TI10 Predictions: Who will win The International 2021?

Posted on October 14, 2021 - Last Updated on October 18, 2021

TI10 predictions are here. As the group stage is over the brackets are now happening, and having some intel about which teams will pass by and get closer to the trophy is a must if you want to bet more safely.

Firstly, we have got to say that most groups ended up as expected. This way, Fnatic, Evil Geniuses, and Team Undying led their way to the Brackets.

Nevertheless, Undying, well, died, as they were positioned against Fnatic, which was sort of a disadvantage in the main event. Leaving Fnatic to deal with Team Spirit and lose in the next phase.

By October 15th we are expecting several amazing matches and here are our predictions for the final games:

TI10 Predictions

Invictus Vs. Team Secret TI10 Predictions

There is no secret here. We see Invictus gaming taking a step forward in the tournament after this match. But, there is still a chance for Team Secret as they would find a match against T1 in the lower bracket.

Vici Gaming or Evil Geniuses Vs T1

Now, to the lower bracket, we see odds in favour of Evil Geniuses; but Vici Gaming has shown to be playing above their usual performance. While this is going to be a hard match to bet on, EG is where we would put our money.

On the other hand, chances of either VG or EG taking off T1 are quite low, so, consider it safe to think that T1 will pass through to the next round.

PSG.LGD Vs. Virtus Pro

PSG is still the favourite to win the tournament, and Virtus Pro is nowhere nearby. So, while we can expect them to get to the next stage in the lower bracket, we are not recommending an underdog bet against PSG.

Team Spirit or OG Vs. Virtus Pro

For this match, we are going to trust the best TI10 odds. OG is favoured by odds meaning that it has bigger chances of winning. Furthermore, there are some chances of Virtus Pro winning against OG, in the next match.

Anyway, we believe that OG will advance once again to find a match against the winner between Team Secret and T1, being probably Team Secret their counterpart in that match.

Our Semifinals TI10 Predictions

The semifinals are the best stage of the tournament to try to spend your TI10 betting bonus. So, here is where we get the most interesting TI10 Predictions.

Invictus Vs. PSG.LGD

As we mentioned before, PSG is our main favourite to win the tournament. So, there is a clear output here. Ame and Faith_bian have been playing practically above their level and the team is overall showing that our outright winner pick is probably correct.

Invictus Vs. OG

Here is where things get messier, odds say otherwise in most esports bookmakers, but OG has been playing great during the whole tournament and there is pretty much a huge chance that they are winning against Invictus if they keep up.

Moving on, this is a nice bet with high odds, which is great for spending your Loot.Bet Dota 2 Bonus.

TI10 Predictions

As for TI10 predictions for the final

Regardless of the winner between OG and Invictus, we still feel certain that PSG.LGD will win the final event. Leaving our semifinals-pick, OG, as the second to win the major game.

Odds favour PSG also does their performance, so, betting in favour of OG is not advised unless you want to press your luck at this point for a very rare underdog bet opportunity. Other than that, we recommend you also read our Top 5 Teams at TI10 you can bet on Bet365 Now!

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