MSI 2021 Tickets | What we know so far

A lot of people are wondering if there will be MSI tickets available for sale. That’s something that we didn’t have very clear, but there were some rumors that people might have the chance to see the MSI on the place. Keep in mind that, as far as official information goes, there will not be tickets and you can only fan up and watch the tournament online.

MSI Tickets information

Even though there is not much information about this, chances are that there will be some MSI Tickets available for people. Due to the fact that MSI is taking place in a small country and in a kind of, small city -Reykjavík, Iceland- chances are that they allow people to see the tournament from the stadium.

Something that we must say is, due to the fact that COVID is still a thing, chances are that the MSI tickets stay simply as a rumor. Not much to say about this, it’s only because people will not be able to stay in small places with hundreds of persons going around them.

And, also. This is something that might be a trouble for the players. Something that must be taken into account is that each country has different COVID rules so, players might not want this to break their chances of assisting the tournament.

For now, we may just accept that no on-site tickets will be sold while the MSI 2021 schedule is close to beginning.

MSI Tickets


Remember that nothing that you might have read so far it’s true. Yet, you can be prepared just in case some MSI tickets come out for sale. Just remember that you need to read about the Riot statement that might appear in a day or two. As for the moment you can enjoy and bet on MSI 2021 from your home.