LDLC vs Movistar Riders – Analysis for GG.bet Sydney Invitational

Posted on March 26, 2019 - Last Updated on August 28, 2020

LDLC and Movistar Riders will face off in the GG.bet Sydney Invitational. One of these teams is playing on a high level at the moment, while the other one is struggling to get a win. From our perspective, this match is going to be a one-way street, and below you will be able to read our reasoning for this betting prediction.

From what we were able to find out, Betway is offering the best odds for LDLC and Movistar Riders match up. However, bookmaker other Esports bookmakers such as GG.bet and ArcaneBet are also offering solid odds for this match.

Where can I place my bet?

LDLC vs Movistar Riders

As we talked above, this should be an easy match for Movistar Riders. They looked great in their last couple of matches, while LDLC struggled in every match they played in the last couple of weeks.


Note that we will only take last 5 matches into consideration for this prediction as we feel like these are the only matches that are relevant to the current form of these two teams.

  • LDLC

In their last 5 matches, LDLC was able to win only one. To be honest, they had fierce competition in some of these matches, but this is not the reason to surrender and humiliate yourself. Their first match against Vitality saw LDLC win only 3 rounds. Let’s just say that Dust 2 is their best map, and they were stomped on it.

The second match was successful for LDLC. They were able to dominate Izako Boars on Dust 2. However, do not take this as anything outstanding. Izako Boars is sitting on 5 wins and 12 defeats in their league, so beating them is not something to gloat about.

In the ECS Season 7 Europe Week 2, LDLC was matched up against Vitality yet again. Once again LDLC was torn apart by Vitality. However, in this best-of-3 series, they were at least competent as they won 9 rounds on Nuke. On the second map, Mirage, LDLC came close to pulling a come back after being 10-5 down on halftime.  All in all, LDLC was not able to win a map against ever so dangerous Vitality.

After quite a successful showing on Mirage, LDLC decided to stick with this map. This backfired massively once they were matched against a European mix, Epsilon. Even though LDLC did good on the CT-side of Mirage, they had nothing to offer on the T-side, where they were only able to put 2 rounds on the board.

LDLC’s opening match in the GG.bet Sydney Invitational was not successful either. This time around, they were matched against a Polish CSGO team filled with veterans. Given the fact that LDLC struggled on T-side of Mirage in their last match, it was not the case this time around. After being 13-7 up, LDLC shut down and allowed the Polish team to emerge as victors, All in all, LDLC is horrible on Mirage.


  • Movistar Riders

WESG 2018 World Finals was not a successful tournament for Spanish CSGO roster. In their first match against Windigo they suffered a heavy defeat.  They played horribly on Train, but they tried their best to win Mirage, but they fell short in the overtime.

In their second WESG 2018 World Finals match, Movistar Riders were able to win a map against fnatic. This meant that they were eliminated from the event, but they played on a high level against the Swedish roster. Even though they lost Inferno, Movistar Riders was successful on Overpass.

Once again Movistar Riders was matched up against Windigo. This time it was time for payback. They were successful on both Mirage and Inferno.

However, in their opening match of GG.bet Sydney Invitational, Movistar Riders underestimated forZe and they paid the price. Russian CSGO roster was successful on Inferno, even though Movistar Riders had their chances in this one.

In their last match against Sprout, this Spanish roster showed everyone what they are made of. They were able to come back from an 11-4 deficit on Nuke. However, they fell short in overtime. We all thought that they had no chance to turn this one around, mainly because their confidence was crushed. They proved everyone wrong as they won both Inferno and Mirage.

Map Pool

Since this is a best-of-1 match, I believe that Movistar Riders will have a huge advantage in this one. The only good map for LDLC is Dust 2 and Movistar Riders do not play it. Cache is also decent for LDLC, but I can see Movistar Riders banning it as well.

Mirage is by far the worst map for LDLC, and they will want to remove it. Furthermore, LDLC will remove Train as well. This leaves us with Overpass, Inferno, and Nuke. I heavily favor Movistar Riders on all three of these maps.

LDLC vs Movistar Riders – Summary

These two teams competed on Overpass not so long ago. Movistar Riders edged this game in overtime. There are several reasons why I fancy Movistar Riders in this one. On paper, they are definitely better teams. They have stronger individuals and they could easily win the game like that.

Secondly, map pool is heavily favoring Movistar Riders. LDLC is not getting a map on which they are comfortable on. On the other hand, Movistar Riders CSGO roster is playing various maps, and they will definitely fell more comfortable on the maps we listed above.

All in all, Movistar Riders is a better team. They played against stronger competition and they came out on top. On the other hand, LDLC is on a decline, especially now that they lost two of their players. Even though odds are not so high for this bet, I will take free money when I see it.

Betting prediction: Movistar Riders to win
Odds: 1.35
Bookmaker: Betway
Date: March 27th, 17:00 CEST


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