CSGO Gameplay Explained – Advice to better understand the game

Counter-Strike Global Offensive was released by Valve Corporation in 2012 and it quickly became a favourite amongst gamers for its realistic first-person shooting fun. In this piece, you will be able to find all there is about CSGO gameplay.

What marked CSGO out against other similar titles like Call of Duty (read our article about CSGO vs CoD) is the way that it was a real game of skill that enabled a selected group of gamers to become professionalised as soon as CSGO started being featured in some big esports tournaments. Is CSGO still popular? Well, it would take something very big and unexpected to kill this title!

As Counter-Strike grew to become a popular spectator sport, it wasn’t long before online bookmakers started offering odds on the title. And with plenty of people asking for CSGO betting advice, we thought that we should have CS:GO gameplay explained so that everybody can make a well-informed esports bet by using some of the best CSGO betting tips.


Understanding the game is our best CS:GO betting advice

You wouldn’t want to place a bet on a traditional sport like cricket or tennis without understanding the rules of the game. So this is why we need to all have a decent understanding of CSGO before we place our wagers on any CSGO betting matches.

Whilst anybody can look at the list of the best CSGO teams and see that Fnatic or SK Gaming have a good chance of delivering a winning result, such information isn’t going to help you in the long-run.

As more of the best esports betting sites now allow you to place bets on the total number of rounds and individual map scores, you’re going to need to know CSGO inside-out before you can make any serious bets. So we’re going to have Counter Strike gameplay explained so that you know the difference between a fragger and an AWPer.

CSGO gameplay explained in basic terms

CS:GO is a combat game that pits two teams against each other with different objectives to fulfil.

  • The teams are either terrorists or counter-terrorists, and each team has to either defuse bombs, blow up targets, release hostages or liberate hostages from the opposing team. The gameplay features individual rounds.
  • Those allow the teams to carry out their various missions on different maps. If a player dies in combat, then they will stay out for the rest of that round, but will return in the next round.
  • If they manage to survive, then they will be rewarded for the next round with a boosted ranking, as well as money to spend on improved weaponry.

Although CS:GO features plenty of different game modes, most competitive CSGO matches will play the Defusal mode that features two teams of five players. Each team has to either kill all of their enemies, or detonate a bomb if you are a terrorist, or defuse the bomb if you are on the counter-terrorist team.

Now that we’ve had the basic CS:GO gameplay explained, we need to take a look at some of the elements that make up each round of the classic first-person shooter.


What are the main roles in CS:GO?

Whilst CSGO is a team sport, you should also take some time to understand the different positions in the game. This is a good piece of betting tips to know when a team looks strong as a unit, or whether they have any individual weak spots. Whilst all of these roles can move around, they form the basis of many top CSGO teams and it’s a good way of having the Counter Strike gameplay explained a little further.

Find all there is about roles in CSGO down below.



The entry fragger is the player who has to get things started by making that all-important first kill. This role requires razor-sharp accuracy and a fearless temperament as they not only have to lead the field, but they also get wiped out pretty quickly too. Check out some of the best CSGO players like Olofmeister to see how a good entry fragger is an essential part of any team.


Each fragger will usually be accompanied by a playmaker or secondary entry-fragger. It’s their job to get revenge if the fragger fails to get the first kill. They usually are a great clutch player and you can get a masterclass in playmaking from CSGO stars like f0rest and KennyS.


We can’t have CSGO gameplay explained without mentioning the all-important role of captain. This is the person who has to formulate the overall strategies and make those last-minute calls that power their team to victory. Leaders like gla1ve have a great way to turn around a game and should always be factored into any betting advice.


Lurkers are the real wild-cards in any team as they often detach themselves from the group and come up with some incredible ways to make a stealth attack on the other team. Check out how top lurkers like GeT_RiGhT have the potential to cause a real upset at the best CSGO tournaments.


Finally we have the AWPer who controls the weapon which has the potential to do some long-range damage on the opposing team. This is a difficult role for any player to fill as it requires accuracy and super-fast reactions. It’s tough to call the best AWPer in the game, but we’d have to say that dev1ce and FalleN both manage to make this hard task look surprisingly easy.

Why weapons and maps should influence your CS:GO bets

All CSGO players are only as good as their weapons, and our advice is to understand all of the different weapons before laying down your bets. And as each round of the CSGO betting matches features a different map, then you need to know how the different terrain can influence your esports betting too. Knowing the ADR in CSGO could also help you in making your choice.


Other Popular CSGO Gameplay Modes

As mentioned above, there are quite a few CSGO game modes out there. Even though defusal mode is by far the best and most popular, people tend to play other modes as well.

To be honest, most of these mods are played for fun as there is not a strong competitive side to them. Below, you can find the most popular game modes alongside a defusal one.

CSGO Danger Zone

Ever since PUBG and Fornite bursted into the professional esports scene, games such as CSGO, Battlefield and CoD had to do something about it and offer their way of a battle royale game. CSGO really tried hard to present everyone with the ultimate battle royale game called Danger Zone, but the game never really lived up to the full potential.

CSGO Danger Zone gameplay is really easy and simple. 30+ players will spawn in all over the map and they will shoot each other to death. In most scenarios, this game mode is played with a friend. Last team standing wins. There are also some alterations to the usual battle royale games such as drones which enable you to buy upgrades to spot enemies on the radar. You can even order ammo, weapons, utility, syringes and so much more.

Unlike CSGO Warzone gameplay, Danger Zone will provide you with an alternative that you can actually play with your friends and that does not have to be competitive.


CSGO Explained – What Should You Know by Know

If you read through an entire article, you have learned quite a few things. However, it would be in your best interest to get a full summary of the important things that you should know about Counter Strike gameplay.

You are new to the game and you want to improve rapidly? Guess what, you can only work on your individual skills such as aim and utility usage. Game sense comes with experience and this is very important, if not the most important aspect of the game.

What should you keep an eye on when it comes to CSGO betting? First and foremost, you need to pay attention to a couple of things.

Start things off with a tier level check. Betting on a team that mostly played tier 2 and 3 events and they are playing against Astralis is a bad thing to do. In most scenarios, they will get annihilated really fast.

Furthermore, always check if the team you want to bet on is playing with a stand-in. You do not want to risk your money betting on a team that is not playing with the permanent roster.