LoL Worlds 2020 Predictions & the best bonus offer by Luckbox

Posted on September 22, 2020

The LoL Worlds 2020 is here! And so all fans are getting together to enjoy the most amazing esports event of the year. Are you ready to see which team crowns itself as the major representative of the rift this year? Keep reading our LoL Worlds Predictions and find out the best LoL Worlds bonus out there!

Who are in for the tournament?

LoL Worlds predictions aren’t always easy to follow; nevertheless, this year we have a breach between the odds presented for the teams, making Top Esports the favorite to win the cup. There is no trick to this; Top Esports has been showing off some dangerous skills all troughs 2020’s tournaments, even winning the LPL Summer final match with an impressive 13:3 counter.

When it comes to the outright winner, we may place our bets in JD gaming or Top Esports, being the second the one with a better balance between odds and position.

But let’s dive in a little further into the LoL Worlds teams this year. Keep in mind that the play-in stage works by accumulating points, so having the best odds won’t necessarily give us the round winner.

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Play-in stage Group A

LoL Worlds Prediction: Team Liquid + Mad Lions

While Mad Lions had the best overall performance during the pre-season events, they may need to focus to get past the first round-robin. Keep in mind that

Team Liquid has been showing off the past season so, these two will probably be at the top of the first group. Nevertheless, keep eyes in Mad Lions, especially if you are going for early game betting markets such as first blood and first tower since they are known to do aggressive playing in the early game.

Play-in stage Group B

LoL Worlds Prediction: LGD Esports + Unicorns of Love

LGD Esports is by far the favorite to win this round, but things are still uncertain as other team’s matches are quite variable when it comes to odds. So, we may be surprised to see Unicorns of Love getting ahead in numbers. PSG Talon was a great team to aim for, yet they are playing with 2 members down due to travel restrictions.

LoL Worlds Predictions 2020

Group Stages

LoL Worlds Prediction:

  • Group A: G2 Esports + SuningGroup
  • Group B: DAMWON Gaming + JD Gaming
  • Group C: Fnatic + Team SoloMid
  • Group D: Top Esports + Dragon X

Once the play-in stage is done for letting us take a look at what the group stages are showing off. In Group A we have G2 esports from Europe and Suning from China, both of which are extremely dangerous teams.

Nevertheless, groups B and D are going to be the most appealing to bettors. JD gaming and DAMWON Gaming (Along with Top Esports) are close to being favorites to win the tournament in most predictions. So it is really hard to make a nice pick between those 2. Keep in mind that we mentioned earlier that JD Gaming is a favorite to win, delayed only by its position in a hard group.

Talking about hard groups! Team Solo Mid and Fnatic will meet in a Lol world after a few years in group C, and despite that none of them is a favorite to LoL Worlds predictions, the match will probably give us a lot to talk about –With Fnatic being our pick when this happens.

As for group D, Dragon X has a nice chance here, but put together with Top Esports (A favorite to win this year) there is a huge chance that this group ends being an easy pick.

How to make the best of your LoL Worlds Predictions

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Below is a preview of the Worlds 2020 Champions odds from Luckbox:

Top Esports – 2.63

DAMWON Gaming – 3.50

JD Gaming – 4.75

G2 Esports – 6.00

Gen.G – 13.25

DragonX – 15.00

LGD Gaming – 17.00

Suning Gaming – 19.00

MAD Lions – 19.00

Fnatic – 23.00

Team Liquid – 34.00

Rogue – 46.00

Team SoloMid – 46.00

Unicorns of Love – 81.00

PSG Talon – 91.00

FlyQuest – 96.00

Rainbow7 – 126.00

INTZ – 126.00

SuperMassive Esports – 126.00

Machi Esports – 126.00

Legacy Esports – 126.00

V3 Esports – 151.00

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