Mid-Season Invitational Betting Tips & Odds

Follow our Tips to Successfully Bet on MSI 2021

In order to bet and win, you will have to take several Mid-Season Invitational betting Tips into account. The MSI is one of the most important tournaments in the League of Legends world. Being a preview of what many people will see at Worlds, this tournament prepares the mood and allows you to see new faces in action. So, let’s get to the topic!

Our Mid-Season Invitational betting Tips 2021

Here we will talk a bit about our favorite players, probable winners, and best odds! Check out other posts about when is MSI lol 2021, how to get MSI 2021 tickets, and our MSI betting guide.

Who is going to win the tournament?

To bet on the MSI 2021 is more complicated than it seems. Several teams are positioned as favorites but without a doubt, there are a couple of them that stand out from the rest due to the potential they have.

While it is true that the MSI is a somewhat short tournament, this does not mean that it is not the ideal time to explore the potential that the teams have. That is why we can say that, for us, Damwon, who was the winner of Worlds could repeat a victory in this tournament.

While it is true that there are other teams, for us, Damwon is one of the most prepared. It is true that they have had a couple of minimal changes, but this will only allow us to see if the champions really have the necessary potential to be able to lift a title again.

Even if we can see a little bit in the betting pages, Damwon is the favorite to win this very complicated tournament.

Best MSI Players

MSI is a great chance for people to put their LoL betting tips to use and see the newest team members that are rocking the esports scene. We can talk about some of them and say that, if you are looking for an individual bet, then these guys are your safest bet.

  • GALA: ADC from Royal Never Give Up
  • Cryin: Midlaner from Royal Never Give Up
  • Khan: Jungler from Damwon
  • Canyon: Top from Damwon
  • Nomanz: Midlaner from Unicorns of Love
  • Farfetch: Support from Istanbul Wildcats

Even though there are many other teams on the Mid-Season Invitational, these are the guys that will most probably ace it on the game.

Best MSI Teams

One of the best tips for betting on MSI that we can give you is to get to know the teams that will be playing and that will undoubtedly give you something to talk about from the moment the tournament starts.

One of the teams that are likely to go all out, and that has a lot of expectations behind them, is Damwon Gaming. We already mentioned the reasons, they are champions and undoubtedly will take this new opportunity to show their potential.

However, there are a couple of additional teams that can make their mark in this tournament and that are worth keeping a close eye on because they can be a surprise. One of those teams is PSG Talon, a team that has managed to show the quality of their players this season.

Unicorns of Love while not a favorite to win, is perhaps one of the most prepared teams coming into the MSI. That is why we can say that betting on them can be a pleasant surprise for many.

Finally, we leave the representatives of Istanbul. The Istanbul West team is also presented as one of the best and strongest of the whole competition, allowing other teams to have a chance to dream about the title. They could be a great team on the small brackets to bet on MSI 2021.

Best betting markets

Even though the MSI is a completely different event from what we are used to seeing, the betting market will not change a lot. It is quite likely that they add some things, like tournament winner or group winner, and is something that is quite normal due to the MSI being a tournament with different groups on it.

But, the traditional market stays the same. For example, first blood, total kills, map duration, first baron, first turret are some of the most powerful markets to bet on due to the high odds they offer. For MSI betting tips, you can expect Unicorns of Love to aim for a first kill, as they work with rather aggressive and PVP-focused mechanics.

mid-season invitational betting tips

Where to bet on MSI 2021?

Here we will give you some hints to choosing the best betting sites for MSI, For MSI betting tips, we have some of the best betting sites prepared and ready to receive bets from all over the world. As we can expect, a lot of different betting sites are trying to get the top position but here are a few that you should consider first.

  • Unikrn: With a highly attractive betting method, Unikrn is one of the most promising betting sites that people can use for MSI betting. Attractive odds, live streaming, live betting, it has everything you need.
  • Buff.bet: A kind of new casino is here to show what newcomers can do in the betting market. They will try their best to ensure high-quality bets for the MSI and no one can deny it.
  • GG.Bet: GG.bet is one of the most important betting sites and casinos people can use nowadays. When League of Legends comes to the table, this betting site does know how to ensure people have what they need to bet.

Mid-Season Invitational Odds

  • DWG KIA: 1,50
  • Royal Never Give Up: 2,60
  • MAD Lions: 14,00
  • Cloud9: 17,00
  • PSG Talon: 31,00
  • Unicorns of Love: 51,00
  • Istanbul Wild Cats: 91,00
  • paiN Gaming: 101,00
  • Detonation FocusMe: 151,00
  • Infinity Esports: 251,00
  • Pentanet.GG: 301,00

These odds are taken of the Buff.bet site. Remember that, according to your choice, these odds might vary a little bit based on the esports bookmakers. Also, the closer the day, the more trusted these odds will be.

To Sum Up

We can say that the MSI is a quite promising tournament. Most people are looking forward to seeing it and a lot more are looking forward to betting on it.

With a lot of teams participating in it, and many players looking for a way to show their potential, it is fair to say that MSI betting will shake the market for more than two weeks as the tournament takes place.

That’s why if you are looking for Mid-Season Invitational betting tips, and also, trying to know who to bet for, then save all this information because it will be helpful for you in a few days.