LCS 2022 — Latest Betting Tips & Predictions

The League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) always brings excitement, showcasing the top level of professional LoL in the USA and Canada. 10 franchise teams battle it out every year, all looking to claim their LCS champions status.

We have some of the best LCS betting tips (alongside the best LoL betting tips generally) available for you to place your wagers on the competition. We will look at the best LCS odds from all the good esports bookmakers, and show you everything you need to know to bet on League of Legends LCS.

LCS Betting Tips

LCS 2022 Format

LCS 2021 made some major changes to its format in an attempt to develop North America’s competitiveness when it comes to world tournaments, hoping to dominate the LoL World Championships. The LCS knock-out took place in January looking to determine who would be the team to beat looking into the 2022 LCS season, and who would go into the summer split with a high level of confidence.

The Spring split will begin on February 5th, with the final taking place in April 24th.

  • 100 Thieves
  • Cloud 9
  • Counter Logic Gaming
  • Dignitas
  • Evil Geniuses
  • FlyQuest
  • Golden Guardians
  • Immortals
  • Team Liquid
  • TSM (previously Team SoloMid)

Who Should you be Looking Out For?

Most LCS betting tips will look at last year’s Split winners as favourites for the Spring Split – TSM and 100 Thieves.

TSM won the most recent split back in Summer 2021. As reigning champions, they will of course be a team to be mindful of. Also, TSM holds the record for most LCS wins, proving they know what it takes to win the series.

Meanwhile, 100T were crowned victorious at LCS’s 2021 Championship and have featured in the top 4 of 5 consecutive splits. This is a good, consistent run of form that the team will be looking to build on as they cement themselves as one of the top teams in the LCS.

One other strong team looking to claim back its no.1 status is Team Liquid. They will be looking to continue their recent performances in the LCS, winning 4 out of their 2020 campaigns. Liquid has had success in the recent past, and with a feature in the top 4 of the LCS knock-out this year, they are looking to remind everyone that they are one of the teams to look out for, come June 4th. On the other hand, TSM has shown to solidify its roster and has given some great results climbing stages in the spring division and the mid-season showdown.

League of Legends

LCS Predictions

Following the 2021 LoL Worlds, all 3 LCS teams that competed (Liquid, 100 Thieves, C9) unfortunately didn’t make it through the main-event group stages. However, all 3 will be looking to bounce back and reclaim the top spots to qualify for the Worlds once more. The LCS format has been adjusted to try and breakthrough into the knockout stages of the LoL World’s, and we may see this shortly.

One LCS prediction for the upcoming campaigns could include an ‘outsider’ competes for a top spot in the LCS, given how competitive the series is. Don’t be surprised if there is an underdog within the LCS. For example, teams like FlyQuest and Evil Geniuses could slip under the radar, even though they have had some good recent performances. In terms of LCS odds, you could look to gain an advantage from our LCS betting tips and take a chance with a team that may not be considered a favourite by the bookies.

With the new format, betting on LCS is looking less predictable. This could mean that some of the previous LCS betting tips from past form may not be as valid as it has been in previous years.

Nevertheless, TeamSoloMid and 100Thieves are clearly leading the tournament, while you can aim to get some underdog bets on matches such as C9 vs. Counter Logic Gaming.

Why bet on LCS?

The LCS is an exciting opportunity for esports punters to test their betting skills — especially with a nice no-deposit bookmaker bonus. The series is without a doubt one of the most competitive LoL competitions around the world. A season over the year with the 10 best North American LoL teams battling it out to qualify for the LoL World’s.

There is an increasing level of esports coverage on bookmaker’s sites with the esports industry continuing to grow, and with that results in a lot more available markets for bettors to test their skills on. League of Legends is also one of the biggest esports covered on many bookmaker’s sites, and is an exciting opportunity for punters like yourselves looking to place bets on LoL.

Where will you find the best LCS Bookmaker?

Most bookmakers in the industry will fight to have some competitive odds when it comes to bets on LCS, given the tournament’s large popularity — this we found especially true in our 1xBet review. As the top three from the LCS Championship compete in the World’s, there is no question that bookies will look to provide bettors with some high-quality LCS odds.

One factor that should be thought about when looking to place bets on LCS – and LoL in general – is various bookie’s sports bonuses. Promotions and bonuses will more than likely be available for both new and existing customers, given that nowadays, pretty much all the bookmakers will offer some form of incentive.

Luckily, these bonus offers will be able to use on esports markets, giving esports bettors the best opportunity to reap the rewards of placing bets on LCS. Therefore, it will be beneficial for yourselves to look into which bookmaker is the best for you.

To start with, it can be a good idea to check what kinds of LCS odds are available with bigger brands such as bet365 or William Hill, as their bonus offers could also benefit placing a bet on LCS.

There are also dedicated esports betting sites to check out, including, Unikrn and Arcanebet, to name a few. With each bookie having a comprehensive selection of esports markets available, punters will have a lot to bet on when it comes to LCS betting.

Where to watch LCS?