Izako Boars vs Virtus.pro – Match Analysis for ESEA MDL Season 30 Europe

Posted on March 5, 2019 - Last Updated on August 24, 2020

ESEA MDL Season 30 Europe continues. Today’s bout brought together two Polish-based CSGO rosters, Izako Boars and Virtus.Pro. There is not much to say about Virtus.Pro. Sadly, the only thing that is left is their name. On the other hand, Izako Boars are awful as they are ranked as the 16th best team in this league.

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Izako Boars vs Virtus.pro


To be honest, both teams are in an awful form. Even though these teams are considered to be a tier 2 roster, they lost some matches which they should have won easily.

  • Izako Boars

Out of their last 5 matches, Izako Boars were able to win only one, that being against ex-Fragsters. On the other hand, they are on a 4 match losing streak. They were stomped by ALTERANTE aTTaX on Train. Furthermore, they were defeated by Valiance as well. Even though both of these defeats are understandable, I simply can not understand how were they able to lose against Codewise Unicorns. Lastly, they were edged out by HAVU as well.

If we are to make an assumption about Izako Boars, it would be a pretty straightforward one. They are really bad. Out of their 10 matches in ESEA MDL Season 30 Europe, they have won only 2. Their round difference is also terrible, -53, the worst round difference in the league.


  • Virtus.pro

This legendary CSGO organization played a total of 11 matches so far in the ESEA MDL Season 30 Europe. At the moment, they are occupying the final playoffs spot, that being 8th place.

Virtus.pro is also in an awful form, and this is a perfect match to start climbing the ranks. Out of their last 5 bouts, Virtus.pro has 5 defeats. This is a horrible stat for such a team, especially if you look at the level of competition they faced in those matches. They were defeat by forZe and to be honest, this game could have gone either way. After that, they were defeat by another strong team, Valiance.

However, their three last defeats are worrying. All three of those teams are nowhere near the professional scene, and losing these matches can hurt your confidence. Virtus.pro was dominated by both Epsilon and expert. They also suffered a narrow defeat to Uruguay.


Map Breakdown

Since this is a league match, we already know a map in this best-of-1 match. These two teams will brawl on Dust 2.

Virtus.Pro competed twice on this map. They were not successful as they lost both of their matches on Dust 2. However, they did have a great start in both matches, but sadly, economy reset took their toll. From what I was able to find out, Virtus.Pro struggles on the CT-side of Dust 2. Furthermore, both teams that they faced off against are very solid on Dust 2, hence why Virtus.pro was simply left without an answer.

Izako Boars are quite competent on Dust 2, but they have only faced off against lower tiered opposition. In their last 7 bouts on Dust 2, Izako Boars have 4 wins and 3 defeats. At the moment they are riding 3 games losing streak, which they will want to get rid off anytime soon.

They had barely any problems defeating teams like Granit and Vexed, They defeated Granit 16-1 but this does not say a lot about how competent they are on this map. Izako Boars were defeated by  Endpoint, 3DMAX, and Valiance. All of these teams have quite a similar individual skill and Virtus.Pro is on this level as well.

Izako Boars vs Virtus.pro Summary

As I mentioned a couple of times already, Izako Boars are horrible in every aspect of the game. They are in a very poor form, and I do not think they will win anything anytime soon. Furthermore, they will definitely lack the individual skill once they face Virtus.pro.

On the other hand, Virtus.pro is also in a very poor form as they are sitting on 5 straight defeats. However, they are a team filled with experience and they will certainly bounce back in this match. This legendary organization is also looking for a win here, mainly because they want to keep that 8th spot and earn their spot in the playoffs.

All in all, Virtus.Pro is definitely a better-prepared team. Not only that, they are much more individually skilled and I am sure that Virtus.pro will come out on top in this match. Izako Boars simply have nothing to offer in this match, and if Virtus.pro has a good start on the CT-side of Dust 2, they could potentially stomp Izako Boars and leave them with only a couple of rounds to their name.

Betting prediction: Virtus.pro to win
Odds: 1.45
Bookmaker: Betway
Date: March 7th, 19:00 CEST


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