CSGO vs CoD – Which is Better?

When it comes to first-person shooters, there are two titles that sit on top of the pile. Counter-Strike and Call of Duty are the two biggest shooters, both are focused on realistic gunplay and in-depth strategic multiplayer. So, which is better? When considering CSGO vs CoD, you have to look at the two games from a few different angles. Each plays differently and has a different feel, and both have entirely different competitive scenes.


CSGO is by far the biggest name in first-person shooters when it comes to Esports. This game has one of the biggest and most popular leagues. However, Call of Duty is fast developing a bigger competitive scene. While there is more interest in professional Counter-Strike, Call of Duty definitely brings in more players to its regular game modes. Gamers just seem to prefer the feel of Call of Duty over CSGO, while pro players seem to go the opposite way. So when you consider CSGO vs CoD, which comes out ahead?

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CSGO vs CoD – Gameplay and Playability

CS:GO and CoD have different gameplay styles which leads to a different feeling when you’re playing. Both games claim to go for realism, but they do have a different approach.

Call of Duty might go for realism, but the franchise is more casual friendly. It developed as a powerhouse of popular multiplayer. A kind of accessibility comes with that. The game has a story mode and requires time to unlock its content, but not too much time to learn to play. CS:GO on the other hand is focused on skill. It has a low barrier to entry but takes a good time longer to really become skilled at the game.

Counter-Strike vs Call of Duty in terms of gameplay really comes down to what you’re looking for. CSGO has richer gameplay for Esports, but it can be overwhelming for more casual players in comparison with Call of Duty. That series is accessible, but it has enough depth for high-end play too. 

Is CSGO Better than CoD?

While avid defenders of one series over another might argue otherwise, it is difficult to say which is better on the whole. There isn’t really an objective better game. It all depends on what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for a game that has the best capacity for a high skill level and an active competitive scene, then CSGO might be better. However, if you’re looking for something to play with your friends, with an active Esports community then in CSGO vs CoD, Call of Duty might a better choice.

Is CSGO Harder Than CoD?

CS:GO could be said to be harder than Call of Duty, but it all depends on what you’ve played and what you’re looking for. Call of Duty has a lot more in common with most casual shooters. This is by design, Call of Duty is one of the best selling gaming franchises, so a lot of games have emulated its physics and feel. This makes it easier for most people to drop into, since it handles similar to other games they’ve made. This cuts out building a lot of muscle memory.

CSGO is a little more unique. It plays and handles in a more difficult to master way, which makes it harder for newcomers. It also has a much higher skill level if you want to get really good at the game.

While it would be unfair to say the best CS:GO players are better than the best Call of Duty, the game does have a much more developed competitive side.

call of duty vs counter strike

Esports League and Sponsorships

CSGO vs CoD in gameplay might all come down to preference, but you can make a more direct comparison with the Esports league size for both.

CS:GO is one of the biggest Esports in the world. It attracts huge crowds and has a big community of dedicated full-time players. Call of Duty has a growing Esports scene, but nowhere near the same scale. A lot of the top Call of Duty players will also play other games, since there are less regular events for Call of Duty.

The finals of CS:GO are broadcast on regular network television, with the scale of sponsorships that come along with this. Call of Duty has a following, but it isn’t in the same league.

Is CSGO Bigger Than CoD?

CSGO is definitely bigger than Call of Duty competitively. Call of Duty has some big events that draw in a decent-sized crowd, but CS:GO is basically an entire sport. It has the scale of events that you just don’t find outside of the biggest possible Esports.

is csgo bigger than cod

Betting Opportunities

CSGO betting is available on the vast majority of esports betting sites and regular bookies. You can bet on individual matches, larger events, and even a bigger breakdown like individual maps. Some specialist Esport bookies also offer odds on Call of Duty betting. However, since there are less events overall there is less to bet on. This is because of the events’ size and popularity, so this aspect of CSGO vs CoD just comes down to how big their Esports scene is again. 


When you’re looking at CSGO vs CoD, CSGO definitely has the bigger Esports community and league. However, Call of Duty has a larger player base of normal players. Which one is better really just depends on what you want from a shooter.

  • If you’re after a complex competitive game with a big Esports league and a high skill level of professional players, then it is CSGO.
  • If you’re looking for a shooter you can play semi-casually and still sometimes watch what the best players out there look like, then Call of Duty is the better gamer.
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