LoL Champions for Beginners

The Best League of Legends Champions for Beginners

Getting started in League of Legends can be overwhelming, so here are the best LoL champions for beginners so that you can easily grow through your first season.

If you are a fanatic of strategy and RPG videogames, and you want to start playing, this is your moment. If you check our LoL champions by release date, you will realize there is a massive number of champions in League of Legends, and some of them are simply too complicated for newbies.

So, here we listed for you some of our first-time picks, these champs have overall easy-to-use mechanics and are not as banned as you may think -Which is why we didn’t count in Master Yi, you won´t be able to use him anyway in ranked.


Aatrox is a fighter with very powerful skills. This champion is ideal for good strategy. What we recommend when using this character is that you equip Sword of Doran, Potion of Life, and Sentinel Totem.

You should always keep Aatrox in the Top Lane, using the knockback and chrysalis. If you are in the jungle, you should use Dark Harvest and Sudden Impact, along with Bone Armor.


Also known as the nine-tailed fox-woman, she is one of the skilled champions in the game. This 9-tailed mage is capable of taking on some champions and giving them a good fight. When choosing runes you should pick Taste of Blood, Eyeball Collection, and the Ultimate Hunter.

When using Domination runes use Electrocute. The interesting thing is that sorcery boosts your abilities and resource manipulation. Your best spells are the flash and ignition.

Ahri is quite easy to use, you can use her Orb of Deception to both farm and poke the mid lane, while charm helps you to use the turret to finish off or support kills in the lanning phase.

LoL Champions for Beginners


She may look like a little girl, but she’s a potentially dangerous champion, standing out among all League of Legends champions, this one is a mage with terrible powers. Her ace up her sleeve is summoning her teddy bear Tibber, which is a fire monster.

This champion works very well as a Midlaner, as she has a great ability to control mobs. Her only weakness is that she’s a bit slow. Given her ability to stun she may be useful as a support as well, but you will need some skill before trying to do that.

Your domination runes should be Dark Harvest, Cheap Shot, Ghost Poro, and Ultimate Hunter. Annie needs the extra attack, as her ultimate is a low-damage summon that goes more for Damage over time than a one-hit blow. On the other hand, she needs the extra sight of Ghost Poro, being a slow midlanner makes you very vulnerable to jungle ganks.

Other than that, she has simple mechanics. Fire as many spells as quick as you can to proc the stun, and then keep launching spells to kill. If possible, keep the stun spell for Tibbers in the mid-late game, his first dmg is an AOE and AOE stunning is a great deal when team fights start.


Enough of the mid lane! Garen is among LoL best beginner champions. Garen is a character to have a lot of respect for. This is a soldier who can withstand the toughest attacks, because of his endurance he is one of the most suitable players for a beginner LOL player.

There are 2 ways to take Garen out. Either you focus everything on making him tankier and take as much damage as possible (with close-range dmg of course) or you give him a hybrid fighter build.

We would go for the tankier option, a Garen with core Sunfire Aegis, Thornmail, and Spirit Visage as core items can kill by being hit. Consider Deadmans Plate and Sterak’s or Warmog as your final items and go for Tenacity boots.


Do you want to the jungle? The jungle is not the best role for a beginner, there is a lot to do, and is quite necessary for you to be timely in each camp or lane. So, an easy champion with good mobility is what you need.

While the first JG champ you would choose is Master Yi, we wanted to offer you Rammus. This turtle-like guy is a super champion with a lot of ability to move through the jungle, as this moves at an impressive speed and is ideal for attacking those players who are unsuspecting.

He’s quiet and very agile. Rammus attacks are, hear this out, based on his defence! So, hunting down anything gets better the bulkier you are. His best set is to use the same core items we gave you for Garen. Sunfire Aegis, Thornmail, and Spirit Visage are more than enough to make the enemy team shivers when they see you coming out of the jungle.

LoL Champions for Beginners


So, we gave you Garen and Aatrox in the top lane, Ahri and Annie in the Mid lane, and Rammus if you want to jungle. But maybe you like fast-phased action and want to go hunting and killing from the start.

That’s where the ADC stands! Your work as an ADC is to farm and get as many kills as possible since you are the main source of damage to your team. Jinx is a very good champion for that.

She is easy to use, switch the Q weapon based on what you need at the moment, use the W to shoot down running enemies or do extra dmg, use the E when you need to run or trap an enemy, and learn to use the R so that you are a menace wherever you are.

Her mechanics are easy to manage, she has great speed, especially when you get a kill, and does a huge ton of easy damage. The trick is to stand behind your support.


Soraka is known among all the LoL champions as the ambulance with legs. Her first skill does “some” damage, but her W, E, and R are healing machines that combine quite well with any ADC or Fighter you tag along.

She is overall easy to use, all you need to do is boost your LP and AP as much as possible. You need Ardent Censer and Mikael’s Blessing in your core items, but you can focus on your boots after those.

Other champs you may like to try:

If you need further champs, you can try to take Darius to the top lane, he is a nice fighter with some tank power. In the mid-lane, Brand can be easy to use, but you need to be aware of its burning effect.

Furthermore, Master Yi and Nunu make somehow easy jungle, while you can choose to ADC with Ashe and use Leona as a support to get some manageable game. This list represents our picks, but literally, every champ that says “easy” on its description should work for you.