Betting Tips For The IEM Sydney 2018 Playoffs

Posted on May 3, 2018 - Last Updated on August 27, 2020

In this article, we are offering some betting tips for the IEM Sydney 2018 playoffs taking part from May 4 to May 6. We’ll be sharing our insights on who we think will win, who you should bet on, and where you can bet. Also, don’t forget to watch the official teaser from ESL Counter-Strike IEM Sydney 2018.

Keep in mind that these betting tips are based on past performances from each team. As with all betting, there’s a chance that things won’t go the way we predict them to. For this reason, make sure you bet with an amount you can afford and try to spread your bets out across the entire event to avoid putting all of your eggs in one basket.

The IEM Sydney 2018 Playoffs – Participating Teams

Before we can get into our Counter-Strike betting predictions, let’s take a look at which teams have fought their way out of the group stage.

iem sydney betting predictions

Quarter Final Qualified Teams

  • Fnatic
  • FaZe
  • Renegades
  • Mousesports

Semi Final Qualified Teams

  • TyLoo
  • Astralis

IEM Sydney 2018 Quarter Final Betting Predictions

If you’ve watched a lot of competitive Counter Strike, you’ll notice that the lineup for this event is quite surprising. Renegades managed to slip by mostly thanks to an impressive win against FaZe. TyLoo on the other hand, has been on fire during this event.

csgo iem sydney predictions

Despite TyLoo’s inability to get past teams in the past, during IEM Sydney 2018 TyLoo has been the only team to not lose a match during the group stages.

The rest of the teams are less surprising – FaZe, Fnatic, Mousesports, and Astralis are all playing up to standards for the most part, although there has been some questionable play in regards to their poor performance in some instances.

For the quarter finals, we have the following match ups:

  • Fnatic vs FaZe
  • Renegades Vs Mousesports

Fnatic Vs Faze IEM Sydney 2018 Quarter Final Betting Predictions

With Olofmeister out of the mix, FaZe has been struggling to hold their ground. Fnatic, on the other hand, has been on the come up for the past two months.

This won’t be an easy game, for sure, but we have a stronger feeling Fnatic will pull ahead here. Out of the two teams, Fnatic has been the best performing team during this event and during the past few events.

We’d suggest making a small bet on Fnatic for this quarter final match during IEM Sydney 2018 on May 4. You can find out where to bet at the bottom of this article or click the button below.

Renegades Vs Mousesports IEM Sydney 2018 Quarter Final Betting Predictions

Renegades surprised us with their shock win against FaZe earlier on in the group stage. Because they beat FaZe, Renegades essentially got a free pass into the quarter finals after losing their next game 2-0 to TyLoo.

However, this is Renegades we’re talking about here – historically, they are the team that pulls out shock upsets from time to time, but they struggle to consistently get any further during events.

Mousesports, on the other hand, has a very strong roster right now. With the exception of Mousesports 0-2 loss against Astralis, Mousesports has been very strong during this event, too. We don’t see Renegades taking this at all.

We’d suggest making a big bet on Mousesports for this quarter against Renegades during IEM Sydney 2018 on May 4.

IEM Sydney 2018 Semi Final Betting Predictions

With the above matches in mind, we’ll end up hitting the semi finals on May 5, 2018.

IEM Sydney semi finals

The following match ups are potentially what could happen.

  • TyLoo vs FaZe/Fnatic
  • Astralis vs Renegades/mousesports

We’ve provided an overview of each of the potential outcomes below.

TyLoo vs FaZe Semi Final Predictions

The less likely outcome is TyLoo vs FaZe. With TyLoo’s incredible recent performance and FaZe’s slightly poorer outcome, I’d be careful betting if this semi final matchup were to happen.

Don’t bet on this match because it’s too hard to predict.

TyLoo vs Fnatic Semi Final Predictions

The most likely outcome is TyLoo vs Fnatic. If Fnatic beat FaZe without breaking a sweat, they should easily be able to take TyLoo as well.

If Fnatic struggles to get past FaZe, their rocky performance may impact their confidence in their matchup against TyLoo. This should be an easy one for Fnatic in 99% of cases, but TyLoo’s incredible performance puts doubts on the outcome.

Bet small on Fnatic for this match.

Astralis vs Renegades Semi Final Predictions

This matchup is very unlikely to happen. If Astralis does somehow end up facing Renegades, it’ll be an easy game for the Danish team.

Bet big on Astralis for this match.

Astralis vs Mousesports Semi Final Predictions

This matchup is the most likely to happen. Astralis already beat Mousesports 2-0 earlier in the group stage, but they’ll have to work hard to do it again. Mousesports will be back with a vengeance.

On top of this, Astralis always struggles to fight their way out of the semi finals – the pressure could get to Astralis, whilst Mousesports will have the taste of fresh blood after what we expect to be a quick defeat against Renegades in the quarter finals.

This will be a tough fight regardless, but we suggest making a small to medium bet on Mousesports.

IEM Sydney 2018 Grand Final Betting Predictions

This brings us to the Grand Finals for IEM Sydney 2018. There could be a number of possible contenders.

If TyLoo somehow makes it into the grand final, we think Astralis or Mousesports will take the win. In this case, make a medium bet on Astralis/mousesports.

If Fnatic makes it into the grand final, things will be too tough to call. It’d be a 50/50 coin flip against both Mousesports and Astralis, so consider skipping the grand final, or make your own small bet on the team you personally think will win.

Where to Bet On IEM Sydney 2018 Playoffs

We’d suggest either of the following places for betting on the IEM Sydney 2018 playoffs: Betway Esports, or Arcanebet.

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