LoL Worlds Power Rankings

The League of Legends World Championship 2020 is set to begin on September 25th in Shanghai, China. Large scale changes have been made by Riot Games to accommodate all the problems and issues arising from this year’s global crisis.

For those seeking esports fantasy or LoL betting tips or just seek to enjoy and analyze LoL matches it has been really hard to scale and compare different regions and their strengths.

With the Worlds 2020 meta uncertain and the lack of Mid-Season Invitational between the Spring and Summer Splits it is a real challenge to know what are the best teams on the planet.

Luckily, EsportsBettingTipster is here to assist you with our LoL Worlds 2020 Power Rankings.

Worlds 2020 Qualifying teams

The final line up for the 2020 League of Legends World Championships was just been locked in following the conclusion of the LCK 2020 Regional Finals. Gen.G earned the 3rd and final Korean spot at Worlds this year.

Earlier this month, teams from Vietnam announced they are unable to attend and have withdrawn their participation from the event. The decision caused Riot to make a major change to the play-in format to accommodate the lower team numbers.

Read more about the play-in stage format change in our 2020 LoL Worlds Betting Guide.

We created a separate LoL Worlds Ranking for both the group and play-in stage. Specific LoL Worlds predictions and match outcomes will arrive after the Groups Draw stage has been concluded and as we near the 25th of September.

Worlds 2020 Group Stage teams ranking

1. Top Esports – LPL 2020 Summer Champion

Top Esports is clearly a dominating force in China having had a strong 13-3 first place run in the LPL 2020 regular season and narrowly claiming the playoffs soon after. The team also displayed a strong international performance scoring first place in the Mid-Season Cup 2020, a tournament consisting for the top 4 teams across both China and Korea. Knowing the strength LPL teams have shown in the two most recent Worlds Championships, Top Esports is without a doubt at the “TOP” of our LoL Worlds power rankings.

Top Esports LPL 2020 Wolrds Poer Rankins

2. DAMWON Gaming – 2020 LCK Summer Champion

Damwon had a slow start to 2020 having placed amongst the bottom end despite being one of Korea’s best teams in 2019. Keeping with the same roster for the summer season, DAMWON were able to completely turn things around. They rolled over their opponents 16-2 in the regular season and defeated DragonX in the playoff finals 3-0. Based on their most recent results, DAMWON places as one of our top favourites in the lol worlds rankings.

3. JD Gaming – LPL 2020 Championship Points

JD Gaming had easily qualified through championship points by winning the 2020 LPL Spring playoffs and placing runners up in the Summer playoffs. JD Gaming is arguably the main favourite to win worlds especially if they do not match against a fellow LPL team in the finals. Whilst their regional opponents might have slowly picked up on how to deal with JD, any other region will easily fall victim to JDs superior play.

4. G2 Esports – 2020 LEC Summer Champion

G2 Esports have continued holding their grip over the LEC with yet another playoffs win under their belt. G2 Esports are strong, however, their inconsistencies are evident having placed 3rd in the Summer regular season, and being sent to the loser’s bracket in playoffs. Fortunately, the team had given it their all to take down Fnatic 3-0 in the finals playoff match. LoL worlds rankings wise, G2’s shaky record has been judged to be behind the top three despite being the runners up in last year’s worlds event. That said, G2 has the ability to turn games and a series quickly, proving themselves on multiple occasions. This makes a small to medium value bet on the team highly recommended for those interested in lol worlds betting or lol fantasy betting.

5. Suning – LPL 2020 Regional Finals Champion

While trailing Top Esports and JD Gaming, Suning are not far behind in relative strength. They dominated the competition in their fight to a direct qualification to the groups stage by taking down LGD 3-0. This positions Suning a strong competitor and likely a quarterfinalist depending on the group draw.

6. Gen. G – 2020 LCK Regional Finals Champion

Despite qualifying through as Korea’s third seed, Gen.G looks slightly stronger than Dragon X and are much more consistent. The team slightly underperformed in the 2020 LCK Summer Split, however, still continued to secure a top three finish. Fortunately for teams in the play-ins stage, Gen.G had earned a spot directly in groups instead of play-ins due to Vietnam’s withdrawal. If Gen.G were to enter play-ins, there is no question they would dominate all the way and roll whichever team had been unlucky enough to be placed with them.

Gen.G LoL Worlds Teams

7. Fnatic – 2020 LEC Summer Runner-up

Only slightly trailing behind G2 Esports, Fnatic had a good year despite a poor run in the 2020 LEC Regular season. Fnatic is in a solid position in our LoL Worlds rankings and at the minimum are expected to get out of groups. In previous years when Fnatic was arguably weaker, they still managed to regularly contest heavily all the way into the Knock-out stage. We don’t expect this to change in 2020.

8. Dragon X (DRX) – 2020 LCK Championship points

Dragon X narrowly qualified for groups through the LCK championship points having had a miniscule 20-point lead over SKT. Dragon X (foremly Kingzone) has returned back to their past dominant form and will be a strong opponent even for many of the top teams.

9. Rogue – 2020 LEC Summer 3rd place

While appearing to be a mid-tier LEC team, Rogue were the underdogs of the LEC and yet placed 1st in the Regular Season by going 13-5. While inconsistent in their regional Playoffs, it is entirely possible they exceed expectations once again especially against teams that have not faced the strengths of a slow scaling Rogue.

10. Team SoloMid – 2020 LCS Summer Champion

Team SoloMid had a rocky road throughout 2020. However, their refusal to be eliminated in Playoffs worked all the way the losers bracket of playoffs. Numerous 3-2 wins over the likes of Golden Guardians, Team Liquid and Fly Quest show that TSM doesn’t quit easily, and will contest every single matchup until the bitter end.

11. Fly Quest – 2020 LCS Runner-up

Fly Quest had picked up their performance in the latter half of 2020, allowing them to qualify through the LCS Championship points. However, they will likely struggle in groups unless placed extremely favourably.

12. Machi Esports – PCS 2020 Summer Champion

Having had a history since 2014, Machi Esports are having their best year yet and are the clear champions of the PCS. It’s hard to determine where the region stands in relative strengths to the others. The consistency and recent performance are solid telltale sign of a decent team. They did surpass our standard Worlds participants in ahq and HKA, meaning they do have something to show and prove.

Machi Esports LoL Worlds Rankings

Play-in stage

The following ten teams are seeded into the play-in stage:

  1. LGD Gaming, 2020 LPL Regional Finals Runner-up
  2. Team Liquid, 2020 LCS 3rd place
  3. MAD Lions, 2020 LEC Summer 4th place
  4. Legacy Esports, 2020 OPL Split 2 Champion
  5. Unicorn of Love, 2020 LCL Summer Champion –
  6. PSG Talon, PCS 2020 Runner-up
  7. INTZ, CBLOL 2020 Split 2 Champion
  8. Papara Supermassive, 2020 TCL Summer Champion
  9. Rainbow7, 2020 LLA Closing Champion
  10. V3 Esports, 2020 LJL Summer Champion

We have watched as many games as we could from their regional play to assess the relative strength of Wildcard teams versus the Major regions.

LGD Gaming and Team Liquid are almost 100% assured to get out of the play-in stage unless they tilt early on. The two teams are major forces in their respective regions, only narrowly missing out on a direct qualification to the groups stage.

MAD Lions and PSG Talon are other strong favorites to make it out of play-ins. Especially since both teams have solid performances in best-of-one scenarios. If it comes to a bo5 series, we might see them falter.

Legacy Esports had been earlier predicted to be on a rise since the beginning of 2020, with the team following through by easily taking down their fellow OPL competition. Legacy Esports while not placed as top three in our lol worlds ranking for play-ins, maybe the underdogs of Worlds like Albux Nox Luna in the past, and are a team to look out for.

As for the rest, we really do hope a wildcard team comes and storms the competition. Worlds is long overdue for Wildcard teams to come and stomp all the “big talk” regions.

Worlds draw show

At the end of the 2020 LCS Summer Playoff finals match, Riot caster “Dash”, revealed the 2020 League of Legends World Championship team draw show would be held on the 15th of September.

Teams in the play-in stage will be assigned to two groups of five, while those having a direct entry into groups will be divided into four different groups. These draws will be based on seeding to increase competitively by preventing teams from the same region being clustered together.