you through the gameplay on a roulette wheel, you’ll probably see a spinning strip of red and black numbers that you have to wager on. Despite the superficial differences, the concept is roughly the same so that you can use your skins to wager on anything from the correct number to the highest red and many more options.

CSGO coin-flip

If you fancy your online gambling a little simpler, then you should find a CSGO casino site that offers you some easy coinflip betting options. Whilst using your CSGO skins to take bets on the flip of a virtual coin might sound rather underwhelming, there are plenty of gamers out there who have found that this is a mildly diverting way to pass the time and even pick up some unexpected winnings too.

CSGO dice

Once you’ve mastered the art of coin-flip, then you might wish to take it up a level and try your hand at CSGO dice. Again this is a pretty simple betting option as you just have to predict the total of the dice rolled and you stand to make some winnings from the outcome. Although it’s not quite as exciting as betting on some of the best CSGO teams in action, it’s still true that CSGO dice has proven to be surprisingly popular.

Why are these skin gambling sites so popular?

There is little doubt that CSGO casino sites have become immensely popular amongst many gamers. But why do gamers choose these sites as opposed to a traditional online casino provider? One of the biggest reasons is probably the fact that these sites allow you to trade in your CSGO skins as currency to wager on the games rather than having to make you use your own real money.

skins csgo casino betting

We should also point out that many of these sites are explicitly catering to CSGO fans as everything from the live chat features to the skins that are awarded show that this is primarily a community of gaming fans who aren’t catered to at traditional online casino sites.

What are the disadvantages of using a CSGO casino site?

Whilst many gamers like to bet on casino games at these sites, we have to admit that many of these CSGO casino site are operating without an official license.

Not only is this illegal, but it also puts you in danger as you will have nothing in the way of customer protection should anything go wrong.

If there was any kind of betting dispute or your personal details or deposits became compromised, then the site’s lack of licensing would mean that you have no safe legal framework to address your concerns to.

Although skin gambling has proven popular, most people will be aware of the fact that this is linked to many troubling issues of underage gambling, and so we would always recommend that you stay away from any betting site that looks like it is operating without a license.

Plus we have to mention the fact that whilst games like CSGO crash are fairly entertaining in the short term, if you are looking for a true test of your betting skill, then you will probably want to take it up a level and bet on a CSGO clash between legendary esports teams like Astralis, Natus Vincere or FaZe.
Top alternatives to CSGO casino sites

Just because we are advising against using CSGO casino sites doesn’t mean that you have to avoid enjoying some great CSGO betting options. Here’s a shortlist of just some of the best CSGO gambling sites that we’ve come across. gained the accolade of being the first dedicated esports betting site in Europe to gain an official license from the Malta Gaming Authority. This means that you will get plenty of customer protection when checking out the betting odds for all manner of top level CSGO tournaments. And don’t forget that also has plenty of cool table and slots games to make you think twice about ever going back to a dodgy CSGO casino site.


ArcaneBet are another hugely popular esports betting site who always manage to put on an endless variety of interesting betting markets for each top CSGO showdown. With free live streaming, a live casino and even the opportunity of trying some Bitcoin betting, it’s clear that ArcaneBet have put together a great betting service that’s sure to be of interest to all true CSGO fans.

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Whilst 22Bet might look like a traditional sports betting site, they have also become a big hit amongst esports betting fans. This is because this Government of Curacao licensed site has plenty of CSGO odds for anything from the CGL Professional Season to the CSGONET Cup. And with many lucrative slots games and glamorous live casino titles, you won’t be short of betting entertainment here.

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You might think of Betway as being somewhere to bet on football or horse racing. But we found that this sportsbook also has some great odds for your CSGO bets. So be sure to check out Betway’s esports betting service, plus their casino gaming options aren’t bad either.


Final thoughts on CSGO casino gambling

We have to admit that we were surprised by the sudden popularity of these CSGO casino sites. Although many of the casino games on offer may look fairly primitive, it seems that there are many gaming fans who have found that these sites offer them an easy way to trade in their CSGO skins for a few simple games of chance.

However, until any of these sites become fully licensed and allow gamers to put down real money for their bets, we would always advise you to stay away from these gambling brands. Whilst most gamers shouldn’t have any issues at these sites, we would always recommend that you keep it cautious and only make bets with real money at one of the trustworthy CSGO betting sites on our shortlist.