CSGO Coinflip – How to bet on Coin Flip and Where

Most CSGO casino sites try to look as much as possible like any other online casino, so, a wide variety of skin gambling games emerge, and today I will talk about CSGO bet on coin flip because it is true, you can bet on a coin to get new skins. But let’s break this down in detail:

What is CSGO coinflip?

In the world of CSGO skin gambling, I have seen a bit of everything: Blackjack, roulette, and much more. But CSGO betting coinflip is quite new. In theory, the game works in a traditional but adding the CSGO fan service element.

So, basically:

  • You choose a result (heads or tails)
  • You toss the coin
  • You check your result and take your earnings (or cry)

Nevertheless, in the CSGO coinflip, the coin’s sides will be either a terrorist or counter-terrorist and these will be our options for betting and winning. Once you know which side you are going to bet on, select the payment method (Skins or Coins) and go ahead with the game.

As expected, coinflip has a 50/50 chance in its results, so consider that as you bet.

CSGO Flipcoin

Is it safe to play CSGO Coinflip?

In short, it depends. You see, Coinflip betting is not necessarily unsafe; nevertheless, most CSGO coinflip betting sites are not regulated, and therefore won’t guarantee a safe gaming environment or a fair game. So, it is up to you to look for a CSGO betting coinflip site where you can place your trust.

What to look for in CSGO Coinflip sites?

If you must look for a skin gambling site in general for coinflip (including Dota 2 coinflip and PUBG coinflip), CSGO roulette, or even blackjack, then try to look for a site with these features:

  • A license: Some sites like CSGO Empire do have a license and are somewhat better than the alternative. Still, like most sites, this one will only allow you to withdraw skins, not real money.
  • Good references: Since most CSGO casino sites work underground, so to speak, having other users’ reviews may be useful for you. Nevertheless, consider that some sites pay for reviews and that others may be outdated, so check your sources twice.
  • Banking: Usually, a bank will think it twice before accepting withdrawals from a Casino site that is not clear about its conditions, so, if the site you are considering has banking options then you may be a bit safer than with an alternative that doesn’t.
  • Audits: This one is hard, but if the gaming site has a recognized external auditor backing its operations you may feel a bit safer.

Do I recommend it?

I recommend you to avoid these CSGO casino sites and to only go to a legal online casino if you want to bet on coin flip.

But, if what you want is to place your money on CSGO content like a true fan, then try Esports Betting. There are so many esports bookmakers around that will be plenty of choice.

On the other hand, you can build a CSGO fantasy team with pro players if traditional betting is not your thing. Actually, CSGO fantasy esports betting is getting quite popular, especially among fans of esports betting in USA!

While, if you are looking to make money with CSGO and you reside in USA, besides Fantasy Esports, you could try betting on yourself while playing (of course, if you have a good playing skills!)

Where to play CSGO Coinflip?

While CSGO bet on coin flip is not available in most reputable casinos, there are few “renowned” sites where you can play, such as xHowl, CSGOEmpire, CSGO Roll, CSGOatse, CSGOBig, VGO Reaper.

Strategies to bet on coin flip

In coinflip, it is difficult to determine a strategy that will work. This is because basically you are playing with a coin and it will only have two options available. This means that players will only have a 50/50 chance of winning.

So, there are two ways to go in case you lose.

  1. Bet on the opposite side of the coin you just bet on.
  2. Bet on the same side you just bet on.

Statistics imply that if the coin just dropped heads, then the next result will be tails with a higher chance. However, this is a strategy that can take a lot of effort to check and above all, money. But there is a method that not everyone knows.

On the other hand, some CSGO betting tips denounce that there is a trick for coinflip betting when it is a PVP game. The algorithm in some CSGO betting coinflip sites is somehow fixed to favor the user who bets the biggest wager. I do not recommend going for sites that do this, mainly because the algorithm works inducing players to raise bets; and secondly, because it takes away the “fair game” status.

Finally, stick to clean and healthy gaming, knowing some statistics will help, but you should always track your limits regardless of the site you play in.

CSGO Coinflip is just the beginning

While Skin betting sites seem to have a thing for FPS fans and players and PUBG coinflip has been also around for a while, just like some CoD gambling, now you can play Dota 2 coinflip as well.

Keep in mind our advice and stick to traditional betting as possible, keep in mind that all the real money you place on skin betting sites will remain as skins unless you find a place to sell your earnings, which can be hard, especially when you reach the 1000$ in skins.