How to Join Esports

How to Get Started In Esports & Competitive Gaming

Posted on July 27, 2021 - Last Updated on July 28, 2021

Esports is rapidly growing in popularity, and more professionals are getting involved daily. Now is a good time to learn how to join esports if you wish to get started in competitive gaming and make a living.

How To Join Esports

Getting Started In Esports: Play Video Games For Money! – Although many people join an esports team as a professional player, it isn’t necessary to begin your journey with esports as a pro-player; join an amateur team instead. You’ll be able to grow your skills and improve quickly through practice with other gamers just like yourself, and having fun at the same time.

Here is how you can join an amateur level team:

Step 1 Choose your favourite game and platform.

Nowadays, there are a lot of categories of video games, from adventure, competitive, team, arcade, action, RPG, among others.

But basically, the ones with the best esports scene are FPS, Battle Royale, and MOBA games. On the other hand, you can try to excel in an old RTS (Starcraft II, Warcraft 3), or even a new one such as Clash Royale.

Besides, there are TCG such as Legends of Runaterra and HearthStone, fighting games such as Tekken and Mortal Kombat, and of course your traditional sports simulators, football, basket, racing, and more.

All the aforementioned are great to play and easier options to get to a high-tier scene if you put your heart into it.

Then, there is the platform

In addition to that, there are also a lot of platforms where you can run these different games. To find your favourite game, you must find one where you feel totally comfortable, a game where you can develop calmly, and where you can also show your skills to prove that you are the best.

Usually, PC players have more chances of getting to the top of their ranks in MOBA games and all other RPG variants.

Yet, a high number of FPS pro players come from Console Platforms; especially the NA pros from CoD and R6. This is something quite uncommon to see in CSGO betting despite CSGO being the king of FPS at the moment.

Choosing a platform is also important since you must adapt to the controls, the game mode, the comfort of the platform, learn certain tricks, and thus be able to perform much better in the world of esports. This is the first step because it is essential to associate yourself with your platform and your favourite video game to meet that great goal.

Step 2 Practice every day.

In this world there are thousands of players, that is, it is a place where you have a lot of competition, where every day many people get up early to meet the goal of seeking to be the best of all leagues. This is the main factor that you must consider to enter esports.

Surely your goal is also to be the best in your league, and this is achieved with a lot of practice. You must propose a plan of action, based on a schedule that fits your needs and so day after day training, you must turn on the console, put on your favourite game and practice for hours, without forgetting that you must take breaks every so often.

But all this must be done concentrated, without losing focus, because only with practice is the way how you can become the best esports player of all time. After having achieved these two steps, the next step is to join an esports team.

Use a goal system

While most esports games have a ladder system to let you know if you are a pro, you can also set personal goals to support your growth. A number of daily kills, tricks and aspects of the game to dominate, and such, are great goals for training.

If you want to play LOL, for example, learning to use the wards right is a great goal to process; learning to pivot with the item store as your champ needs changes; mastering the order of skills to level up, how to use the jungle, farming under the tower, and more.

Step 3 Find your local esports team.

The next step you should take, after having practised for so long, is to find a local esports team. Together with other people who practise the same discipline as you, you can practice, improve, and develop group strategies that will allow you to win tournaments and championships.

How to join esports

Surely you are asking yourself “how to join an esports team” and it really is not a complicated task. You can get this group of people thanks to social networks, through blogs, Facebook groups, Reddit posts.

If where you live, there is no team nearby, you can create one yourself with your friends, creating it is totally easy; all you need is a logo, a good uniform and a huge bunch of hours of practising to become the best esports team.

Step 4 Join a team training session and join the fun with other gamers!

Once you’ve joined an amateur level team, continue to practice hard, learn from your mistakes and improve step by step until you are ready to join professional teams in tournaments as a pro-gamer. There is no reason that any gamer can’t join a big tournament; all it takes is time and dedication. Just make sure to train well with your teammates so that you can work on perfecting your skills together online before competing against others for money at live events.

How to join esports: Nice Tips to Consider

There are a lot of recommendations that you should follow to start your professional career in the esports discipline.

  • This is more than just a hobby, it is a full-time job, it is a whole career. Treat it like it deserves.
  • Select your game thoroughly, study the competitions and rivals.
  • If possible, hire a coach, update your equipment, and most importantly, practice A LOT and never stop having fun. That is the best way to get into esports.
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