ESL ANZ Championship Season 7 Predictions

Posted on July 29, 2018 - Last Updated on August 24, 2020

In this article, we share our ESL ANZ Championship season 7 predictions and betting tips. As this is a qualifier for the ESL Season 7 LAN, the lineup is mostly made up of lower-tier teams.

This will make predicting many of the matches difficult. Thankfully, there are a number of teams attending the ESL ANZ Season 7 qualifiers that have proven time and time again that they’re amongst the top teams in the Australian and New Zealand Counter-Strike scene.

Learn more about which teams are going to come out on top, where you can bet, and what the event schedule for ESL ANZ Championship season 7 looks like below.

Once the ESL ANZ Championship Season 7 tournament goes live, you’ll be able to watch it on Twitch.

Before we get into the ESL ANZ Championship season 7 predictions, let’s take a look at the event schedule and team lineup.

Games will play out from August 1 to September 20.

  • Tournament starts with a group stage
  • Two round robin format (no eliminations) groups with 4 teams each.
  • All matches will be best of one.
  • The two top performing teams from each group will proceed to the playoffs.
  • Playoffs will be best of three and will start with Semi finals.

Next up, let’s take a look at the teams participating in season 7 of the ESL ANZ Championship.

  • Grayhound
  • Tainted Minds
  • Corvidae
  • Chiefs
  • Conspiracy
  • Legacy
  • Ground Zero
  • Rise and Grind
  • SYF
  • Surge
  • Dynasty
  • Finese
  • Taboo
  • anime savants

Betting Tips for ESL ANZ Championship Season 7


Season 7 of the ESL ANZ Championship is packed with lower-tier CS:GO teams, which means there will be less betting potential in this game. Betting on the lower tier teams is not advised because their past performances are hard to track and there is little data to use to know how well they will perform against each other.

We can, however, look at the top tier teams that have been the most successful in the Australian and New Zealand CS:GO scene so far.

The teams that you should look out for in this event are Grayhound, Tainted Minds, and ORDER.

Grayhound are currently the top-performing team in this event and we believe they’ll have what it takes to win the majority of their games. Grayhound are the favorites to win.

Up next is Tainted Minds. This is another talented team that should have no issue with pulling out wins against any other team besides Grayhound and ORDER.

Finally, ORDER is another team that has performed well over the past year. We should see good results from them against all of the lower-tier teams.

When it comes to these teams fighting against each other, we expect Grayhound and Tainted Minds to win against ORDER, but a matchup between the two prior mentioned teams will be a close call.

Here’s a summary of the bets we suggest making.

  • Bet on Grayhound against all other teams, except for best of ones against Tainted Mind/ORDER.
  • Bet on Tainted Mind and ORDER against all other teams, except best of ones.
  • Bet on Tainted Mind/Grayhound if they come up against ORDER.
  • If Tainted Mind go up against Grayhound, the favorite to win is Grayhound but it will be a risky bet.

Hopefully, these betting tips for season 7 of the ESL ANZ Championship will be useful.

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