ex-Space Soldiers vs North match predictions – IEM Katowice Minor 2019

Posted on January 17, 2019 - Last Updated on August 24, 2020

The second day of Europe Minor is upon us. To be honest, the first day was ideal for betting, as most of the favourites won their match in an easy fashion. However, we have also seen some surprises, as Valiance got the better of mousesports in the opening match.

This is our next prediction for the European Minor, so stay tuned.

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ex-Space Soldiers vs. North match analysis

Both of these teams are coming out of severe defeats. Turkish line-up lost 16-6 against ENCE, while Windigo dominated North with the same scoreline. Neither of these teams showed anything in their opening matches, but to be honest, no one is expecting much from ex-Space Soldiers, especially now that they are playing without the best Turkish player, İsmailcan “XANTARES” Dörtkardeş. On the other hand, North will want to make amends in this one, since they don’t want to be eliminated from Minor so early on.

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When it comes to Esports betting, form is a crucial variable for your analysis. Neither of these two teams is in spectacular shape. However, the level of competition that these two teams had to face, is not really comparable.

ex-Space Soldiers lost to North, Windigo, and ENCE. On the other hand, they defeated x-kom and Kinguin. As you probably know, Kinguin is on the verge of disbanding, so you cannot really count on them to test ex-Space Soldiers.

North however lost against Sharks and NRG, after which they took a break. The Danes needed to recharge their batteries, and it proved to be a good move. They won two best-of-3 series in a row, against ex-Space Soldiers and Sprout. However, as we’ve mentioned above, they lost their opening match against Windigo, and they owe a lot to their fans after yesterday’s performance.

Map Pool

These two teams have barely any similarities in their map pools. ex-Space Soldiers always permaban Nuke, and this will not change in this match. On the other hand, North does not have any map they do not play, but I believe they will once again permaban Cache against ex-Space Soldiers.

On to the preferred maps, North is really strong on Inferno, Nuke and Mirage. Their opponents are comfortable on Cache, Dust 2 and Train. Both of these teams are average on Dust 2, and we could probably see this map as a decider between them.

Furthermore, Turks may found themselves in a whole world of trouble, since they do not play Overpass nor Nuke. Basically, this is a “pick your poison” situation for them. The same thing happened the last time these two teams plays against each other, and I can see the same thing happening again.


  • ex-Space Soldiers remove Nuke
  • North remove Cache
  • ex-Space Soldiers pick Train
  • North pick Overpass
  • ex-Space Soldiers remove Mirage
  • North remove Inferno
  • Dust 2 left as a decider.


These two teams played against each on 11 maps. North got the better of ex-Space Soldiers on 5 maps, while Turks won 6 maps. However, the past is not really something we should look for since ex-Space Soldiers lost their best player not so long ago.

On the other hand, North won last 4 bouts against ex-Space Soldiers, on 4 different maps. 3 out of 4 victories left ex-Space Soldiers in single digits, and that says a lot.


On paper, North has a much stronger line-up. They have better individuals, their strategy is much better once compared to ex-Space Soldiers. Furthermore, they definitely have an advantage when it comes to map veto and I feel like they will once again start this match knowing that they are already 1-0 up.

To conclude, better individuals, stronger map pool, and a chance to make amends is going to prevail in this one. I think North will come out guns blazing in this one, and they will secure a 2-0 victory in no time.

Betting prediction: Correct score – North 2:0
Odds: 1.55
Bookmakers: Betway


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