CSGO Strategies: Top Tactical CS:GO Tips & Guide for all

Want to learn the best CS:GO strategies for playing, betting, and making bank in the esports community? Read carefully through this article to find the absolute best CSGO tips.

We’ll be taking a look at five key areas.


Betting Strategies

There are many great betting strategies you can apply to your bets when watching competitive CSGO events. Firstly, you can read up on our top CSGO betting tips for expert analysis of new and upcoming tournaments. Find out who is most likely to win and check our tips on who may be a potential underdog. All of our betting guides are based on hard evidence and backed up by past performance analysis from each team. We think you’ll be happy with the tips we offer, but you can also get some more betting advice on other places around the internet.

Besides actually choosing who and what tournament to bet on, there are some betting systems you can use with your CSGO gambling to get the best return. Like with all betting, you can’t always win, so you must find a system that you can pair with our CSGO strategies so that over time you stay in profit. We’ve offered some advice on some popular systems, such as the Martingale System, the Fibonacci System, and the Labouchere System.

Typically, there are three major payment methods used with CSGO betting. Standard fiat currency, Bitcoin, and skins. The first option is the safest and easiest method for getting your money back. Bitcoin betting is an option, but we have some important information about it here that should be read before you choose it. And, finally, whilst skin gambling was popular in the past, the market is plagued with issues. We’ll talk more about that later.

CSGO Casino Tips and Overview

There aren’t any CSGO casino websites that have Counter-Strike themed slots and live tables, but there are still casino sites that support CSGO betting. If you enjoy gambling on table games like Blackjack, Roulette, or like having a spin on the slots, then you can kill two birds with one stone by signing up to a website that offers a good welcome bonus for both the casino and esports betting.

We have created an extensive overview of which of the best casino websites offer a good CSGO betting experience on top of their main offering, so make sure to read up on that.

CS:GO Fantasy Betting

Esports fantasy betting has become a popular phenomenon across the globe, but for CSGO fantasy betting, specifically, the availability is still quite limited. Thankfully, there is still one very strong option that we can recommend.

draftkings csgo betting

If you want to create your own fantasy CSGO team and have the potential to win prizes in fantasy leagues, you must read up on our full fantasy betting guide. In this guide, we explain the basics of fantasy betting and give some information on ESL’s fantasy gaming website.

We recommend to check out DraftKings, our favorite fantasy esports site.

Pro Gaming

If you care more about pro gaming, you’ll be happy to hear that we’ve got some excellent CSGO tips on this website. First, why not brush up your knowledge on all of the CSGO maps used in competitive play? If you want to become a pro, you must learn that practice on all of these maps is crucial.

It’s good for your team to practice each map, but you should pick out a core of three maps. These can be your strong maps, and in competitive play you can ban out the other maps to begin with.


Speaking of your team, you can use services like DreamTeam or Teamfind to find similarly skilled players in your region. You can either choose to set up your own team with you as the leader, or choose to join an existing group. You can look for specific roles. If you like to play with the AWP, or like to entry frag, for example, you can easily find these open positions on a team suitable for you.

Once you’ve found your team, you should get to know each other by playing standard matchmaking or PUGs through FACEIT and ESEA. Build a good friendship with your team mates and learn to have fun together, because you’ll need to rely on that when times get tough.

Next, you can start to look for scrims, tournaments, and events through ESEA, FACEIT, CEVO, and Gfinity. You should be able to find plenty of qualifier events to sign up to. The most important thing to focus on to begin with are scrims – these let you test your CSGO strategies on maps against other teams.

Finally, don’t forget about improving your individual skill, too. Developing your own skill is just as important as developing your team’s CSGO strategies. Spend time in aim maps, play PUGs in your free time, learn about different nades on each map, and learn how to get the best CSGO settings for better performance.

Skin gambling strategies

As mentioned earlier, skin gambling is another method available for making bets on CSGO matches. When CSGO betting first made it into popularity, skin gambling websites were the most popular. However, skin gambling is now no longer a safe option and there are a few reasons why.

Firstly, many skin gambling website operators in the past have been known to suddenly shut down or have issues with their website, which has resulted in them taking the skins from their users and not paying them back. On top of this, Valve actively bans skin trading bots that are used for gambling websites. When you bet with skins, you have no guarantee your skins will return to you.

To make things worse, the price of skins is always fluctuating. In fact, in most cases, the price of most skins is almost always continually dropping. This means that if you make a bet and win, you may end up with less money than you originally had hoped for.

You then have to find a website that can let you sell your skins for real money. With the Counter-Strike name, OPSkins, essentially banned by Valve, this leaves very little room for trustworthy alternatives.

Finally, skin gambling websites have no regulations, so if you have an issue, you cannot get a guaranteed resolution to your issue via support. With many real money CSGO betting sites, you don’t have this issue. Real money gambling is heavily regulated and so long as you pick one of the best CSGO betting websites, your funds will always be safe and you’ll always have help when you need it.



I hope that you enjoyed reading our overview of the best CSGO strategies for playing, betting, and becoming pro. We strive to be the number one place for Counter-Strike betting, so if you need any more advice, make sure to read through our useful CSGO guides and tips found in the main navigation bar.