Free Fire Betting Tips: Learn to bet on the phone wrecker FPS!

The free Fire esports scene has taken a lot of the market lately, being a huge boom due to its opening in the now growing smartphone esports market. So, here we present you with a know-how guide and Free Fire betting tips to survive the madness of esports betting on this fresh FPS game!

Free Fire Betting Markets

Free fire doesn’t have several betting markets to get involved in, just as major FPS games work your options are limited to kills and wins.

So, as you advance in Free Fire betting you will note that the most popular markets are:

  • Round winner
  • Over/Under Total kills
  • Team Total kills
  • Match winner
  • Tournament results

Best Tournaments

The great idea that Garena has with this project is to create a league but that is only for the largest Free Fire tournament so, the World Series, which has attracted over 5.4 million people simultaneously watching online.

The FFWS 2021 is by now the most supported esports tournament for the mobile platform, and will probably keep growing as the game’s metrics are only going high!

Other great tournaments that stand out are:

  • Free Fire Continental Series.
  • Free Fire League Latin America.
  • Brazilian Free Fire League.
  • Free Fire World Series Singapore.
  • Free Fire Pro League India.
  • Liga das Americas.
  • Super League Grand Slam.
  • Free Fire Invitational All-Stars.
  • XO Girls Invitationals.
  • Streamer Rampage.

Free Fire Betting Tips: Best Teams to follow

To support a team on your esports betting site, you must first know which is a good team, so you will know who to bet on without losing money. Knowing who the best is, you can increase your chances by betting on esports. This is one of the Free Fire betting tips that we can offer you here so that your profit is increasing.

The best Free Fire teams with great esports betting odds are:

·         AZE team

·         Burst The Sky

·         Team Elite

·         HQ Esports

·         First Raiders Bravo.

·         Silence

·         Flux

·         Loud


Free Fire Betting Tips & Tricks

Almost all bets depend on chance and luck, there are ways to place bets in a very intelligent way, based on specific characteristics and selected information.

One of the recommendations is that you keep your eyes open, watching as many professional games as you can, take advantage of your free time to watch live broadcasts.

You should also know the history of the game, knowing the current champions, which have been the best tournaments, what is new. And most importantly, get familiar with the game, know it from head to toe, find out everything about it and enjoy betting on Free Fire, which is the most important thing.

If all that feels like too much; knowing the playability and reviewing the odds given by your esports bookmaker should do the trick.

Where to Bet On Free Fire

One of the best-known sites to bet on Free Fire is Rivalry. You can Join and get a 100$ esports betting bonus. Free Fire bettors will have 30 days to complete a qualifying deposit and unlock a small welcome offer.

Besides, the odds-on Rivalry is quite good when compared with other esports betting sites for Free Fire betting.

Another alternative where you can bet on Free Fire is Betway. The site is great since it has an esports club that offers you a free bet of 10$ every week where you bet 25$ on double, triple sports or accumulators.

Free Fire Betting

Why should I bet on Free Fire?

Are you a fan of the game? Over 12 million other people are! The thing about Free Fire betting is that you never know the output. Unlike with CSGO betting, the esports scene for Free Fire isn’t established, so we can’t expect anything for sure.

On the other hand, odds are hard to follow, but they also imply bigger numbers/multipliers for your bets. Keep in mind that this is just the first mobile FPS to gain terrain, giving it a high ground to keep things alive for a while.

If you don’t like the mobile platform, you can try to move on to CSGO, Valorant, or CoD betting; on the other hand, Free Fire is still to get competitors on the mobile platform. Try it out now, you will have fun and may make some good cash.