ESL One: New York 2019 – The safest predictions of Group A and Group B

Posted on September 25, 2019 - Last Updated on January 26, 2021

The stage is set for ESL One New York 2019 and all of the best CSGO teams will attend this event. In this preview, you can find all there is about this tournament including our ESL One New York predictions, so do not miss out.

ESL One: New York 2019 Overview

A total of 8 teams will battle it out for their chance to lift the trophy in the Barclays Arena in New York. Alongside ESL One trophy, teams will also battle it out for their share of $200,000 prize pool.

There are two stages to ESL One New York , the group stage and the playoffs. 8 teams will be split into two double-elimination GSL groups. It is also important to mention that both groups are seeded by using the ESL CS:GO World Rankings.

The group stage will commence on September 26th, while the final match in the group stage will take place on September 27th. After the group stage, 4 teams will have a small break as the playoffs will start on September 28th while the grand final match will be played on September 29th.

On top of that, there are no best of 1 matches here as all of the matches played in the group stage will be played in the best of 3 format. Furthermore, only the best two teams from each group will advance through to the playoffs.

As for the playoffs. You already know that 4 teams will advance through. This basically means that we will see semifinals straight away. A single-elimination bracket has been put in place. All of the matches, except the grand final will be played in the best of 3 series, while the final match will be played in the best of 5 format.

ESL One New York 2019 Predictions

Since all of the matches have already been announced, we will present you with the safest ESL One: New York 2019 predictions.

Liquid – eUnited

There is not much to say about this match. Liquid are still ranked as the best CSGO team in the world, while eUnited is definitely the worst team here in New York.

Path to victory is straightforward for Liquid. They are better in every aspect of the game. Better individual skill, strategy and team cohesion are just some things were Liquid are on a level above eUnited.

However, this is represented in the odds betting sites provided us with. At the time of writing, the highest CSGO odds on Liquid are around 1.20. Even though there is not a lot of value in these odds, I simply cannot find a way for Liquid to lose this match.

As for the alternative bet in this one. You can also go for a round handicap bet as Liquid should win this match with ease. I would be surprised if eUnited puts more then 7-8 rounds on the board.

Prediction: Liquid to Win
Odds: 1.15
Betting Site: (Read our Review)



To be honest, this will be a hard match to predict. Both G2 and ENCE are coming off from roster changes. However, I simply have to favor ENCE in this one and here is why.

Even though both teams shuffled their roster, I believe that ENCE did a much better job. They have signed sunny over a month ago, while G2 still do not have a permanent fifth player. At the time of writing, kioShiMa will stand in for G2 here on ESL One New York 2019.

Furthermore, I do not believe that this match will be based on strategy. Both teams are rebuilding and they are lacking proper in-game leaders. If we compare the individual skill of these two teams, I simply have to side with ENCE.

To summarize this ESL One New York prediction, ENCE should prevail mainly because of the individual skill they have. Keep in mind that this is not a max bet and please do not put a lot of money into this prediction.

Prediction: ENCE to Win
Odds: 1.65
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Astralis – OpTic

Another huge mismatch here in the US. Astralis are coming off from a very successful tournament for them. They have lifted another Major trophy and it seems like they want to claim that #1 spot once again.

On the other hand, OpTic is filled with individual skill, but they have literally 0 teamplay. All in all, OpTic are an awful team and most of their plays are based on individual skill. Guess what, this is where Astralis thrive as they can trade each and every kill.

At the time of writing, odds on Astralis to win this match are awful. Even though I do not think that OpTic can win this match, there is simply no value if we bet on Astralis to win this match.

Mighty Danes are better everywhere once compared to OpTic hence why I would recommend a decent round handicap victory in favor of Astralis.

Prediction: Round Handicap, Astralis(-4.5)
Odds: 1.52
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FaZe – NRG

On to the safest ESL One New York 2019 prediction. FaZe are nowhere to be found right now. They did not look that good on StarLadder Berlin and I simply cannot rate them high in this tournament.

On the other hand, NRG accomplished a lot of good things on StarLadder Major, but eventually, they fell short to Astralis. No shame in that if you ask me. I believe that NRG are a much better side once compared to FaZe and to be honest, I would not be surprised if NRG crushed FaZe here in the US.

In my personal opinion, NRG are better in every aspect of the game and since this is the best of 3 match, I give FaZe even smaller chance of pulling off an upset in this match.

Let’s not forget the fact that NEO is no longer part of FaZe roster. Alongside a Polish veteran, Guardian is also on the verge of leaving the squad. There are a lot of question marks above FaZe right now and hopefully, NRG will capitalize on this.

Prediction: NRG to Win
Odds: 1.45
Betting Site: ArcaneBet (Read our ArcaneBet Review)


Who is Going to Win ESL One New York 2019? Outright Tournament Winner Prediction

If we take a closer look at the odds, there are only two favorites in this event, Liquid and Astralis. However, it seems like Liquid era is over as they were quite bad on StarLadder Berlin.

On the other hand, Astralis is raising the bar once again and they are looking very solid. Danish CSGO roster had no competition on StarLadder Berlin Major as they lifted their 4th Major title.

At the moment, odds on Astralis to win ESL One New York are around 2.35, and I believe that this is an excellent bet. They have beaten Liquid not so long ago and other teams on this event are simply not that good to defeat Astralis in the best of 3 format.

Prediction: Astralis to Win ESL One New York 2019
Odds: 2.35
Betting Sites:

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