FACEIT Major New Legends Stage Betting Tips

Posted on September 10, 2018 - Last Updated on August 27, 2020

If you’re looking for the best FACEIT Major New Legends stage betting tips, take a careful read through the predictions we have provided below. We will be taking a look at each of the match ups and offering our tips on who you should bet on.

Keep in mind that because this is a group stage, the match ups will depend on which team comes out on top first. As a result, we’ll be focusing on the initial match ups in this guide. That is still a total of eight betting opportunities to take advantage of.

If you’d like to watch the matches live, you can tune in to the stream provided on Twitch.

Here is an overview of the initial match schedule for round 1 of the FACET Major New Legends Stage.

The times below are in BST on September 12.

  • G2 Esports vs HellRaisers – 10AM
  • Winstrike vs Liquid – 11:30AM
  • FaZe vs BIG –  1PM
  • Fnatic vs comPlexity –  2:30PM
  • MIBR vs TyLoo – 4PM
  • mousesports vs NiP – 5:30PM
  • NaVi vs Astralis – 7:00PM
  • Cloud9 vs Vega –  8:30PM

Now that we have taken a look at the schedule, it’s time to share our match by match predictions for each of the upcoming FACEIT Major New Legends stage matches on September 12.

FACEIT Major Legends Betting Overview

FACEIT Major New Challengers Stage Betting Tips NIP

You may notice that we have picked out a lot of small bets on the underdog here. We believe that with the best of one format and the neck and neck nature for most of these teams, making multiple low risk underdog bets will be your best option here. In most cases, it’d be unwise to bet on the favorite in the FACEIT Major. At least not until we get to the best of threes. Here’s our full analysis of each match.

G2 Esports Vs HellRaisers Prediction

G2 hasn’t exactly had the most positive results recently, but they are still a tier 1 team. HellRaisers are in a similar form to G2 right now, although their recent performance has been far better. This is a neck and neck game, but the favorite is HellRaisers.

We’d suggest a very small bet on G2 due to the way the odds are stacked up.

Winstrike Vs Liquid Prediction

Liquid are on fire right now and Winstrike are way over their heads. There is very little chance Liquid will lose this match. We won’t suggest a high bet because this is still a best of one and the Winstrike guys might pull something ridiculous out of their collective sleeves.

This should be a fairly easy medium bet on Liquid.

FaZe Vs BIG Prediction

It’s a best of 1 and FaZe are in a bit of a weird position right now. Everybody is picking FaZe as the favorite, but BIG could easily pull this away from them.

BIG has already fought hard in the tournament and shown their potential, so we are suggesting a small bet on BIG. A bet otherwise would just be too risky considering FaZe’s recent performance and the best of one scenario, despite FaZe being the more experienced team.

Bet small on Big.

Fnatic vs ComPlexity Prediction

CompLexity went 3-1 in the new Challengers stage, only losing out to Astralis.

Fnatic is of course the greater team here, but their recent performance at events like DreamHack Masters Stockholm and the ELEAGUE CS:GO Premier hasn’t exactly given us confidence.

We’d suggest another small bet on CompLexity.

MIBR vs TyLoo Prediction

We’re awfully scared of this match up because for a long time, MIBR has been in a slump. Their recent ZOTAC Cup Masters win and a strong showing in DreamHack Masters Stockholm would suggest MIBR are back to the top of their game, but there’s still doubt in the back of our minds.

On the other side of the fence, TyLoo has been a dominant force in recent months. TyLoo are the kind of team that’ll cling on for dear life no matter who their adversary is.

We’d suggest avoiding this bet, but enjoy watching it because it’ll be a close one.

mousesports vs NiP Prediction

We’ve carefully watched the current NiP roster as they made their way through an emotional journey to get to where they are today.

mousesports may be more calm and composed after already securing their spot in the Legends stage thanks to their appearance in the ELEAGUE Major, but which demeanour will be triumphant?

We’re not sure, but we know past match ups have always been neck and neck.

We’d like to suggest a very small bet on NiP considering they had such a strong showing in the Legends stage, going 3-0 and being the only team to take a win from Astralis.

Suggested: A small bet on NiP.

NaVi vs Astralis Prediction

Considering this is a best of one, we’re shocked at how the odds favor Astralis. Yes, Astralis are the favorite here, but they aren’t guaranteed a win, especially not in a best of one.

We saw how Astralis can still struggle against other tier 1 teams with the recent lost to NiP, so we’d suggest a very small bet on NaVi here simply due to how the odds are weighted against Navi so much.

Suggested: A small bet on NaVi.

Cloud9 vs Vega Prediction

Out of nowhere, Vega Squadron has become a team you don’t want to underestimate. They pulled out a disgusting 2-0 win against North, went to Overtime vs compLexity, Liquid, and BIG, and even beat the latter team, and somehow landed in the new Legends stage.

Cloud9 may have got to this Legends Stage by winning the last Major, but this is a drastically different Cloud9 roster. We’d suggest a small bet on Vega.

Suggested: A small bet on Vega.


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