MSI Rumble Stage predictions & Odds

Posted on May 13, 2021

Are you eager for some MSI Rumble Stage predictions? While the first stage of the MSI 2021 was vaguely unsurprising, teams such as Cloud9 took on a great “against the odds” venture for the victory. Are you ready to put your mid-season invitational betting tip to use? 

For the next 5 days, starting on May 14th, the 6 teams remaining for the tournament will rumble a round-robin format where the top 4 teams with more points advance to the knockout stages, while the bottom 2 teams can say goodbye to the cup. 

But, who are the favorites to win? 

To make this easier, let’s just break through the fact that odds haven’t changed that much. DWG is leading with 1.70 odds and followed closely by RNG with 2.10. Nevertheless, keep in mind that both teams are meeting at this stage, so here is where betting odds and matching possibilities could shackle! 

Take a quick look at the great odds offered by for the MSI 2021 outright winner market: 

  • Damwon Gaming – 1.70
  • Royal Never Give Up – 2.10
  • MAD Lions – 15.00
  • Cloud 9 – 19.00
  • PSG Talon – 26.00 
  • Pentanet.GG – 150.00 

On a quick understanding, both DWG and RNG are the favorites to win. But you can still make some juicy bets given C9 performance during the group stages, this team has particularly gone up from the past tournament and will probably be a good bet in most matches -When they are not dealing with a favorite, at least. 

MSI Rumble Stage predictions

The schedule: 

The Rumble stage of the MSI 2021 will start on March 14th and last 5 days. Each day will conduct 6 matches so that each team has equal chances to shine at the end of the stage; and, as we explained before, the top 4 teams of the round-robin format will pass through to the knockout stage. 

Interesting matches to bet on:

Following up, here are some matches that you should keep an eye on and their MSI Rumble Stage predictions: 

Day 1: 

DWG vs. RNG. This match is a big deal! Is the first time in the tournament when the two favorites clash, so it is probably a nice setting for you to decide -or change- your outright winner bet of the tournament. 

Following up, you can try some good betting markets here. RNG plays more in the jungle than DWG, so they are most likely going for small ganks which you can take advantage of on live betting. 

C9 Vs. MAD Lions. While this match is not as expected, it will probably define the third place in odds. C9 plays aggressively, so you can count on them to focus on TFs and both teams are on a winning streak. Once again, since they both have similar chances to win the match, you should stick preferably to live betting and move as you see fit given their live performance. 

Day 2: 

DWG vs. C9. This match is a promising opportunity for small betting. DWG odds are clearly higher, yet may give out some good winnings. Furthermore, C9 global performance makes them a good option for small in-game betting against the odds in small markets such as first tower and a specific player’s number of kills. 

Another good match to follow is Mad Lions Vs. Royal Never Give Up. Just as before, you can support the underdog in specific markets and still get a safe run with the outright winner. 

Day 3 and on:

Depending on the results of the past 2 days, matched teams start repeating here, so try to follow their development closely. As we just said, both C9 and MAD lions are on winning streaks, so, whoever wins their first encounter will probably get better odds for the upcoming matches. 

MSI Rumble Stage predictions: Our winning list

As for the Rumble Stage results, this is our list structured: 

  1. Damwon Gaming 
  2. Royal Never Give Up
  3. Mad Lions
  4. Cloud 9

As you may expect, we still support DWG as the favorite to win the tournament, yet the MSI history is not written in stone! Make your bets at the best esports bookmakers and have fun. 


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