Labouchere system for betting on Esports

Posted on May 2, 2018 - Last Updated on September 1, 2020

If you’re sick of blowing your betting budgets on losing CS:GO bets, then have a think about how the Labouchere system – also known as the split Martingale system – can help you walk away with a nice profit after a day’s wagering. Whilst the Labouchere system isn’t the simplest betting method, it’s grown to be a real favorite amongst online bettors & professional gamblers and it’s easy to see how it could be applied to your CS:GO betting.

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So read our full guide to the Labouchere system and discover how it could help you overcome any losses and enjoy some profitable wagering on your favorite first-person shooter. Just remember that a betting strategy such as the split Martingale or even the reverse Labouchere system doesn’t guarantee a win, but aims to cover your losses.

What is the Labouchere system?

Also known as the split Martingale system, the Labouchere strategy prescribes the way that you stake your bets so as to limit any losses that you incur. But rather than try and cancel out any losses with a single bet, the Labouchere money management system offers a slower, potentially less risky way to minimize your losses.

labouchere system for betting on csgo

This is because the Labouchere system uses a specific sequence of numbers that govern how much you stake in each round of betting. But as the Labouchere money management system is fairly complicated, it’s worth having a look at an example of how you can use this system in a day’s CS:GO betting.

Applying the split Martingale system to your CS:GO bets

Having the Labouchere system explained isn’t easy, but it can be understood by writing down a sequence of numbers such as 1, 2 and 3.

The amount that you would wager on a CS:GO match would be equal to the first and last number in the sequence. If you won your first CS:GO bet with £4 (1 and 3 added up), you would cross off the first and last numbers, and you would take your next bet with a £2 stake. But if you lost your CS:GO bet, then you would add a number to the sequence.

This would mean that you would bet with £5 as a result of the combination of the numbers 1 and 4.

This Labouchere betting strategy goes on indefinitely, but if you end up with one number and you win your CSGO bet, then you start the sequence all over again. It doesn’t matter too much what numbers you include in your sequence, but it’s good if the total number of the original sequence matches your betting budget when you start out for ease of calculation.

Why the Labouchere system is a punters’ favorite

Regardless of whether it’s used for card playing or CSGO betting, then there are plenty of punters who swear by the Labouchere system. This is because the Labouchere management strategy gives you much more flexibility over how much you stake when compared to other betting systems.

Simply by changing the numbers in your sequence, you can implement a strategy that offers a varying amount of risk or reward depending on what kind of things you are betting on. So if you are wagering on the final matches in the Intel Extreme Masters or DreamHack Masters, you might want to add more numbers to the sequence to get a larger payout potential by betting on the teams that you know well. Conversely if you are betting on the Blast Pro Series where you know less about the CS:GO teams, you may wish to use a smaller sequence so that you are risking a smaller proportion of your betting budget.

Above all, it’s the fact that the Labouchere system gives you the chance of incurring lots of losses and yet still walk away with a decent profit that makes it such a hit amongst betting fans. But like all betting strategies, it’s only by knowing when to stop that you will be able to gamble in a safe and responsible manner.


A word of caution about the Labouchere system

We’ve already talked about how no betting system is completely flawless, and this is certainly true of the Labouchere system. Not only is it fairly complicated to put into action, but it also isn’t a great method to use over the long term. This is because the Labouchere system assumes that you won’t run the risk of hitting a nasty losing streak every now and then. But anybody who has spent any time betting will know how we can all encounter a seemingly never-ending series of losses occasionally. And as the Labouchere system is set up to take advantage of wins, it could leave you with some unfortunate financial losses.

You should also factor in the point that many betting sites will implement some betting limits that govern how much you can stake. This has the potential to seriously affect your use of the Labouchere system, so always check the limits on the betting site first.

dreamhack masters csgo betting Labouchere system

Other betting systems to try out

If the Labouchere system sounds a little too complicated, then take a look at some of these other interesting systems for your CSGO betting.

Trying the Martingale system

As the Labouchere system is fairly complex, there are many punters who will opt for an easier alternative such as the Martingale betting strategy. If you’re wondering about the merits of Labouchere vs Martingale systems, then the Martingale strategy aims to cover all of your losses with just one bet. The Martingale system does this by requiring you to double your stakes on all losing bets. Whilst it sounds risky, it has the potential to cancel out all of your losses in one go.

What about the Fibonacci system?

The Fibonacci system requires you to match your stakes to a prescribed set of numbers that runs from 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34 and so on. It might sound crazy but this series of cumulative numbers occurs everywhere in the natural world, and betting fans have found that if they progress through this sequence on losing bets, then they can overcome any losses by the time that a win eventually turns up.

Reverse Labouchere system

Just in case you thought the Labouchere system was a bit too simple, we’d recommend that you try the reverse Labouchere system. This is the same as the standard Labouchere strategy, but the reverse Labouchere system requires you to add a number to the sequence if you win your bet, rather than if you lose. So it means that you stand to make much bigger profits if you are on a winning streak, but it also has the potential of giving you some nasty losses too.

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