Mousesports Vs Astralis Betting Predictions And Best Odds For IEM Sydney 2018 Semifinals

Posted on May 4, 2018 - Last Updated on August 27, 2020

With both Mousesports and Astralis qualified for the IEM Sydney 2018 semifinals, one of the biggest matchups in this event will be taking place on May 5, 7PM Australian Eastern Standard Time.

In this article, we have provided our CS betting predictions on the match and have provided the best CSGO odds for the event. Read below to learn more about who you should bet on for this incredibly important match in IEM Sydney 2018.

Astralis Vs Mousesports – Who Will Win During The IEM Sydney 2018 Semifinal?

Before we discuss who is most likely to win during the IEM Sydney 2018 semifinal, let’s look back at both team’s journey towards the position they are in today. It will paint a better picture of their overall performance and position leading up to the match happening later.

Astralis’ Journey During IEM Sydney 2018

With the group stages starting on May 1, we saw Astralis kick it off with a shaky game against NRG.

They just pulled it out in overtime with a 19-17 scoreline. We know Astralis are great on Overpass, so their performance was somewhat unexpected. We have to give credit to NRG though – perhaps not on the same level as Astralis, but their Overpass win rate is very decent.


Astralis pulled it back in the next matchup against Mousesports.

A quick 2-0 victory on Inferno and Nuke left Mousesports feeling sore and sorry for themselves.

Next up, Astralis had their first chance at a semifinal slot – their performance against Mousesports must have pushed up their confidence a bit because once again Astralis pulled out a fairly clean 2-0 victory against Fnatic.

This then put Astralis in the semifinal spot where they have since been awaiting their next competitor.

Mousesports’ Journey During IEM Sydney 2018

Mousesports started out with a very quick 16-6 victory on Mirage against B.O.O.T-d[S]. Nothing After this, though, Astralis attacked.

Mousesports’ journey during IEM Sydney 2018 would have been far different if they didn’t fall victim to Astralis, but their 2-0 loss made them fall to the lower bracket.

Mousesports’ first match in the lower bracket was against MVP PK – a very quick 2-0 victory saw them push further through the event. At this point, Mousesports came up against their first real challenge during the entire event – G2. Right now, G2 has Mixwell on trial so nobody expected anything super impressive from them. As expected, Mousesports came ahead with a clean 2-0 victory.


The lower bracket win then let Mousesports enter the quarterfinals, which is where they met Renegades.

Renegades also struggle to get much further than the group stage in international events, but something has been different this time around. Perhaps it’s due to being cheered on by the local Australian spectators, or maybe they’ve found new inspiration to play at a high level.

Either way, Renegades played out of their mind during their quarterfinal game against Mousesports.

It started out as what we would have thought to be a quick 2-0 by Mousesports, but Renegades came back hard on the second half of the second map, somehow pulling it into overtime and putting a map win on their hands. On the third map, Train, things very close all of the way through. The game went to overtime where Mousesports managed to pull it back.

So far, it’s almost like Mousesports has been the side character to other team’s stories. Now, with their second match against Astralis up next, they finally have a chance to play out their story.

Astralis Vs Mousesports Predictions And Best Odds

If you take a look at the betting websites, all odds are against Mousesports. Many believe Astralis will be the team to come ahead, but we think there’s a very big chance for an upset here.

Astralis has somehow sneaked into the number 1 ranked team in the world, but their past performance against Mousesports has always been neck and neck.

Since the start of 2017, all of the way up until now, Astralis has won 6 games against Mousesports, whilst Mousesports has won 7 games. What’s more incredible is that the majority of these games have often been very close matchups.

With this in mind, it seems very likely that this matchup will be a close one. However, Astralis have historically choked during semifinal matchups, and Mousesports have a taste for vengeance after their earlier loss against Astralis.

I think the game will be neck and neck all of the way through, but the odds are so far skewed towards Astralis that it makes sense to bet on Mousesports.

Here’s a look at the odds from three different betting websites:

Betway – Astralis 1.30 – Mousesports 3.20



Esportsbetting – Astralis 1.30 – Mousesports 3.15


 Arcanebet – Astralis 1.37 – Mousesports 3.05



 If you were to bet £10 on Astralis, you’d get £13 back on Betway and Esportsbetting, or £13.70 back on Arcanebet.

If you bet £10 on Mousesports, however, you’d get back between £30.50 and £32, depending on where you bet.

With everything we’ve explained up to this point, it’s very clear that this is a great opportunity for a small bet on Mousesports. They may lose, but the odds are far more stacked against them than they should be.

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