Games Clash Masters 2018 Betting Tips

Posted on August 30, 2018 - Last Updated on August 27, 2020

Looking for the best Games Clash Masters 2018 betting tips, predictions, and tournament analysis? You’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll be sharing absolutely everything you’ll need to know about the event.

For those unaware, Games Clash Masters will be played out in the Gdynia arena in Poland. 4 teams were invited to the event and 4 teams qualified through a closed qualifier. $90,000 will be up for grabs with $50,000 going to the first place team.

The entire tournament will be streamed from the official Games Clash Twitch channel. alternatively, you can come back here once the event goes live to catch the action.

The full Games Clash Masters tournament schedule has been outlined below:

The tournament will take place from September 28 until September 30.

Starting with the group stage:

  • Two groups of four
  • Opening and winners matches will be best of one
  • The remaining matches will be best of three
  • Teams that lose two matches will be eliminated
  • Only two teams from each group will continue to the playoffs

The playoffs:

  • Starts with semifinals
  • grand finals follow immediately after
  • All matches best of three

The team and group layout:

Group A:

  • Team Kinguin
  • Heroic
  • Sprout
  • HellRaisers

Group B:

  • x-kom Team
  • Red Reserve
  • The Imperial
  • AGO Esports

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Games Clash Masters 2018 Betting Tips


In this section, we’ll be offering our betting tips for the entire Games Clash Masters 2018 tournament. We will be focusing on the best betting opportunities available and suggesting which bets are the most practical to make.

The Group Stage

Starting with the group stage, we have a number of betting opportunities. We’ll be listing some of the confirmed match ups we believe are smart bets below.

Heroic vs Kinguin – Medium risk bet

The odds for this one will be close, but we think there’s the potential for Heroic to take it. Heroic has beaten Kinguin in the past without breaking much of a sweat. Most recently, Heroic has been pulling wins from teams like Fnatic and North, and they even had a neck and neck game against FaZe, where they lost 16-19 in overtime.

Kinguin, on the other hand, has certainly picked up their game since signing Taz, but their most recent performance is a little lacklustre.

Red Reserve vs x-kom – Low risk bet

It’s great to see more teams fight their way into this event, but we’re not expecting x-kom to come out on top here. Red Reserve is the stronger team on paper by far and their past match up saw Red Reserve win a best of three against x-kom.

HellRaisers vs Sprout – Low risk bet

HellRaisers is one of those tier 2 teams that constantly battles it out with tier 1 teams and sometimes they come out on top. They are one of the most experienced teams in this tournament so their match against Sprout should be an easy betting opportunity.

AGO vs Imperial – High risk bet

We would suggest avoiding this bet because both teams are very equally matched in terms of skill and overall world rankings. Both teams have clashed multiple times and it’s always been back and forth.

The Playoffs

We predict that Heroic and HellRaisers will move forward to the playoffs from group A and Red Reserve and either AGO or Imperial will move forward from group B.

No matter the match ups, we’d suggest betting on HellRaisers in their semifinals match for a medium risk bet. We predict Heroic will win their semifinal game too, but it will be a close one. In the grand final, we’d suggest putting another small bet on HellRaisers.

That wraps up our analysis of Games Clash Masters 2018. Are you looking forward to the event?


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