CSGO Roulette Sites and Strategies

In the world of CSGO, we are not only talking about the fact that there are bets based on players’ performance, since 2013 this type of betting appeared in the scene and are still somehow popular, especially since some sites dedicated to this sort of gambling decided to actually get real licenses by 2019.

CSGO roulette is used to make quite specific types of bets. In short, these allow you to bet a skin, box, or item from your Steam account into a traditional roulette. If you win, you get the price of the roulette + the multiplier for the line you choose to bet in.

But, if you lose, then you lost your skin. These CSGO casino sites have gained fame since they break with the traditional betting scheme and allow you to get extra skins in the process.

csgo roulette

How does CSGO roulette work?

Not to be mistaken for CSGO slots, CSGO roulette work like traditional roulette. We all know that when we spin roulette of any kind we will see how several prizes are presented within it or even an option where we are left without our bet.

The same happens in CSGO’s roulette sites. When we are playing on one of these sites we will be able to see the number of options presented to us as prizes, being the skins the most striking option. However, some roulette also offers cash prizes.

Besides, the roulette spins are paid. Each spin will mean that we have to make a payment, being a possible exception to the fact that we have a bonus inside the site.

So, to sum up:

  1. Register your account into a CSGO roulette site. (If there is any bonus for CSGO roulette free coins available make sure to claim it)
  2. Link your Steam account to use your inventory.
  3. Exchange skins and items for credits on the site.
  4. Select a roulette wheel (Most CSGO roulette sites offer several wheels with different win-rates and bet multipliers)
    • Note: keep in mind that the higher the price, the lower the chances to win.
  5. Place your bet
  6. Pray for luck

Is it safe to play CSGO Roulette?

Many of the sites that are dedicated either to traditional bets or to this type of roulette must have the necessary permissions so that they can function normally. However, skin betting in general is not regulated and most CSGO roulette sites do not have a license to operate.

In general terms, we can find sites that have all the permissions up to date; nevertheless, in most cases, it is better to avoid CSGO roulette. We can say that it is not entirely safe to play CSGO roulette because there may be inconsistencies in the process.

On the other hand, while these sites will all accept real money for you to place your bets, almost none of them give you any real money back when winning. All withdrawals are then made in form of skins through your Steam account.

Safer Alternatives for CSGO Roulette

The most famous alternatives to farm CSGO money or skins are still the traditional bets we all know.

One alternative, and one that continues to be the most striking worldwide, is CSGO’s betting. You can bet on games, tournaments, and a couple of other things and the profit margin with good CSGO betting tips can be even higher than in a roulette wheel.

On the other hand, fantasy CSGO is also an option for betting – Mainly for US citizens who can’t legally access CSGO betting sites. However, the traditional bets are still a little more striking when it comes to obtainable gains.

Last, but not least, you can bet on yourself playing CSGO with the Unikrn UMode feature.

Best of all, all this options are safer than CSGO roulette because it has many more permissions and laws to comply with.

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Where to play CSGO Roulette?

Internet is infested with sites that offer CAGO roulette games, but, to name a few recognized ones:

  • CSGO Roll
  • CSGO Empire
  • DatDrop
  • Gamdom
  • Daddyskins
  • CSGO Polygon
  • Free Skins

A small guide for playing CSGO Roulette

As in traditional betting, there is some CSGO roulette strategy involved so that we have a better chance to win. Among the things, implement we have the following:

Don’t bet more than you have

When people make bets they tend to think that betting a little more is not a bad decision. However, this is not a recommended idea since a person can end up losing more than they have when they gamble.

Become familiar with roulette

There are sites where you can try out roulette casually. This will allow you to become more familiar when playing and to know better how they work, and with it, the possible probabilities of winning.

Always look to play with bonuses

Sometimes the sites where there are roulettes are the options to get CSGO roulette free coins. With this, we could have the possibility of playing roulette for free and we wouldn’t be losing money.

Use statistics

This is a basic CSGO roulette strategy that can make a difference. A 2X roulette will always bet on 2 colors. So there is a 50/50 chance to win. If you just lost a spin, the next one has, statistically, more chances to be a win, so it may be a nice idea to raise your bet.