FaZe vs NiP – Match Analysis for BLAST Pro Series São Paulo 2019

Posted on March 20, 2019 - Last Updated on August 27, 2020

BLAST Pro Series is just around the corner. All 5 rounds have already been drawn, and we are looking forward to this tournament, mainly because of the competition. For our first betting prediction, we decided to breakdown a match between FaZe and NiP that is going to be played in the first round of BLAST Pro Series São Paulo 2019.

Just like we mentioned in our betting preview, Betway is definitely offering the highest betting odds for this tournament. However, for this match in particular, Betway and GGbet offer quite similar odds.

FaZe vs NiP


Both of these teams were not so active as of late. Even though they both are coming off from IEM Katowice 2019 Major, NiP played 3 games, while FaZe played only 2. This is how they did in their last 5 games.

  • FaZe

All 5 of FaZe’s games were best-of-3 series. As mentioned above, some of their games were played on the Major. Firstly, FaZe was able to edge out compLexity in a close best-of-3 series. Even though FaZe was down one map, they showed great spirit and won both Mirage and Dust 2.

After their comeback win against compLexity, FaZe caught fire. They stomped Cloud9 over the course of two maps. They simply left Cloud9 without any fighting chance, especially on Dust 2. This time around, FaZe was successful on Cache. However, it was closer than expected, especially after being up 12-3 on halftime.

FaZe was able to successfully qualify for The New Champions Stage, but they were eliminated in their first match. After being matched against Natus Vincere, NiKo and co. knew that they had barely any chance. Even though FaZe came close on Inferno, they only won 3 rounds on their CT-side, which was nowhere near enough. Mirage was very easy for Natus Vincere, as FaZe did not show up at all on this map.

In the ECS Season 7 Europe Week 1, FaZe was drawn against Virtus.pro. NiKo was a beast throughout three maps, and it is sad to see that FaZe had to edge out Virtus.pro, especially after NiKo dropped 74 frags over the course of this series. FaZe was successful on both Cache and Inferno, but they suffered a heavy defeat on Train.

Lastly, in the semi-finals of ECS Season 7 Europe, Week 1, FaZe was matched up against NiP. After stomping NiP on Inferno, we all thought that this game was going to be over quite fast, but Swedes proved us wrong. Once again FaZe was defeated on Train. After they were edged out in the overtime, FaZe had nothing left in the gas tank, and they were only able to win five rounds on Overpass.


  • NiP

Just like FaZe, NiP was not so active lately, but they have a couple of good wins up their sleeve. Firstly, they were able to defeat Vitality in a 2-2 bracket of IEM Katowice 2019. NiP was successful on both Cache and Mirage, but they suffered a defeat on Overpass.

Swedes probably knew that they had nothing against Astralis in their Major playoffs match. They were heavily defeated on Mirage as they were only able to put two rounds on the board. However, they made it competitive on Dust 2, but they fell short in the end.

NiP was successful in their ECS Season 7 Europe Week 1 match as well. They were matched against Russian CSGO roster, forZe. Russians were not competitive at all as they swiftly lost Train and Dust 2.

As we mentioned above, FaZe and NiP played against each other on this qualifier and NiP got the better of FaZe on Train and Overpass.

Once again NiP had to play against Astralis. Yet again they had no chance against Danes. This time around, they were defeated on both Train and Inferno. NiP was almost 16-0’ed by Astralis again. They only had one round to their name on Inferno.


These two teams played against each other 29 times. FaZe came out on top 16 times, while NiP was able to defeat FaZe 13 times. We have also seen three ties between these two teams. Two of those ties occurred on BLAST Pro Series Lisbon 2018 and BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen 2018.

These two teams were mostly matched on Inferno and Mirage. They also competed on Train 2 times and 3 times on Overpass.

Map Pool

Given the fact that this is a best-of-1 match, it is going to be hard to predict correct map veto. Let’s start with something we all know, permabans. FaZe does not play Nuke, while NiP hates playing Dust 2. We will definitely see these two maps banned first.

I also reckon that NiP is going to remove Cache, mainly because they are not so good on it, while FaZe looked really solid there. Furthermore, both of these teams are comfortable on Mirage and Overpass. Given the fact that neither of these teams had good results on Inferno and Train, I believe we will see these two maps banned as well.

In the end, we will be left with either Mirage or Overpass.

FaZe vs NiP Summary

FaZe is a team that has enormous aim power on their CSGO roster. On the other hand, NiP is not a stranger to individual skill either, but they are not consistent. Given the fact that these two teams share similar map pools, I believe that this can only benefit FaZe.

Even though they were defeat in their last best-of-3 series, I believe that FaZe is coming to this tournament well prepared. They will be ready for whatever NiP throws their way, and if they are able to outduel NiP in the early stage of the game, FaZe is definitely going to run away with this one. Since the odds are so juicy, this betting prediction has even more value.

Betting prediction: FaZe to win
Odds: 1.75
Bookmaker: Betway
Date: March 22nd, 23:00 CEST

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