DreamHack Open Anaheim 2020 Predictions

Posted on February 11, 2020 - Last Updated on August 20, 2020

Looking for DreamHack Open Anaheim betting tips? In this piece, you will be able to find safe CSGO predictions for this upcoming tournament, so do not miss out.

DreamHack Open 2020 Anaheim

FURIA vs Endpoint

When it comes to betting on this event, I believe that you will have a hard time finding a safer pick. To cut things short, I do not see any possible way for FURIA to lose this match.

However, esports betting sites are smart and the odds on the Brazilian CSGO roster to win this match are not holding a lot of value.

Why do I favor FURIA so much? First and foremost, they are much better individually. You can’t compare robiin and CRUC1AL with the likes of HEN1 and KSCERATO.

On top of that, FURIA is playing a structured game of Counter-Strike while Endpoint is based on the run and gun playstyle. As mentioned above, I simply do not see a way for FURIA to lose this match, but the odds reflect that.

At the time of writing, Bet365 is offering the highest odds for this match, so make sure you grab the biggest possible margin for yourself.

Prediction: FURIA to win
Odds: 1.25
Betting Site: Bet365 Esports

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MiBR vs Complexity

Another solid DreamHack Open Anaheim betting tip. In their last couple of matches, Complexity looked really good. They were even able to beat Astralis and not a lot of teams can do that.

However, individually, Complexity stomped Astralis and this is the only reason why there were able to crush them so hard. On the other hand, MiBR is not that good and they could definitely lose this match.

I believe that there is value in this match, especially at the odds provided by GG.bet. It is also important to mention that these two teams competed 2 weeks ago and MiBR got the better of Complexity on Mirage and Inferno.

Even though MiBR lost the best CSGO player in coldzera, they did well for themselves by adding meyern to their roster. All in all, this should at least be a 50-50 match, but the odds do not reflect that hence why it holds value.

Prediction: MiBR to win
Odds: 2.51
Betting Site: GG.bet

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ENCE vs Gen.G

Truth be told, ENCE is looking really bad. Out of their last 3 best of 3 series, they were not able to win a single map. On the other hand, Gen.G is slowly but surely marching through the North American CSGO scene.

From my perspective, this will be a huge chance for BnTeT and his squad to put themselves on the global board and possibly earn themselves a couple of invites.

To summarize. ENCE is bad, and I mean really bad. Guess what, they’re favored by all betting sites out there. This is mind-blowing if you ask me. On the other hand, Gen.G bested everyone on the regional circuit and their playstyle is more than decent.

In my personal opinion, Gen.G will not lose this match hence why my DreamHack Open Anaheim betting tip for this one is a clear victory for the North American based CSGO squad.

Prediction: Gen.G to win
Odds: 2.10
Betting Site: Betway Esports

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