FIFA Betting Tips – How to bet on FIFA & where to find the best odds

Even when the franchise has over 20 years on the market, FIFA is one of the most important global phenomena of recent times. FIFA betting tips are everywhere now as the game took fame in the esports scene.

And, let’s be honest, it was expected, the FIFA titles resemble real soccer, but everything is handled within a simulator which has evolved since the good old FIFA 94 was launched. So, betting, esports, soccer, and videogame enthusiasts have meet common ground, which is something relevant to talk about. So, this article will clear out for your how FIFA betting work and what’s in there for you.

Betting tips and predictions for betting on FIFA

The fact is that teams usually have similar characteristics thanks to their players. This is one of the first points that a person should understand when betting on FIFA.

In this regard, all playable characters are known, and despite we can find teams like Real Madrid, Juventus, Barcelona, among others, the person who manages them is the one who will make them count. Put simply, a professional football team in hands of a noob FIFA player will not make you win any bet.

FIFA also has something known as Ultimate Team and it is where players can make their teams. In case you want to bet in this modality, always try to know the teams that the people you are betting on use. Also, the fact of having much to do with the virtual, injuries, penalties, and everything related to soccer, is present, watch out for that.

Know the scene!

Before placing a FIFA 20 Bet you should know the players and teams! Unlike real soccer, each team of 11 characters here is managed by one or few professional FIFA players. So, knowing them, their records, statistics and capacities will enhance your chances of placing the right bet.

Furthermore, even when most FIFA betting sites will give you some odds as guidance, you should always keep an eye on betting blogs or Reddit style pages. Within these sites, you will find tips and more advice to bet like a pro.

FIFA Betting Tips

Why should you try to bet on FIFA?

While the FIFA eWorld cup is not as flashy as the soccer event, the sports simulator has taken a viewership of over 47 million spectators in 2019! Besides, most tournaments have a great viewership and despite not being the favorite among gamers, it calls attention from a lot of traditional sports enthusiasts including artists

On the other hand, FIFA betting tips are clear and easy to follow, knowing soccer rules is basic, but you can get funnier outputs with the simulation’s differences –Such as assembling teams that will never happen in real life.

The difference between FIFA esports & real soccer

One of the main differences we already mentioned. We have that the players can put together their teams and this can give a special touch to the game.

Also, being a soccer simulator, real soccer betting is available. Furthermore, the winning odds are quite striking. It is similar to betting on traditional soccer but in this case instead of depending on 11 people to give their best, you are betting on the performance of one or few pro players.

Apart from this, betting on FIFA will allow you to enjoy continuous matches even when real soccer is in its offseason, which is another difference between these two. Besides, players’ transfers, loans, and all that can be left aside as it is not something very used in the FIFA esports world.

Finally, players within FIFA esports usually perform with a stable quality. This is something that we cannot see in real football for obvious reasons, being perhaps the most marked difference between both.

Best bookmakers for FIFA

When looking for FIFA betting sites, you will probably run into one or two scam sites, so take into consideration this advice before placing your money anywhere:

Good esports betting sites such as Unikrn and GG.Bet are usually specialized, so you will find it easier to place bets and find several betting markets. Nevertheless, traditional bookmakers also have a great deal of esports offers, making options such as Rivalry,, and Bet365 great for betting on FIFA.

Betting markets available at FIFA

As you will find when looking for esports betting tips, FIFA betting markets are pretty similar to the ones of real soccer. Check them out:

  • Winner of the match
  • Winner of the round (Best of 3)
  • More or fewer X goals
  • Which team will score first
  • Which team will keep its goal at 0
  • Number of corners in the match
  • Number of fouls committed
  • Total number of cards in the match

Biggest FIFA esports tournaments

While the world crumbles before the FIFA eWorld cup! There are several other tournaments that are worth mentioning and will run through every year. These are some of the most important of the esports scene:

  • FIFA eWorld Cup.
  • FIFA Global Series
  • FIFA eContinental Cup.
  • FIFA Global Series Ranking.

One thing that is worth noting is that the FIFA prize pool has been quite high for quite some time. One of the biggest prizes in recent years has been $500,000 in the 2019 edition of the eWorld Cup.

The prizes are getting more and more attractive every year and therefore we may see better prize pools in the years to come.

FIFA Betting

Final word on FIFA esports, FIFA betting tips, and the best sites to bet on FIFA

Having weird teams assembled, great visuals, and awesomely realistic mechanics, FIFA esports is taking its place as one of the main titles on the scene. The game is particularly famous in several countries, for example, esports betting in Canada has given the FIFA eWorld Cup a great space.

Moving on, while FIFA betting rules and markets may be similar to football’s, there is more stability and being a videogame gives it new possibilities such as skin betting –in sites for FIFA coin betting and such. Find FIFA best odds in recommended sites, or try your luck online!