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Posted on May 14, 2019 - Last Updated on January 26, 2021

After BLAST Pro Series Madrid 2019, the scene is set for DreamHack Open 2019. This year’s of DreamHack Open Tours brought together a couple of solid teams who will fight for their share of $100,000. In this article, we will present you with our opinion about every opening match of the DreamHack Open 2019, which will be held this Friday, 17th May.

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Mousesports vs Instinct Gaming

Mousesports probably has the easiest job out of every other team on DreamHack Open Tours. Instinct or so-called chebran battled it out in the DreamHack Open Tours Qualifier 2019. From my perspective, I am not expecting a lot from this French CS:GO team and I believe that they will be stomped by mousesports.

Even though odds on mousesports to defeat Instinct are not so high, I reckon that mousesports will win this match with a round handicap. Despite this being a best-of-1 match, I simply do not see a map where Instinct can be competitive.

Betting Prediction: Round Handicap, Mousesports(-6.5)

Odds: 1.73

Bookmaker: GG.bet

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G2 Esports vs French Frogs

To be honest, I do not know how did French Frogs roster deserve their invite for DreamHack Open. Truth be told, this is a French CS:GO team being invited to French tournament, nothing wrong there from what I’m concerned.

The only thing that worries me is that there are definitely better and more competitive teams than French Frogs on the French CS:GO scene. To be frank, I am not rating G2 high at all in this event, but still, this should be an easy match for them.

From my perspective, French Frogz is a roster filled with washed up veterans who are simply unable to find a quality team for themselves, which basically means that they are not playing on a high level.

When it comes to map pool, G2 definitely has an advantage. The only CSGO maps where French Frogz can somehow make it competitive are Inferno and Mirage, which are solid maps for G2. All in all, I have another round handicap in my books again, as G2 should have it easy against French Frogz

Betting Prediction: Round Handicap, G2 Esports(-4.5)

Odds: 1.63

Bookmaker: GG.bet

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Windigo vs Valiance

In my opinion, this opening match of DreamHack Open 2019 is going to be a beauty. I will be straightforward, I am clueless about the winner of this one, but I believe that this match should definitely be a nail-biter.

Every time these two teams competed against each other, we have either seen a decider or overtime. However, Valiance is getting better of Windigo in their last couple of matches, so keep that in mind.

When it comes to form, both of these teams are playing on a high level. However, Valiance was invited to DreamHack Open Tours, while Windigo had to qualify via DreamHack Open Tours Qualifier 2019.

These two teams share similar map pools. Despite that, Windigo is definitely more favored on Overpass, while Nuke is a go-to map for Valiance. I would also give an edge to Valiance on both Train and Dust 2, while Windigo looked good on both Inferno and Mirage.

You can probably see where I am going with this one. I am expecting both teams to step up massively and try to grab that victory that will put them in a commanding spot in their very tough group.

Betting Prediction: Total Rounds(Including Overtime), 25.5

Odds: 1.63

Bookmaker: GG.bet

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AVANGAR vs Ghost

Our last CSGO betting prediction for the opening matches here on DreamHack Open 2019 will revolve around AVANGAR. Even though Ghost had its moments in late 2018, they fell off ever since they brought in freakazoid.

On the other hand, AVANGAR is looking very good and they are coming off from a very successful tournament, DreamHack Open Rio. Jame and co. were able to lift the trophy in this DreamHack tournament and they are looking solid ever since they brought in SANJI.

I believe that this match should be very easy for AVANGAR as Ghost is simply unable to compete against teams that are capable of executing certain takes. However, Ghost can definitely make it competitive if WARDELL shows up, and this is a huge but if you ask me.

Since this is a best-of-1 match, both of these teams should get a decent map in the pool for themselves. Ghost is definitely strong on Nuke, but AVANGAR does not play Nuke. On the other hand, AVANGAR is strong on Mirage, but Ghost does not play this map. Ghost could cause some problems on Overpass or Train, while AVANGAR has the upper hand on Inferno and Dust 2.

All in all, I believe that AVANGAR is simply a better team in this one. They have struck gold with SANJI and he is definitely the missing part in this CS:GO roster. This should be a very easy match for AVANGAR, especially if they can get either Inferno or Dust 2 into the pool.

Betting Prediction: AVANGAR To Win

Odds: 1.28

Bookmaker: Betway

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