DreamHack Open Montreal 2018 Betting Tips

Posted on August 21, 2018 - Last Updated on August 28, 2020

The next big DreamHack tournament is just around the corner. The event will have plenty of great match ups and just as many great betting opportunities. In this article, we’ll be sharing our own DreamHack Open Montreal 2018 betting tips, event schedule, and participating team list.

With DreamHack Open Montreal being a smaller event than the upcoming DreamHack Masters tournament, the participating teams are those that don’t often get as much time in the spotlight. Because of this, there are some cautions you’ll need to make when betting. We’ll explain more on that later.

First, let’s take a look at the event schedule.

If you’re interested in watching the DreamHack Open Montreal tournament live, you can tune into the stream on Twitch from September 7 onward.

Take a look at the full tournament schedule for the tournament below.

DreamHack Open Montreal 2018 Will Take Place From September 7 To September 9:

  • The event will start with a group stage.
  • The group stage will have two groups.
  • Double elimination format will be used.
  • Opening and winner group stage matches are best of one.
  • Elimination and decider matches are best of three.
  • Two teams from each group will proceed to playoffs

This has been the typical group stage format in CS:GO, so there will be no surprises here.

Up next is the playoffs stage: 

  • Playoffs start with semi-finals.
  • All playoff matches will be best of three.

Below is a list of the teams attending DreamHack Open Montreal 2018:

  • AGO
  • ENCE
  • Heroic
  • Red Reserve
  • eUnited
  • The Imperial
  • Kinguin
  • Luminosity

Top Betting Tips For DreamHack Open Montreal 2018


If you want some advice before you place your first bet, make sure to read through the details below carefully. All of these teams are tier 2. In comparison to tier 1 teams like Astralis and NaVi, these teams are more unpredictable.

On their good days, these teams can rub shoulders with the best, but on their bad days, they’ll struggle to pull out a single win. This remains true for all teams in this tournament. This means that making a bet on any of these teams will be a risky affair.

With that in mind, we’ve published the team rankings for each of these teams below. This ranking system has been calculated based on all eight team’s prior performances in recent weeks. Our suggested strategy would be to watch the best of one opening matches and find which team looks the strongest on the day. Ideally, you should pick one of the higher ranking teams.

Once you’ve picked a team that looks strong, make bets on them when they go up against teams that are lower in the ranking. Only make bets on best of three matches.

Here is the team ranking list for DreamHack Open Montreal 2018:

  • ENCE – rank 1
  • AGO – rank 2
  • Red Reserve – rank 3
  • Heroic – rank 4
  • Imperial – rank 5
  • Luminosity – rank 6
  • eUnited – rank 7
  • Kinguin – rank 8

This ranking system doesn’t suggest that ENCE will be the most likely to win the event. Instead, it’s a system that suggests a higher rank team, like ENCE, is most likely to win a best of three match up against a team that ranks lower, such as Imperial.

However, there’s one important thing to take into consideration before making a bet. You should monitor the first opening matches carefully. This will give some crucial information on the teams and their confidence going into the event. If a team performs badly in their opening match, do not bet on them throughout the event.

A hypothetical example would be if ENCE goes up against eUnited and loses 16-4. In this case, ENCE should be disregarded as a potential team to bet on.

Hopefully this guide has armed you with the information you need to make some smart bets once the tournament goes live.

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