Best Dota 2 Tournaments

Look at the best tournaments for Dota 2 betting

Are you a fan of Dota2 betting? Or maybe you are just getting started? In the world of esports, several Dota2 tournaments are played every year; today we will show you the best tournaments for Dota 2 betting.

To start making money with Dota2 betting you must carry out certain very simple steps, the first of all is to analyze the opportunities of all the teams, that is to say, make a study of the championships. This is the first thing to do before making a bet in Dota 2 tournaments.

After that, you must register on your favourite betting page, one that is reliable, since it will be the place where you put your money. Then you have a chance to read the odds and support the team that you believe will win the match.

Best tournaments for Dota 2 betting

There are literally hundreds of tournaments played every year on Dota 2, from The International to the Omega League, to a wild number of small leagues all over the world. But in general, these are the ones we recommend the most for betting.


This is known as the first Dota 2 event in Britain, and for many fans in the country, the best Dota 2 tournament with this being the first major circuit. ESL ONE is a special tournament where a lot of fans gather to appreciate the appointment with discipline. A wide variety of teams gather here to try to win the jackpot.

However, the players are not the only ones who win, but also the spectators, all this through the betting system. And without any doubt, betting on this championship so important worldwide for the game and connoisseurs of esports can mean a great amount of money. This is considered by some to be the best tournaments for dota 2 betting for its great Dota 2 odds.

Omega league

Here’s a reason to bet on Dota 2 tournaments. This is a unique tournament worldwide, born as the replacement for the biggest Dota 2 tournament, The International. This great event had a pot of $650,000, divided between 3 regions, and several divisions.

Connoisseurs of this great video game should know that this can be translated into a large sum of money, this tournament, although it has been a replacement, has been a strong option and has had a great receptivity on the part of Dota fans.

Betting on this tournament can undoubtedly be beneficial for the bettor as there are several “underdog betting” opportunities here. This Dota2 Tournament is really worth giving a shot.

Best tournaments for Dota 2 Betting


Epicenter is another great Dota 2 tournament, with great prizes to be handed out on the podium. This means that you will get great opportunities from Dota 2. The organization of this event is great and imply 16 teams selected based on their DPC and qualifiers development.

This tournament is not as famous as the ESL ONE, but is clearly a favourite for the sponsors and motivates the players with a prize pool of 1.000.000$!

The International

This is the best Dota 2 tournament overall. This would be the equivalent of the World Cup in Dota 2.

Here numerous prices are distributed for exaggeratedly high figures. The last edition carried out was distributed $34,600,000 in prizes.

TI is the most important tournament in the world of esports at the moment, or at least the one that moves the highest pools.

All the spectators are attentive to their favourite teams and who will be the winner of each edition. Here is the perfect opportunity to bet, as it is literally the world championship and most pro teams taking a shot are on similar levels of skill.

If you bet on this championship, you won’t be bringing home a large reward, if we talk about money; but bets on The International can be more balanced, and thus, more fun!

A great recommendation that we can make is that you keep an eye on your Dota 2 live score if you are going to bet on The International 2021.

To Sum Up

Making some cash from Dota 2 betting isn’t impossible. If you want to make some risky bets, going for Tier-2 tournaments is a great option. This way you can access some underdog teams that may shine soon and give you great multiplier odds in reward.

On the other hand, events such as the ESL ONE and The International are by far the most stable plans for betting. Check the Dota 2 Upcoming matches and try them out, you never know who will win a tournament.