LEC Predictions & Tournament Overview – Bet on LEC with our Betting Tips

What is LEC? The League of Legends European Championship, or simply LEC, represents Europe’s highest level of competitive League of Legends and is amongst the top three leagues in the World. This can be seen through the region’s performance at the past three League of Legends World Championships, with LEC teams entering the semifinals four times and finals in two.


LEC schedule: When to watch LEC

The typical LEC schedule will see games being streamed live on various sites linked above, across two days a week on Friday and Saturday evenings. These two days will see five Best of One (Bo1) games being played for the 2021 LEC Summer regular season.

  • Fridays – Streams start 6 pm CET
  • Saturday – Streams start 5 pm CET

Times for individual matches can be found on the official LoLEsports.com website. Note, times listed on the LEC schedule are approximate and may be slightly earlier or later depending on the length of games, any technical delays or additional commentary/analysis. Furthermore, the Summer Split is taking place from June 11th to August 1st, 2021.

 Where to watch LEC?

There are three primary ways to watch the upcoming 2021 LEC Summer split.

  1. LEC Twitch
  2. LoL Esports Youtube
  3. Official LoLEsports.com

You can watch and bet on LEC at the same time with many top betting websites. Bookmakers with integrated streams of the LEC include; Luckbox, Betway and gg. bet. These allow for a streamlined live betting experience without the inconvenience of switching between multiple tabs.

Participating teams

  • Fnatic
  • Rouge
  • G2 Esports
  • MAD Lions
  • Misfits Gaming
  • Excel
  • SK Gaming
  • Team BDS
  • Astralis
  • Team Vitality

Betting tips and favourites

LEC Prediction: Who is the best team in the LEC Summer 2022?

Most people when phased with the question of Europe’s top team, and if asked to make a LEC prediction to name a team that will dominate the 2022 season, would likely say Rouge Esports. Rouge Esports have cemented themselves in the hearts of EU / LEC fans due to their success in the past year.

The team have won second and third place in the past four playoffs; but then again, they did win the LEC Summer of 2021 as they did in 2020.

This summer season the LEC started in the closest possible way, but Rouge and Fnatic are clearly leading the boards. As for SK Gaming. The team currently has a decent 1-2 scoreboard so they could get back to the top in the near future.

The future is, nevertheless, uncertain, but the teams that are giving the best sensations are G2, which came with recharged batteries and seeks again its title of King of the LEC and MAD Lions, who won the LEC Summer playoffs in 2021.

The most undervalued team in LEC Predictions and LEC odds

Heading into the first week of the LEC, various bookmakers and the market, in general, have seriously underestimated  Misfits Gaming. This translates to good value bets on Misfits, as their chance of victory determined through our LEC betting tips is a higher degree than the chance used to calculate LEC odds.
Tip – Bet on LEC for Misfits Gaming in the earlier weeks until odds are lowered, then stay in tune for updated LEC betting tips and LEC Predictions.

bet on LEC

Bet on LEC: Getting started

Who should I bet on in the LEC?

Choosing which matches or markets to bet on entirely depends on what you want to get from betting. If you simply want to express your support for your team, go right ahead and enjoy the experience. However, if you are looking to make some profits on the side, increase your chances by following our LEC predictions and other LEC betting tips.

Our individual match LEC predictions are based on a team’s past performance, a player’s past performance, recent synergy and the champion pools of players in the current meta. The per cent beside a team’s name in the predictions are our calculated chances of the team winning the match. Eg. Prediction: Misfits 30% l Rogue 70%. You then compare these chances of teams winning against the bookmaker odds.

Odds from Luckbox.com, view current odds Here.

To calculate which games you should bet on in the LEC, you must determine if there is value in the bet relative to your chance of victory.

To do so:

  1. View our LEC match predictions. Eg. Prediction: Misfits 32% l Fnatic 68%
  2. Access odds from a trusted bookmaker
  3. 1 / Bookmaker odds = 1/ 3.7 = 0.27 = 27%
  4. Compare Step 1 to Step 3.
  5. If Step 1 outweighs Step 3, you have found a valuable bet.

How much should I bet on LEC?

Step one is finding a valuable bet above. In this case, the Misfits vs. Fnatic game is set to play on Friday 22/01/21, Week 1 Day 1 of the 2020 LEC Spring regular season.

Step two, after finding a valuable bet, determine your personal risk tolerance and what “small”, “medium” and “large” bets mean to you.

Our general guidelines are as below:

  • <15% – Small bet
  • 15-35% – Small to medium
  • 35-55% – Medium
  • 55-70% – Medium to large
  • >70% – Large

So for this example, the chance of victory is judged to be 30% and call for a small to medium bet.

LEC Betting markets

Aside from the common match-winner, there are also some other more interesting betting markets.

Examples include:

  • Kill advantage (To a certain number of kills)
  • Total kills
  • First blood
  • First Baron
  • First Dragon
  • First to 10 kills

These markets are typically more profitable for serious punters who can analyze games to a high degree. This is because even though teams may be unlikely to win an overall match, they may prioritize certain objectives (Eg. Baron or Dragon), increasing their chances over a certain market and leading to better value bets.

LEC Betting Tip: As seen in the table, Misfits has the equal highest first dragon rates for the 2020 LEC Summer regular season. Given the team finished the tournament near the bottom, it is clear either the players or coaching staff has prioritized securing the first dragon as a top priority. Trading towers for the first dragon is common in competitive matches, thus, so betting on Misfits to secure the first dragon despite the team having poor odds to win the overall match is a good value bet.


LEC predictions: Bets to place in the upcoming matches

Odds by Luckbox

LEC betting tips

You can find a valuable bet in the Rouge vs. MAD Lions match, as MAD Lions’ have a higher chance of winning but the Rouge team has shown rather excellent performance during the tournament. As for the current scoreboard, Rouge is leading the tournament and 2 teams above MAD Lions. So, this is a nice bet to try out.

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