FACEIT Major New Challengers Stage Betting Tips

Posted on July 25, 2018 - Last Updated on August 27, 2020

If you’re interested in making bets on the upcoming major, make sure to take a read through our FACEIT Major New Challengers Stage betting tips.

We’ll be taking a look at the participating teams, the best opportunities available for making smart bets. Before we get into that, though, we shall be sharing some information on the tournament schedule.

For those unaware, the New Challengers Stage is an opportunity for the FACEIT Minor winners to battle it out against last Major’s Challenger teams. 16 teams will enter, but only 8 teams will proceed to the next stage.

Once the FACEIT Major New Challengers Stage goes live, you’ll be able to watch it on Twitch.

So far, the tournament format has not been unveiled, but we do know that the event will take place live in London from September 5 to September 9.

It’s likely that the FACEIT Major New Challengers Stage will use the same system that we saw during the ELEAGUE Boston Major earlier in 2018. Instead of using a separate group stage and playoffs stage, the previous major used the Swiss System format for one single stage.

With this, all teams play up to five games. Those who win three games go through to the next stage, whilst those that lose 3 will be dropped. In some cases, decider matches will run to determine the 8th spot.

If this system is used for the FACEIT Major New Challengers Stage, it won’t be possible to make specific match predictions. This is because the teams that each team will go up against will depend on the wins and losses as the event progresses.

We can instead make predictions on which teams are most likely to score the highest number of wins. If you bet on every game these teams play during the event, you’ll most likely come out on top.

Scroll below to look at the best teams to bet on during the FACEIT Major New Challengers Stage.

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FACEIT Major New Challenger Stage Betting Tips

For this event, we’ve picked out the three teams we think are most likely to score 3 match wins with zero losses.

If you bet on these teams, it’s highly likely that you will win all three bets for each team, or you’ll lose one bet but will win the other three.

If you’d like to make the safest bets, choose Astralis.

#1 – Astralis

FACEIT Major New Challengers Stage Betting Tips astralis

In the last Major, Astralis played with Device, which meant that they could not perform to their highest potential.

This is good news for us, though, because it means that now Astralis are all back together and are currently the top team in the world, they’ll have an easy time in the New Challenger Stage.

We’d be very surprised if Astralis don’t go 3-0 here.

#2 – NIP

FACEIT Major New Challengers Stage Betting Tips NIP

NIP has been fired up with new energy recently. Their current lineup is playing very well and we think they have the potential to make it amongst the top 5 teams in 2019.

They’re still some way away from that dream, but for now they don’t need to worry.

There are few teams in the New Challenger Stage that will be much of a matchup against NIP, so a 3-1 or at the very worst a 3-2 score for NIP makes sense here.

#3 – BIG

FACEIT Major New Challengers Stage Betting Tips BIG

This third spot is a difficult one, but we opted to pick BIG. There are a few teams that sit alongside BIG in terms of skill. Examples include OpTic, North, Liquid, and TyLoo. All of these teams are ranked similarly, but out of all of them, BIG has performed the best most recently.

We think that BIG should easily get a 3-2 or 3-1 score. We think that odds for BIG will be better than most other teams mentioned above, which means a better outcome if they do lose matches that you’ve bet on.

Hopefully, BIG will get an easy first match. In that case, you can bet more on that and then bet more conservatively for the rest of BIG’s matches.

Thanks for reading right until the end! Good luck to those that plan to make bets on the FACEIT Major New Challengers stage!


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