MSI Groups Stage Predictions 2021

Posted on May 5, 2021 - Last Updated on May 10, 2021

MSI is about to begin and a lot of people are prepared for what is coming. We can talk about the MSI groups stage predictions for those who are interested in the Mid-Season Invitational bets. In case you were looking for this information, then let’s figure out what we can expect from the tournament as the MSI Schedule takes place.

MSI Groups Stage predictions

So far, we have very clear will be the possible winners from the MSI overall. But in case you might have not to know what is coming, let’s talk about the teams who will get over this stage, which happens to be the most important one of the tournament.

GROUP A: RNG (2.60, Buff-bet)

MSI Groups Stage Predictions

Royal Never Give Up is one of the top three teams in the MSI power rankings and it safe to say that they have already given a pretty good image to a lot of people. So far, they have proven to have a quite good team, and they are looking forward to winning the MSI to prove to the world what they are made of.

They might not be as safe to bet in as Damwon at this point; but, they have shown that they have enough potential to get through the group stage with barely any issues at all. So, in case you are looking for a team to bet, here’s a great choice for you.

As for the second qualifier to move on, Unicorns of Love has some favor over Pentanet GG when it comes to odds. Nevertheless, both teams are similarly based and have chances to get the second spot on the next stage.

GROUP B: MAD Lions (14.00,

MSI Groups Stage Predictions

Coming from Spain, this team is a promise that most people have been waiting to see in the last years. A team that has been working hard to reach the spot they have, proving that they already have what it takes to be inside the professional League of Legends scene.

We might have not heard much about them in the past, but during the MSI qualifiers, they have proven to be one of the toughest teams in Europe. Now, they have the chance, once again, to show people what Armut and Elyoya do when they gank the lower lanes. 

Our second favorite for Group B would be PSG Talon, without a doubt. IWC still got chances to win, but the PSG and MAD lions teams are both on the high-tier range already.

GROUP C: Damwon Gaming (1.43,

MSI Groups Stage Predictions

Among our MSI Groups Stage Predictions, it is fair to say that DWG KIA will get through the group stage with almost no issue. They have come to be the MSI 2021 favorite, so they may be a nice option for safe betting.  

Damwon is an already prepared team who has shown their true potential during the 2020 Worlds turning out as champions. Now, their roster keeps Ghost and Beryl in the bot lane for pushing, and Showmaker showing some impressive moves in the mid lane with the precise timing of the jungle’s and tops ganking skills.

While DWG is the clear tournament favorite at this moment, Cloud9 is not that far away from the top power rankings, being the most probable team to take the second place.

MSI groups stage predictions: A spot at worlds! 

If you are looking for teams to bet, or maybe you are just looking for who will be the favorite teams for MSI, keep in mind that both the team at the top of the LoL power ranking after the MSI and the MSI champion will be granted a spot at the LoL Worlds 2021! 

Follow the teams closely and make use of your Mid-Season Invitational betting tips before placing your odds! 

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