TI10 Odds

Where to find the best betting odds for The International 10

Looking for TI10 Odds? The International 10 is finally here, after a whole year of postponing the event we finally caught up to it and there is no way we are leaving the best matches without a nice bet. So, to make things simpler for you we decided to set a guide with the best places to find TI10 odds.

GameDate & Tournament
Teams & Odds
Bet Now
American Odds Format:
22/07/2024 12:00
RES Regional Series: EU 3
Team Tea
Night Pulse
22/07/2024 15:00
IESF Europe Qualifier 2024
Team Greece
Team Sweden
22/07/2024 15:00
IESF Europe Qualifier 2024
Team Belarus
Team Ukraine
15/09/2024 09:00
The International 2024
Entity Gaming
Team Zero

What do you need odds for?

There is a nice deal of information you need before placing a bet if you really want to win some money back. The base of all that are the odds. Professional statistics sites and algorithms from the best esports betting sites will offer you odds representing the chances any given team has to win a match, and even any given in-game event has odds of “happening”

Besides odds, you can trust news about the teams, check the official power rankings from the game administrators, and so on. But odds are the most trustworthy data you can get before betting.

Where can I get good TI10 odds?

Here we will give you a few sites that offer great The International 10 betting odds:

Betway esports

Some of the most promising odds for TI10 are found at Betway. Including betting markets for the tournament that are quite entertaining, you can bet on who gets to the final, which heroes will be the most used or most banned, most kills, most maps, and most assistances per map during the tournament.

On the other hand, the odds are pretty much generous! For example, if PSG.LGD, the favourite to win the tournament, gets to the final, you get 2.50 odds. This means that if you bet 10 Euros on that (somewhat safe) bet, you will be winning 15$.

Bonus Offer: Betway is currently giving out 10 Euros in free bets after you register and make your first deposit! Use this free bonus to increase your winnings!

TI10 Odds


The International 2021 betting tips will talk a lot about odds and power rankings, but betting on a site that offers you extra features to land bets during live games is another deal to consider. While Bet365 odds are a little bit lower than Betway’s they do offer decent odds, paired with a great bonus for you to make the most out of your TI10 predictions.

On the other hand, Bet365 also offers plenty of good betting markets, including kill caps (Who gets 10 kills first), tournament winners, brackets, in-game events such as Roshan, and much more.

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Another great option for you to bet on TI10 odds is Loot.bet. The site isn’t the most fashionable option when it comes to special betting markets, nor does it have the higher odds; but, they do have the most balanced odds. In this regard, Loot.bet is a better site if you are not 100% convinced of your predictions and want to keep your bets to a “safety” degree.

Other options for TI10 odds

There are other bookmakers with a good odds-bonus-safety balance that may be the closed deal for you. For example, Unikrn has a great bonus and is 100% esports-oriented. On the other hand, you can try Luckbox, which, similarly to Loot.bet works with low-risk odds.