LoL Worlds Power Rankings

The Best LoL Worlds 2021 Teams

The League of Legends World Championship 2021 is set to begin on October 5th in Iceland in Reykjavík’s LLaugardalshöll arena. Large scale changes have been made by Riot Games to accommodate all the problems and issues arising from the ongoing global crisis.

For those seeking esports fantasy or LoL betting tips or just seek to enjoy and analyze LoL matches it has been really hard to scale and compare different regions and their strengths.

With the Worlds 2021 meta fixed, diferently from last year, the tournament is great for esports betting. Luckily for you, EsportsBettingTipster is here to assist you with our LoL Worlds Power Rankings.

Worlds 2021 Qualifying teams

The final line up for the 2021 League of Legends World Championships was just been locked in following the conclusion of the LCK 2021 Regional Finals.  This year, LPL region is dominating the scene with Edward Gaming and FunPlus Phoneix at the top of the LoL Worlds Power Rankings.

Just as last year, teams from Vietnam announced they are unable to attend and have withdrawn their participation from the event. The decision caused Riot to make a major change to the play-in format to accommodate the lower team numbers.

Read more about the play-in stage format change in our 2021 LoL Worlds Betting Guide.

We created a separate LoL Worlds Ranking for both the group and play-in stage. Specific LoL Worlds predictions and match outcomes will arrive after the Groups Draw stage has been concluded.

Worlds 2021 Group Stage teams ranking

1. Edward Gaming – LPL 2021 Summer Champion

The best team available in the LPL region, and the leader of the LoL Worlds Power Rankings all around is Edward Gaming. The team managed to outperform FunPlus Phoneix during the summer LPL season. Besides their lineup is pretty much perfect.

Viper and Meiko make a great team in the bot lane, their midlaner Scout is also performing greatly, taking out the MVP medal in the summer finals. As for the top lane, the player Flandre has shown a great performance and synergy with their jungler JieJie. If the team keeps up the rhythm they got during the match against FunPlus, this is your safe bet for the finals.

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2. DAMWON Gaming – 2021 LCK Summer Champion

Damwon had a nice off and seasonal 2021, currently on a 6-series win streak. Keeping with the same roster for the last worlds + the addition of kkOma, DAMWON is at their top level of playing and seems to be in a campaign to hold the cup without mercy on the way. Based on their most recent results, DAMWON places as one of our top favourites in the lol worlds rankings.

3. FunPlus Phoenix – 2021 LPL Summer Second

FPX was supposed to be a favourite to win the lol worlds 2021. Nevertheless, their performance during the summer season wasn’t as great as expected, and even when they seemed to recover in the semifinals and the finals, EDG cornered them with a better synergy.

On ontop of that, they are stuck in the same group as DAMWON Gamin, who was last year’s favourites and have shown a better performance this year. This makes it a bit hard for us to consider that FPX will keep the cup in their hands. But still, they are the top 2 of our ranking.

4. Royal Never Give Up – LPL & MSI Spring champions

Having a great spring season and a decent summer season. RNG will be part of the Lol Worlds 2021 with some work to do in order to keep up to their glory. The deal with spring champions is that the meta-game has changed since that season, making it a hard bet if changes aren’t applied.

Despite this, RNG has its chances. Their roster is perfect and their top-laner Xiaonhu has been able to twist their fate in more than one match. Besides, the synergy they have in the bot lane with GALA and Ming is a pair with Edwards Gaming.

5. MAD Lions – LEC Champions

MAD Lions are hungry and they keep climbing for the cup! Since their great performance in the last worlds, they managed some morale and opened up the path to enter the group’s stage directly this year.

The team has obliterated Europe tournaments this year, taking over the territory once dominated by Fnatic and G2 Esports. They dominate in both individual skills, both Kaiser (Support) and Humanoid (Mid) are at the top of their ranks and champion usage in the League of Legends ranks. On the other hand, Armut and Elyoya have shown to be an all-map menace for any team they fight with.

6. T1 – LCK Finalist

T1 finally has a set roster. But this is far from giving them some tournament stability. After a floppy spring season and some over-aggressive playing starting the LCK summer. They took back their game by the semifinals and shown a great performance towards the end of their regionals.

So, as the team seems to be at a peak of performance, we can give them some credit and a spot here. But they are arguably going to get a spot in the lol worlds 2021 finals.

7. Fnatic – 2021 LEC Finalist

Only slightly trailing behind T1 Esports, Fnatic had a good year despite a poor run in the spring season. Fnatic is in a solid position in our LoL Worlds rankings and at the minimum are expected to get out of groups. In previous years when Fnatic was arguably weaker, they still managed to regularly contest heavily all the way into the Knock-out stage. We don’t expect this to change in 2021 since they managed a boost after giving Adam the top lane and sending Bwipo to the jungle.

8. PSG Talon – PCS Cahmpions

Just as MAD Lions, PSG Talon has been outperforming their region during 2021! While they rely a lot on their mid-laner Maple, the team has been overall playing at a great level especially given their performance at the Mid Season Invitational.

PSG has been owning the lanning phase mostly. For which we consider that, even when they are not the world’s favourite, they could be a nice bet for the first tower all around.

9. Gen G – LCK Points Champion

With a standard and non-aggressive playstyle, Gen G seems to have a questionable spot in the group’s phase, especially based on their critics. But, being paired with MAD Lions and Team Liquid, they still have a chance to shine and move through to the playoffs.

Their game isn’t as good as it was last year. But, their roster is quietly in synergy and, may be surprising us during their group stage.

Gen.G LoL Worlds Teams

10. Rogue – 2021 LEC Summer 3rd place

While appearing to be a mid-tier LEC team, Rogue were the underdogs of the LEC and yet placed 3rd just as they did in 2020. While inconsistent in their regional Playoffs, it is entirely possible they exceed expectations once again especially against teams that have not faced the strengths of a slow scaling Rogue.

11. 100 Thieves – LCS 2021 champions

While leading the LCS ranks, the 100 Thieves roster has not been as impressive as in past seasons. On the other hand, they are in a bad position to start the groups stage, being paired with both T1 and Edward Gaming. Making their best shot to take the second place at that point.

12. Team Liquid – LCS Finalists

Behind are the years when we thought Team Liquid was going to take the cup. While they are still part of the top and managed a seed in the group’s stage. While we are not predicting them to advance against MAD Lions and Gen G, if they work their cards properly they may be able to surprise us, especially given the changes on the meta game.

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Play-in stage

The following ten teams are seeded into the play-in stage:

  1. Beyond Gaming, 2021 PCS Summer Finalist
  2. Cloud9, 2021 LCS 3rd place
  3. DetonatioN FocusMe, 2021 LJL Champion
  4. Galatasaray Esports, 2021 TCL Champion
  5. Hanwha Life Esports, 2021 LCK FInalist
  6. Infinity, LLA 2021 Champion
  7. LNG Esports, LPL 2021 Finalists
  8. PEACE, 2021 LCO Champion
  9. RedCanids, 2021 CBLOL Champion
  10. Unicorns of Love, 2021 LCL Champion

We have watched as many games as we could from their regional play to assess the relative strength of Wildcard teams versus the Major regions.

LNG Esports and Beyond Gaming are almost 100% assured to get out of the play-in stage unless they tilt early on. The two teams are major forces in their respective regions, only narrowly missing out on direct qualification to the group’s stage.

Hanwha Life Esports is another strong favourite to make it out of play-ins. Especially since they have a solid performance in best-of-one scenarios. If it comes to a bo5 series, we might see them falter.

As for the rest, we really do hope a wildcard team comes and storms the competition. Worlds is long overdue for Wildcard teams to come and stomp all the “big talk” regions.

Worlds draw show

Teams in the play-in stage will be assigned to two groups of five, while those having a direct entry into groups will be divided into four different groups. These draws will be based on seeding to increase competitively by preventing teams from the same region from being clustered together.