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Posted on June 15, 2018 - Last Updated on August 27, 2020

In this article, we share our DreamHack Open Summer 2018 predictions and give some insight into which teams we think are most likely to come out on top. We have also provided information on when the DreamHack Open Summer tournament will begin, where you can watch it, and which teams will be turning up.

DreamHack Open Summer Predictions 2018 – Everything To Know

It has been confirmed that the DreamHack Open Summer 2018 finals will take place between June 16 and June 18. Watch the DreamHack Open Summer Streaming live at the bottom of this page or also on Twitch.

A total of 8 teams will participate in the DreamHack Summer 2018 CSGO tournament live in Jönköping, Sweden. There is a total of $100,000 on the line, so whilst it’s not the biggest event in CS:GO history, there’s enough to encourage the teams to try their best.

$50,000 will go to first place, whilst second place will get $20,000, 3rd and 4th will get $10,000 each, 5th and 6th $3,000 each and 7th-8th $2,000 each. The eight teams have already been sorted into two groups for the DreamHack Summer 2018 CSGO group stages that’ll start on June 16. Here is a look at the eight teams and their groups.

Group A

  • AGO
  • Imperial
  • North
  • Red Reserve (ex GODSENT)

Group B

  • CompLexity
  • Gambit
  • OpTic
  • Renegades

The Group Format will be as follows:

  • Two best of one opening matches.
  • One winner’s match from the winners of the first two games. (winner proceeds to playoffs)
  • One best of three elimination match from the losers of the first two games.
  • One best of three decider match of the elimination winner and winner’s match loser. (winner proceeds to playoffs)
  • In total, two teams from each group will proceed to the playoffs)

DreamHack Open Summer Predictions 2018 – Group A

For Group A during DreamHack Open Summer 2018, we have AGO, Imperial, North, and the ex-GODSENT roster which has just been picked up by a new organization called Red Reserve. This group is packed with European talent and it’ll be very interesting to see how the group A matches play out.

dreamhack open summer 2018

The first match will start with North versus Imperial. As a higher tier team that performed well in past events such as DreamHack Tours 2018, North was invited to the event. Imperial, on the other hand, had to fight their way to the event via the DreamHack Open Summer qualifier. North has far more experience on their hands so it should be quite an easy win for North here.

Next, AGO, another participating team during the recent DreamHack Tours tournament, will go up against Red Reserve (the ex-GODSENT team). AGO has had back and forth battles in the past with GODSENT, so it’ll be hard to predict the outcome of this one. Especially considering the match will be best of one. Either way, the winning team will face up against North again and we think it’ll be here where North takes their spot in the playoffs with an easy best of three win.

However the next matches play out, it makes the most sense that Red Reserve and AGO will end up in the decider match. It’ll be here where Red Reserve will have the advantage over AGO. In the past, they have almost always managed to pull ahead in best of three scenarios.

Group A DreamHack Open Summer Predictions 2018 Summary:

Red Reserve and North to proceed to the DreamHack Summer 2018 CSGO playoffs. Imperial will struggle to get a single win. AGO may get a best of one win against Red Reserve in the beginning, but it won’t matter in the end.

DreamHack Open Summer Predictions 2018 – Group B

For group B during DreamHack Open Summer 2018, we have Renegades, Gambit, OpTic, and compLexity Gaming. Here’s how the opening matches will play out on June 16:

  • Renegades vs compLexity
  • Gambit vs OpTic

After coming from the NA DreamHack Open Summer qualifier, compLexity has worked hard to get to what is essentially an international event for them. Going up against Renegades won’t be such an easy task, especially considering RNG has far more experience going overseas to compete.

To back this up, Renegades has absolutely dominated compLexity in the past and we’re sure they’ll do it again here. Gambit vs OpTic will be a different story. It should be noted first that Seized has left Gambit and they now have Mir on trial. Gambit’s coach, Andi, has also left. OpTic hasn’t had the best of results recently, but they have had lots of experience going up against the very best teams, so defeating a fairly shaky Gambit lineup should be easy for them.

After the events described above, OpTic and Renegades will end up in the winner’s match. For whatever reason, OpTic just hasn’t quite been up to scratch when they need to, whilst Renegades has annihilated OpTic every chance they’ve had over the past few months. This would be an easy one for Renegades, which would send them straight to the DreamHack Open CSGO playoffs.

The next match will be the Group B loser’s match. If our predictions are right, this will be compLexity versus Gambit. Neither team has had much of a chance to fight it out against each other before, so this will be a guessing game. Whoever wins the Gambit/CompLexity match will have one last chance to make it to the playoffs in the decider match against what we assume will be OpTic.

Even though OpTic hasn’t quite got what it takes to compete against the top tier teams right now, they should still find it fairly easy to defeat CompLexity or Gambit considering Gambit has had a recent roster change.

Group B DreamHack Open Summer Predictions 2018 Summary:

Renegades will look strong throughout, powering into the playoffs. Meanwhile, OpTic will come across some struggles, but they’ll make it through after coming up against either Gambit or CompLexity in the final match of Group B.

DreamHack Open Summer Predictions 2018 – The Playoffs

On June 18, the playoffs will begin. Four teams will remain and the action will kick off with the semifinals first.

The semifinals will have two matches, which will most likely be the following:

  • Renegades vs Red Reserve
  • North vs OpTic

dreamhack open north vs optic

Surprisingly, Renegades and Red Reserve (GODSENT) have had very little experience fighting against each other. They are also similarly ranked in the world rankings. It’d be too hard to predict how this game will pan out.

North versus OpTic, however, will be a different story. It’ll be a Dutch versus Dutch matchup, and whilst this particular organisation/lineup battle has never happened, we think that North will have a stronger shot at taking the win.

North’s roster has been built up of more formidable players and history has shown that they even have what it takes to play alongside the current top Dutch team and number one team in the world, Astralis.

This will leave us with a DreamHack Open CSGO grand final with North against either Renegades or Red Reserve. We think it should be a fairly swift opportunity for North to walk away with the win here. Renegades are performing well recently, but north is still the better team.

Overall DreamHack Open Summer 2018 Playoff predictions:

Expect North to power past OpTic and then maintain their strength by taking the grand final win. On the other side, it’s too hard to predict whether Renegades or Red Reserve will come out on top in their game, but either team won’t stand much of a chance to defeat North in the finals.

Where To Watch DreamHack Open Summer 2018

Hopefully, our predictions have helped. If you’d like to tune in this weekend, make sure to visit the official DreamHack CS stream on Twitch or just the DreamHack Open Summer 2018 Streaming channel.

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