MSI LoL 2021

League of Legends MSI Betting Guide, Tournament Overview & History

League of Legends has some of the best tournaments in the world. We know that Worlds is the biggest LoL tournament, but what about the MSI? It is quite an important tournament but not so many people know about it. We will tell you everything you need to know about its history and we’ll give you some tips to bet on the best MSI betting markets.

When is the MSI LoL 2021?

MSI LoL is closer than you think. As the name stands, we talk about the Mid-Season Invitational and it will begin in the first week of May. The tournament will start on Thursday 6 and will go on until May 23. You should start preparing your bets, analyzing those teams that will participate in the tournament, and choosing the best esports bookmakers.

How does MSI work?

MSI is a tournament that is held in the middle of League of Legends season. People who are fanatic of LoL sees this as an opportunity to prepare themselves for what’s coming in the near future.

When talking about who participates in the League of Legends MSI, we first need to go for each regional split that has taken place during the current year. Just like a normal tournament, the MSI will have a group stage, which for now is composed of 11 teams due to Vietnam winners not being able to participate due to COVID restrictions.

Due to last-minute changes, the A group is now composed only of three teams, but so far rules will stay the same for every match in the MSI LoL schedule for betting on LoL.

The tournament will be played in Iceland, in the city of Reykjavík. The tournament will last for 16 days and the group stage will hold the Best of 5 rule, so the team with the better score will proceed to the Rumble Stage.

In the Rumble Stage teams will play with a Double-Round Robin format and will keep the elimination process for the last two teams for your MSI LoL betting. Every game will be played as a Best of 1 for each team.

It is important to say that Viego and Gwen will not be available for playing during the tournament due to “New Champions and VGUs must be enabled for playoffs in all four of the top regions in order to be playable at the next international tournament.” policy.

Teams who will participate in MSI are:

  • Royal Never Give Up
  • Unicorns of Love
  • Pentanet
  • MAD Lions
  • PSG Talon
  • Istanbul Wild
  • Pain
  • DWG KI
  • Cloud 9
  • Infinity Esports
  • DetonatioN

MSI odds allows us to expect that Danwon Gaming shows us what they are made of one more time in this tournament. Also, a lot of people have high expectations of what Cloud 9, Unicorns of Love, Istanbul Wild, and PSG Talon will do in this tournament for MSI LoL betting pourpuses.


Schedule & MSI Prize pool

We already talked about LoL odds. The tournament will begin in about two weeks and people are already looking at their calendars to save each date.

The group stage will last for at least, a week. The information is not confirmed yet but due to the number of teams that are participating, it is easy to expect this. On the other hand, we expect that Rumble Stage and Final Stage will take place during the last week of the tournament. The great finale will be held on the day of May 23.

Something that is not very clear yet is the prize pool this tournament will have. For now, we know that Riot stated that the base amount is supposed to be 250.000$ but will obviously increase with the sales of exclusive content and especially, with the sale of Conqueror Nautilus.

Where to watch MSI 2021

Tips for Betting

In case you are looking for some Mid-Season Invitational betting tips, we will tell you what you need to know for LoL betting! Also, try live betting as this is a great way to take advantage of PVE betting markets:

Know the MSI teams

Before betting, there’s something that is a top priority for everyone. People must know the whole team before actually betting. Why do we say this? Just imagine you put on a random bet on a weak team with rare MSI odds, what will happen is that your money will be gone in a second.

So you better analyze every team before a match and see how their performance has been in the past matches. If is it possible, look out for the performance of each player during the season.

Analyze players picks

If you are a League of Legends player, then you know what are we talking about when we mean picks. In case you don’t, then here’s a short explanation: A pick stands for the Champion a player chooses. Each pick can be countered, so people need to beware of this regardless of pre-match MSI odds.

If you study a player enough, then you will see which are their main picks, and you will have the chance to watch the enemy picks so your bet will actually be a bit safer.

Analyze competition

MSI betting tips aren’t complete if you don’t check the competition. Sometimes they will try to give a good impression. So you have to analyze in which tournament they are competing in, also, you have to study which teams are on the same group due to this being an important reason for betters.

Best LoL markets

When betting, there are some markets that are a better choice for people who are actively betting.

For example, our MSI betting guide will allow you to bet on outright winners; but, first blood, total kills, map duration, first baron, first turret are some of the most powerful markets to bet on due to the high odds they offer. As the MSI is a fairly aggressive tournament, focus on PVP MSI betting markets,

Best LoL players at the MSI 2021

MSI is a great chance for people to analyze which players are at their peak. For us, the players that are worth following this MSI are:

  • GALA: ADC from Royal Never Give Up
  • Cryin: Midlaner from Royal Never Give Up
  • Khan: Jungler from Damwon
  • Canyon: Top from Damwon
  • Nomanz: Midlaner from Unicorns of Love
  • Farfetch: Support from Istanbul Wildcats

Our Picks

We think that Cloud9, Damwon, or Unicorns of Love can be winners during the MSI, being C9 a great team to follow with PVE MSI betting markets during the tournament. Yet, there are still a few weeks to see the final result.

MSI History

MSI started 6 years ago with the sole purpose of bringing teams a chance of competing in an important tournament in the middle of the season. The only year that the tournament wasn’t able to be played was 2020. MSI started with the champions of each region and the format has stayed the same so far.

The tournament started with a small prize pool, but with the course of the years, it has increased a lot. The highest prize pool was held in 1.300.000$ during the 2018 MSI, but the truth is that every prize pool has begun in 200-250$k, the rest is collected from content sold by Riot.

There is something that we can also observe and is the fact that the group stage has changed a bit. Nowadays, more teams participate in the MSI and the Rumble Stage was added. In the past, the best teams went directly to the elimination stage

Past MSI LoL winners & Prize pool

  • MSI 2015: EDward Gaming, 200.000$
  • MSI 2016: SKT T1, 400.000$
  • MSI 2017: SKT T1, 1.630.000$
  • MSI 2018: RNG, 1.350.000$
  • MSI 2019: G2 Sports, 1.000.000$